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mountain lodge
Monday, November 3, 2008

The sun has set and the evening chill stepped in. Up the mountain amongst the white covered land, a lonely log cabin with just the sound of the gentle breeze and a soft cry of a wolf.

Inside the cabin, cosy and warm, the crackle of the log fire giving an orange glow to the room. The passionate sound of a cricket in the corner. A bear rug on the slab stone floor with two life less bodies on top just staring into the fire. No movement is made, no sound uttered. Two glasses partially red stained gives a two tone image on the floor with sparkle of fire filtering thru. In the back ground a stairway leading up to a door opened just enough. A low glimmer of light lurks around the door from the soft candle light shading the room.

Down below the two lifeless bodies still interlocked in a dreaming stare at the dancing flames. Then he turns his head place his hand beside her face and slowly turns her face. Their eyes meet as he feels the stare down to his heart. For a minute that seems like eternity they stare…. She opens her mouth only to be met by a silencing finger across her lips. With the finger now under the chin he draws her closer and places a soft kiss on the now awaiting lips. The faces part and a gentle smile appear. Once again he draws her closer, a gentle kiss, a second longer, his lips wonders away with an ear meeting arch slowly down the neck onto the shoulder. She tilts her head back as a soft hum escapes her mouth.

Two warm bodies in a perfect ambient…… the silhouette quits even the cricket, they embrace and remain for a minute.

He draws away staring into her eyes slowly rising to his feet. With bended knees he takes her in his gentle caring arms and slowly rises with her securely locked in his arms. With his passionate cargo he slowly walks toward the stairs never loosing the glance. At the first step he pause, she smiles, slowly….1st step…2nd step….up towards the top. Eyes interlocked never loosing the contact, smiles of passion imprinted in they eyes image. Up..up…up…smiled faces now turned to yurns for passion. He reaches the top with lady still firm but comfortable in his arms…..

........... he pauses for a second, slowly push the door and the greeting of the flickering light waving onto the welcomes their passionate smiles. He slowly enters with a slow stride, careful not to break the now heated mood. Slowly she descents to the bed as if floating down on a cloud to a crystal clear spring. Him gently lowering beside her. A stare for another minute, feels like eternity in heaven, when sways towards her.... eyes close as their moist lips embrace..... gently at first then the lock. A minute past... two... three when he starts on an exploring endeavour down her cheek. A soft "I love you" in the ear and the journey continues, slowly as to linger the mood. Her soft neck a welcome touch to his gentle lips. Nothing matters more than her smiles and gentle squeaks. The blouse moves slightly as he laps at her shoulder. Then the sails are set westward to the lower chin and with an unbroken stride down to the chest where her first button unlocks with a cultivated move of his mouth........ she quivers and a gentle sound escapes her open lips as his tongue touches her bare flesh on her chest........

Still down he moves as the second button slips thru. With a fair amount of cleavage now exposed on her braless chest he once again let flesh to flesh. Slowly kissing and caressing her naked skin. Then the third button….four and down to the last, cloth parts and slip to her side. Two perfect protruding buttons of joy peak on the soft fleshy mountains astride a creamy white skin enhanced with a reddish glow by flicker of candle light. Back north he resumes. Her soft skin tightens as the feeling rush her body of a warm breath and soft tongue moving up her body from side to side. Stopping at her birth button encircling it. With a swift move the tongue flicks thru it and the further up the body, up up as her body now trembles. The mouth now accompanied by gentle hands move with a tickle touch down the side. Up the mounting flesh endeavours to the right with a slow sucking motion he gently moves up till he can feel her move as a protrusion of the breast meets his mouths inside. Slowly flicking the tongue just touching and a soft massage of the lips he can still feel it grow as she gets more exited. Firm hands meets soft flesh as he gently massages her perfect peaks and his lips embrace her nipples.

A warm sensation shoots down his own being and he feels himself grow…harder…harder….as he now moves down her soft skin with his gentle lips. A quick round with the tongue where she found life from her mothers then down again. Pausing for a second he slides her skirt down her legs and as it drops to the ground his mouth starts moving again. Her legs as by weird force open slightly as if she lost control over them. Almost instinctively she raises her pelvic area slightly as slides past her pubic area to the soft inner of her right thigh. With an oval movement of the tongue he turns around and moves back up. Lightly touching the pubic triangle he swiftly moves past and down the left….a small gasp utters from her soft lips. Then the build up of breathing as he once again moves up her thigh. He can feel the soft flesh quivering as he nears her soft moist triangle. As he gently parts the lips slightly with his tongue, he slides up until his tongue feels her protrusion at the top of her now swollen lips. He encircles it with his tongue and her hips slowly start moving with the motion. Yet small but suggestive up and down motions. As he every now and then gently caress her with his lips to her whole body now in motion. The hips now with bigger movement as each pelvic thrust push harder against his mouth and he breathing getting longer and harder till her exhale almost resemble a sound of moan.

As she can now feel her own moist trickling a suggestive hand gently push him away onto his knees and then standing on the floor with her following suite in front of him. A moments stare then a smile as she lowly undo his shirt. All the buttons one by one without loosing that deep stare into his eyes. From the bottom her hands softly moves up his firm body moving under his collar and sweeping back the shirt as it drops to the ground. With soft lips she starts on his chest and snakes her way down his body till she sits back on the bed, her hands firmly on his hips. With a longing mouth she undo his trousers button and with a sudden urge rip them back as the rest come undone in the motion and he utters a soft murmur of pleasure. Sliding them down and as it decent he’s now throbbing man hood protrudes in front of her. A moment's pause then a breath over his lips as she encircles the tip with her tongue. Then just the tip of her tongue gently contours his shaft and she can feel him quiver. His head moves back and his breathing louden as she moves back to the tip and gently takes it between her lips. Her lips moves forward more and more and the rhythmic forward and back wards movement of her moth triggers a movement in his hips. Deeper and deeper with an almost tender sucking sensation. His breathing now loud and almost uncontrollable as he gently pulls his hips back and holding his hand behind her neck let her decent onto her back. Sweat trickling down his fore head as she tilts her body towards him from the sheer fire she longs for him to enter her to feed the hunger that is burning her inner being. Looking deep in her eyes she can also see the desperate want for her to consume him completely. Then a touch…she takes a deep breath and close her eyes….a gentle thrust and silent “yes” as he slowly enters her. Their bodies start to move in harmony as the breathing now almost rhythmic. Deeper and deeper till their skins meet, a slow pelvic movement back and forth. Her eyes now open she stares into his eyes…..speechless with only the audible breathing escaping their lips. His breathing becoming silent roars as he can see her face lights up with ecstasy. Her breathing a silent scream. The strokes becoming shorter, faster, deeper….then she thrust her pelvis towards him with a sudden scream as he closes his eyes and utter a sound of sheer pleasure. He can feel her vaginal muscles contracting and throbbing around his shaft as she climax forcing him to explode deep inside her. They pause for a moment, both quivering of pleasure then slowly she drops her pelvis to the bed with him entail till he lies on top of her both still catching their breath with a pelvic throb every now and then reminding them of the ecstasy and height they just reached. Then he slowly rolls to the side and pulls her head in to his arm and onto his chest. He strokes her hair as they both float of in to a deep satisfying sleep.

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Excellent!  Made me kinda...I want you

Added: Thursday, February 5, 2009 1:38am
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