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Looking for another cd or couple
TS/TV/CD seeking TS/TV/CD
My adult baby girl and myself are both looking for other cds, couples, and men to hang out with. go to events with dinner, picnicks ect. If we hit it off much much more. We both are extremely kinky and live a very satisfying B&D lifestyle. Both of us are very poly. My partner really is like a little girly and just loves playdates with other adbies. We both would like a long term relationship. Also we both like going out to dinner, clubs, and enjoying our partners company.
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A few babbleings to my former sister and new ones out thair from a former member of wendy seabreezes swans inner soriety
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Rough Summer: keeping spice in a relationship
Saturday, August 3, 2019
     Sorry I have not been blogging as much as I planned to this summer. I finally have a little time to blog. My elderly mom as been ill for the last four months and was in hospital for three weeks. She is doing much better and my adult baby girl and myself are doing very well My little sissy girl is going so well with her new medications. She is back to her old self.
      What gave me the idea for the discussion, I am going to write about is that my little adult baby sissy girly and myself are planning to go away for the weekend together. Nowhere special just to stay at a hotel somewhat near our area were we both can totally be ourselves and have a very much needed romantic weekend together.
        Planning and going on weekend trips can add a lot of spice in a relationship. What my little girly and myself like to do on our weekends away is to live out our fantasies. My girl I totally own which is a mutual decision for both of us and done completely of our free will just so there's no confusion.  This trip I am going to be my boyfriend's daddy and he of girls is going to be my little girl.
        Both of us really love these weekends and it brings us so much closer in out relationship. It also gives us a chance to recharge and relax for a couple of day's.  As I have mentioned so many times before as a reminder and for those of you who are reading my little blog for the very first time, total trust in everyone that is in your relationship is so important without that you really do not have a relationship. Also it really can hold one back from tatalling experiencing your partner or partners in a very close and enlightening way.
          I would really try these romantic getaways you do not even have to live out your fantasies like both my boyfriend and I do. Just getting away can bring a couple or triad even a tribe so much closer together in their relationship. so give this a try.
         As always I look forward to reading your comments below, so please leave me your thoughts on this subject or anything else you would like me to blog about.
           Warm hugs until next time.
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Sad news turned into Good news
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
I know when I wrote in by last blog I was down. I mentioned that I was not with my significant other and I was feeling. I forgot all about her autism. She has all was been autistic and very highly function able. Which makes it very hard for her to make friends she really does not have many. Well she was admitted to the hospital a week ago by her physiologist because her medications got out of whack. She was in for two nights well they monitored her to get her medications right. She had called me from her cousins house just before she came home she spent the night their with her cousin when she got released. i chatted with her this evening she is still a little shaky, but is doing much better.  She had not slept well in almost to months. I am sure she will be just fine when she gets cot up on her sleep.   She does tend to exaggerate things which is just her nature.  She also gets hurt really easily and does not have many friends due to her autism. Especially when she has theses episodes that she has sometimes this last one is the worst I have ever seen with her. She was in such trouble she reached out to me for help.  Which makes me care about her even more. She really has a hard time trusting people.     She just means the whole world to me. I am hoping that when she is feeling better that I can spend some time withe her and her family they are really nice people and very good friends. I am so glad that we both talked this evening. I told her she would be ok. It usually takes a few days for her medications to work. I really feel so close to here on a very high level and I swear sometimes we act like an old married couple. Which is a good thing. so I just wanted to update all of you that every thing is ok with us.
As us usually I look forward to your comments below. 
Many many warm hugs to all until next time.
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Very Sad News for me
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
I am very sad as I sit here writing this blog. I just lost my best friend. Not to death or anything like that it turns out that my former friend was dating another former friend. From the support group that she used to go to. I know I have been attending school for a long time and had lost touch with my friends. The pain I feel right now is horrible. It will be a long time before I feel right again. This always happens with me with anyone I am close to I always keep loosing them. I am at the point in my life were I just think the problem is with me. This is not a good feeling I will continue to write my little dating blog even though I am the worst person to do this. If anyone reading this blog in my area is lonely and wants to get together to met please message me I could really use a good friend to talk to I really wish I did not feel this way. Wish I had better news look forward to reading your comments below.
