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O.K. doing an updated add again. No longer even HOPEING (hoping...hopeng..oh whatever!) lets make that WORRIED about meeting someone in person anymore. I'm too old/young/fat/thin(320lbs, go FIGURE!?!?)/hairy/well built enough/WORK ON SUPPLY BOAT/etc for most womens taste, so Hope you DO find happiness. Myself, Mainly just going to look at profiles, HOPE I see some decent photos, and with some luck, FIND someone to call my own. Or at LEAST to hang out with ONCE in a while. NOT worried about age (30 to 80. Lets be honest, I don't stand a CHANCE with the women older than myself beyond chatting, but at LEAST I can HOPE! LOL) race, or ANY other details OTHER than that they DO have the OPPOSITE plumbing!! I just want to know THEM! IF close to Lafayette, La, MAYBE get together for coffee or dinner or such like. I have a WIDE knowledge base, so can converse about ALMOST any subject.
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Who's a Hypocrite?
Well, this might cause a stink here, cause some flack to me, but I have to ask. IS someone a hypocrite if they say in an add "I want to talk to anyone" and when someone they are NOT willing to talk to contacts them, they get PISSED!
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Life insurance?
Sunday, March 28, 2010
Hey all, thank you for reading my blog, first off. Do you KNOW how many of them politicians have READ the Health Care bill? ONE OR TWO! Most of the other have not even SKIMMED the thing, its too fricking LONG and CONVOLUTED! It doesn't make SENSE to most of them, yet they VOTED for it! Since WHEN can the Government tell the Average Citizen that they HAVE to purchase something, OR ELSE! THAT is the bottom line of it! If you can't AFFORD it, you suffer! If you have a choice between feeding your Family OR having Insurance, you will now HAVE to get insurance, and HOPE you can feed you Family!! Another part of it, they VOTED that THEY don't HAVE to join the Health Care that is for AVERAGE persons in the country, THEY get to keep THEIR insurance that WE pay for FOR them! Even Obama has pretty flatly stated that it is NOT good enough for HIS family, he was asked on news SEVERAL times about it, kept changing the subject! Now WHAT kind of bill is THAT! I HAVE insurance through my company, and guess what?? They are HINTING that when the bill goes through, they are CANCELING the insurance, and we will HAVE to get on whatever the plan is going to be, EVEN THOUGH it will NOT take effect for SEVERAL YEARS!! Another problem, it WILL take a LOT of money out of Medicare/Medicade! Nursing home/home health/hospice and several OTHER deals WILL lose money! THIS GOVERNMENT IS STARTING TO FRIGHTEN ME! Sleep well!
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Age for Dating?
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Hello, this is KINDA like the How Old is TOO Old. However, what I want to see/ask, is why do so MANY people see an Old Man hanging out with a Young Woman, and seem not to mind (or at least out loud!) HOWEVER if a Young Man and an Older Woman are dating, people make rude comments! I dated an Older Lady a few years ago, people kept asking WHY I was with her, was she RICH or something? Even Is she GOOD in bed? Told them to back off, leave us alone. She broke up cause her KIDS didnt want her seeing me! Age was about 15-17 older, I didn't care. HOWEVER as we were eating, and people asking US questions, they had a guy OLDER than her, a lady YOUNGER than me at another table, NOBODY bothered THEM! Maybe they were family, or something. To me, age is just a number, as I HAVE dated much older women from time to time, basically just as friends/movie partner, eating out. I will NOT say if I HAVE made love to anyone, as I do NOT kiss and tell! Ok, enough for this one. I may do another later tonight about the weather and cutting grass! lol. Have a great day!!
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Hypocrites rewriten a bit! My sorrow for getting anyone angry.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hi there. I KNOW I ain't gonna make friends from this, but WHY are there so MANY Hypocrites on these sites? I meen, THIS (correction, with appoligisee..apolagise...apalpa...NERTZ!! WHERE THE HECK IS MY DICTIONARY??) i MENT to say, there ARE adult sites, and SOME of the adds here ARE people looking for ADULT RELATIONSHIPS, NOT that THIS is an adult sex site BUT they do have MANY out here, YET there are a LOT of people (women whom's ads I have read, and men whom I've heard WOMEN complain about) who say "I KNOW (this) is a sex site, BUT THATS NOT WHAT I WANT! I just wanna be Friends!" and some have even said they don't even want to CHAT dirty! Now come ON people!! They HAVE sites for JUST friendship! Myself, I am a bit of a hypocrite, as I DON'T want to just jump in the sack with ANY woman that I meet (ok, a BIT of an overstatement, lets say that I wont jump in the sack with EVERY woman I see, just MOST of them! and would NOT complain if a woman wanted to make love the FIRST date!) just get to know a LITTLE BIT about them, BUT I come to this site with open eyes (this one, and a few others, mind you, and MOST say the SAME thing!) and hope that I meet someone to get together with several times, at least until SHE tires of ME. Hope I phrased that better this time!

