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Looking for female for friends and more
TS/TV/CD seeking women
I am looking for just friends for now I recently met someone who I am very faithful to and means the world to me
Looking for a loving mistress to serve
TS/TV/CD seeking BDSM
Hi I am looking just for friends currently, because I just have found the most loving mistress that I could have and I am very loyal to her
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A few babbleings to my former sister and new ones out thair from a former member of wendy seabreezes swans inner soriety
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Just Completed Graduation Ceremony; rough winter
Sunday, May 27, 2018
Sorry I have not posted in the last couple of month last March I lost part of my roof with a lot of other damage from a couple of really bad winter storms. I also went through my former colleges graduation ceremony. My I want to share with you this month even though it is almost June is a recent amazing experience I just had online dating through this site. Hopefully it will help some of you still looking for that special someone here on this site and the rest of you add a little spice and help with the romance in your relationships. Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that I started writing this after my good friend and sites founder stopped writing her monthly dating blog, also that I really like to live my fantasies in desires. While recently one of the newests members to this site contacted me through my email. I wrote her back and it turns out that she has similar thats and feelings as I. She is also very heavily into the bdsm lifestyle same as I. she has just taken ownership of me and wants to live the lifestyle with me 24/7. Al;ready she has established rules and guidelines for me to live bye in our relationship. I know that my failure to follow them will result in extreme punishment for me, which is ok.
                  As we have been chatting online wich has been for a little while now. I feel like I am growing very close to her and I will do anything to please her and keep her happy in all ways of our relationship wither in private or public. I am all for her having control over me. My body, mind, thoughts, feeling, and emotions. i really just want to give myself totally over to her which is just a thrill for me.  For the first time in my life I finally can say that I am finally feeling complete. My goddess expects me to be her little sissy slut girl which is what i really want to be totally submissive to her in all ways.
         I hope that my mistress reads this, so she can get a sense of how i really feel towards her and her ownership of me. i really feel like a new person with her their is so much missing romance and spice in my life now which I have been missing for a long, long time.    So my advice to all of you is to spice up your relationship is to try to live out all your fantasies including the sexual ones in a safe fun way. The other thing is to give this site a really good try. Write to many members as you can answer adds write a blog post pictures and adds giving enough information about ourselves, and enjoy the chat rooms, also enter the photo contests. I guarantee you will surely meet that special someone and also make some great new friends. My good friends website community her is the best most genuinely care about the others in the community and have arranged get togethers and have developed a lifetime of special friendships and relationships.
Until next time hugs and kisses. I will update all of you on how things are are developing between myself and my loving Mistress next time.  I look forward to hearing from all of you on your thoughts and experiences on this subject especially if you to are into the bdsm lifestyle with your life partners and if you met her on this site.
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Just Graduated
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Sorry I have not been posting anything lately I have been very busy with school. I just found out that I meet all the requirements to graduate from the college I have been attending for the last five years. I just earned my associates of arts degree in social work as well as a certificate in social work and communications. In the fall semester or the spring semester I am off to undergraduate school for my bachelors of sw. I am studying to be a gender specialists. which in my state requires me to earn my masters in social work to be licensed. So know I have plenty of time  to date so if any one that is single or not in my area please message me. I have so much to get caught up on since I have been in school I have to wait a year to get into grade school, because currently in the program I am in their is currently no room available for me. I will be posting on a regular monthly basis from now on until I start undergrad school. I am looking for a partner who can be understanding of my busy school schedule. I am also going to be working on starting back up the Sunshine Girls transgendered education, support, and social group. If any of your live in the New England area and are interested in joining or simply just helping out and supporting us please contact me through the site. I need to find a place to hold meetings as in the past we always meet on the last Saturday night of the month. I will have  more to right on dating next month once I finish everything that I have to that is involved with my graduation and I get caught up on some personal things. As always I look  forward to reading your comments below. 
Hugs until next time.
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Holidays being melancholy: enjoying being oneself
Sunday, November 19, 2017
I am sorry I have not posted in a while I have been very busy finishing up undergrad school I am going to finally be graduating in the spring then starting grad school in the fall slowly working towards my Masters in social work to become a gender specialists. I have been having a really tough time this semester. As far as dating goes at least for me the holiday time makes me feel so melancholy spending it just with family and not with that special someone. It is so busy rush rush rush.  My favorite times of the year are the Pagan, Wiccen, US and chine's New Years they are such magical holidays. I would personally like to meet a special someone to spend the holidays with and totally be myself with including my dominate side it would add a lot of spice to my relationship. I feel that couples should explore and act out their fantasies together in a safe way to keep their relationships from getting stale. wither it is living an alternative fetish b&d, s&m lifestyle like I do or just a plain vanilla one. I am looking forward to reading your comments on the matter below and if you are single living in the New England area message me. Hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the US. I  will have  a little more time to make more postings around the middle of December for a couple of weeks. Take care all Hugs.
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Problem with Chatroom and other site features
Friday, August 25, 2017
I am writing in my blog to inform all of you that are reading this of a problem I just discovered. I was in the chatroom and tried to use my webcam and it would not turn on no matter what I tried. I opened up a ticket about it and on a whim I tried internet explorer and it worked just fine. Also at the time of writing this using Chrome I noticed some of the sites features are not working it seems the problem has to do with a recent Chrome update if you should discover similar problems please try access the site from either internet explorer or firefox and you should not have any problems it worked for me using internet explorer. Hope this helps please pass this advice along until next time many hugs and love.
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Busy summer moving plans
Thursday, July 20, 2017
       Sorry I missed last month and I am late this month with the blog I have been very busy looking after my elderly parents 3 acre property and my summer job. My fiance totally surprised me she very quickly sold her old house and moved a to another bigger home which is big enough for the two of us and her twins. One is female and the other is male they both are almost 19 and are starting college in the fall. My fiance's daughter and I have become very close I do not try to be my partners twins mother I never will take the place of here. I am going to have a busy last bit of summer getting ready to go back to school my last year, my partners twins first year, also downsizing for my move the beginning of next June sometime. It is a bis step for me in my life I a living most of my family to be with the love of my life. Even though I am only moving 14 hours away it is much like my dear friend who is the founder and owner of this website she moved to the other side of the world from were she used to live to be with her partner. I feel so lucky meeting my partner and keeping in touch online. she knows me so well our new home is so me just the way she painted it and brought in all the decor, a little old and new. I love the fact that we both are so open with each other even with our polygamous, B&D alternative lifestyle. We both our are selves with each other almost totally nude around each other exposed to each others most intimate vulnerabilities. We both love living out our most private intimate sexual fantasies with each other and very close friends with benefits. I really credit this to why be are so close and have been together for so long even though we have maintained a long distance relationship for the past twenty years or so. I am so happy that things are finally coming together for us and I love using us as a couple for online dating and dating advice in general because their is so much spice in our relationship online dating does work and for those of you that know my partner she says a big hello and hopes to chat in the chat room when I am home over Christmas. Look forward to reading your comments below. 

Hugs all until next time.
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Thank you very much for the video comment, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
Huggssss, Ron
Added: Monday, October 10, 2011 5:25am
same to you i wish you a lot of colorful love to
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:05pm
you too
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:01pm
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