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Learning to be a Daddy and Mommy
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
    I  Just really feel I needed to post on my little blog here today. I had such a breakthrough with my little Adult Baby (adb) girl. We got into a little mother daughter disagreement. Those with teenage girls know.I caught her in a little fib. I know she did it to protect herself. So I am not really made she admitted to me the fib and what was the reason and I felt so proud of her one of those milestone moments for a parent. We both are swingers and very poly in a tribe of six of us.
    I had made a post on another web site a fetish website some you know it and belong to it same as us. An old very close friend of ours whom we both helped in the past a member of our trans gendered community who is openly gay and gender fluid just opened a brand new hair salon that is very friendly in my town along with a another couple that we both know.
     She messaged me early this morning before heading to the Salon to open up and is free tomorrow afternoon, so she is giving my little girl a complete transformation The works her nails, hair, and facial. She is going to dress her up really cute then take her shopping at a local plaza she has never been fully out before during the day. Followed by a bj back at the salon for payment.
     After getting the message from our friend she quickly wrote me back. We use im easier on the phone bill. stating she was not apologizing for the fib and that she was going on a date just like a teenage girl. 
       I am so proud of her just being able to finally share her feelings with me.
In the lifestyle we both live trust and honesty is really important for a successful relationship. I am the Alpha and my little girl of course is the Beta by choice. She really wants  things to be perfect when she is with me.So she is out with some of our friends practicing sexual positions and techniques. Which has inspired me to start training little sissies and adb's boy's and girl's.
        One thing about this lifestyle that is so important is if anyone happens to be considering it please make sure you are emotionally ready for it. Their are going to be very strong feelings and emotions that you will experience on a much higher level of conciseness. I highly recommend taking care of yourselves first. If their is any past emotional trauma of bad experiences we all go through them from time to time it will come up when you and your partner "partners" really start to bond. In my relationship with my little adult child we were both able to grow from it. With a brand new dimension to our relationship.
  So give an alternative lifestyle a try if conventional ones do not work for you. Just as myself and my little girl are doing. With us I real feel like we are courting in a sense. Both of us know where this is going and when that time come we will send our friend on her invitations to our ceremony . look forward to reading your comments below as always.
Warm Hugs all   
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Keeping Spice in a Relationship: Living Out Fantasies
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
        This months discussion I would like to bring up the subject of living out fantasies. They really do not have to be of a sexual nature they can be of anything really. Those of you who are following my little blog know that i have recently took my relationship with an old friend to the next level. We have just become a couple recently and have been looking into making it permanent though we have not set a wedding date yet. In our relationship we both are able to talk about everything good bad and all our fantasies including the sexual ones. One of the reasons why the both of us are so close is, because we can come to compromises in our friendship. For example " we are both gay",and we both like to dress as the opposite gender. We like fashion, hair, and make-up. I am very passable and look better than I thought my boyfriend keeps telling me that I look to good and likes me as my male self. "that is what he is attracted to." So when we are intimate together I am my male self while he is the female.
           The most fun we both have is living out our fantasies. One thing we like to do is to go on dates like we have just met for the very first time. We like to met for lunch or dinner arriving at one of our favorite restaurants separately. As complete strangers meeting for the first time. We usually eat our lunch together and is it is a really nice day "unusual in the north east" we will go to our favorite beach sometimes going for a romantic walk on the beach or just sitting together in one of our cars talking.
        Another thing we do as a couple is swing. We love meeting others especially other cross dressers that are single or gay male couples like ourselves. We have a lot of sexual fantasies we love to act out with them if we hit it off and are compatible. I really love my boyfriend so much we have so much spice in our relationship, acting out our fantasies as well as sharing all our feelings and desires with each other.
      I hope I am not boring you with sharing my relationship with my boyfriend with all of you. Just that we are so close. I have never been this close with a lover before. I really feel that is because we have always been really good friends. He has always been their for me in my struggles in life and I am their for him. We both know each other understanding each other so well.
    Until next month please leave your thoughts on dating such as what myself and my partner do with our relationship. I really like reading them and sharing them with him and it really means a lot to the both of us. I will also be updating my profile to be reflecting my relationship. Warm Hugs until next month.
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Thank you very much for the video comment, I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
Huggssss, Ron
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same to you i wish you a lot of colorful love to
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:05pm
you too
Added: Friday, October 7, 2011 4:01pm
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