   Another type of Hypocrite is a RACIST one! I work on a boat, and can't TELL you how many time I have seen a man of ONE race watching a movie or porno, sees a MAN of HIS race having sex with a woman of ANOTHER race, and makes comments of "Yeah, man, GIVE it to her! Make her SQUEAL!" and yet, 10 min. later, he sees a MAN of the OTHER race giving it to a woman of HIS race, and he's like "Why are they showing CRAP like that! It ain't RIGHT!!" and I meen by race, that I have heard White guys saying that, AND Black/African American, AND Oriental, AND Hispanic!! Funny thing is, I've also heard WOMEN complaining of the SAME THING!!!

well, that will do for now. Have a great day!

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Am I sexist?
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well, this one WILL be a doozy! Personally, I don't care about what kind of health club you go to, it should be up to you alone. Myself, I would not go to a same sex health club because, honestly, I DON'T want to look at guys in tight clothes exercising. If that is your choice, so be it. HOWEVER what I have a problem with is this. How many times have you seen adds for women ONLY health clubs, and none for MEN only? I have heard of AND SEEN several men only clubs open, and within, literally, HOURS, have protesters marching around in front of them, saying that it is totally WRONG and against the LAW to have membership excluding persons by sex! BUT if anyone at ALL complains about a womens only club, there is NO PROBLEM with that and the person complaining is nothing but a SEXIST PIG!! Personally, I don't CARE, but I feel that if there CAN be women only health spa's/clubs, if men wanted to attend one, they should be able to. Thanks for reading my blog, not trying to start trouble, just pointing out facts. Have a great holiday!

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Who IS a hypocrite?
Friday, December 7, 2007

Well, this might cause a stink here, cause some flack to me, but I have to ask. IS someone a hypocrite if they say in an add "I want to talk to anyone" and when someone they are NOT willing to talk to contacts them, they get PISSED! Now I ask, is that being a hypocrite, a liar, or a racist?? I've responded to a number of adds here and other places where the lady will NOT give details of her age/race or location, or even if they do, they say "On here looking for anyone to Chat with and get to know" YET if you respond they come back with, "What the FU*K are you writting to ME for?? I don't date OR talk to <whatever your race, age, gender, or locations> YOUR kind!" Also, if you ask for details, you get back "Just read my add, idiot!" and you re-read it, and it gives NO details of what they are looking for. I have talked to a NUMBER of people online whom get the same reaction, so I KNOW it is not just me. Have fun!


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Added: Friday, December 24, 2010 11:16am
hello u sweet,nice,wildman i love yr ad i hope u doing good sexy
Added: Thursday, September 9, 2010 7:03pm
Love your ad, hang in there
Added: Friday, July 16, 2010 8:35am
Thanks so much for the card!  Always nice to hear from a new friend!!

Added: Monday, April 12, 2010 7:52pm
hellooooooooooo buddy where u been
Added: Monday, January 18, 2010 9:20pm
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