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Hello again!
Men Seeking Women
It's good to be back with friends... old and maybe some new. Let's get to know each other again.. Let's have fun... Drop me note... Let's talk.. Ladies.. Couples... I'm free...
Remember that an ad ....
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It's me!
I'm back and I'm still the same Stewie. I have a very sexually charged mind and I do love to write. The writings of some on the site drive me absolutely wild! Damn, I love a sexy mind. You know who you are... I wanna have fun, adult fun, no drama, and foremost safe fun. So let the blogging begin!!!!
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A Sexy New Years Wish to all the Sexy Ladies...
Friday, December 29, 2017
A wish...After the ball has fallen, the last champagne is finished, you go to the bedroom.... Looking at that nice round ass in those panties and the peek between the cheeks, nylon encased legs, my cock gets full and hard as hell. I have to grab my cock and pump it a little. Precum starts to drip....You lay down on the bed and spread your legs rubbing your clit as you do so...I start licking you thru the panties first and see your reaction. I watch your pussy and ass start to move while I probe it with my tongue. As I lick you I can see your chest rise and fall grabbing breath between moans. I can feel your hands grabbing my bald head while you grind and try to push as much of yourself into my mouth. I apply a few pinches to your nipples and I can feel your hips rock faster. Now With your pussy wet and sloppy Id have to come up and let you taste what I'd been tasting.... and its good. You offer me your mouth and tongue as we kiss our tongues play and you lavishly lick the pussy juices off my chin. I feel you reach down and start to stroke my cock. I get lost in your pull and carressing. You look down and see streams of precum from the head of my cock. You know I'm ready. With a sexy smile and ask "Is that for me?... Did I do that?" I laugh and have to ask "Can I fuck you now baby.." Smiling you direct the head of dick to your pussy lips. They're sloppy wet. You start to rub the head just within the puss lips and across your clit. I can feel your heat and you moving your pussy in rhythm your rubbing. I'm fucking going crazy. Finally you pull me in and I'm lost in the moment, growiing even more. I slide and push my dick deep and hard into you. Feeling you exhale and start to grind and gyrate your hips to rub your clit at the base of my cock.. As I reach down to palm your ass with both hands, you rock back and forth tryin to keep all of my cock in your pussy and I'm balls deep. Your hands grab my hips directing. I'd hear you moan with every thrust and each time my balls slapping your ass. I can feel you pussy juices coating my cock and balls while I'm licking and nibbling on those tight stiff nipples. My tongue has made your tits slick with spit. I can hear you moan and groan " Mmmmm Fuck it, fuuuck it" "Dig me out" I hear you breathing faster, moaning and whimpering in estacy while I continue to fuck and dig out your sweet wet hole. To inspect the wetness, I pull my cock out I see a long string of precum coming from my cock attached to your pussy and there's cream everywhere. I'm ready. Looking into your eyes, I slam my cock hard back in your pussy. I hear a gasp and you cry out. You pull my face down and force your tongue in my mouth. I'm lost in the feel of your pussy. We break the kiss and I'm fucking you with all my might! I feel your hands squeezing and grabbing my ass with every thrust. Milking my cock. I feel you start to play with my asshole as I fuck you faster. You know Im coming. Im moaning louder. You begin licking, sucking, and biting my nipples. You can sense I'm coming. I'm grunting loud and my cock is pulsing. Your hips and pussy are wildly moving as you're cumming. I feel my cock coated and dripping with pussy juice as you cum and grip my cock. I can feel pussy juice pooling beneath us and dripping from my balls. We're soaked moaning and gasping for air as you cum hard. You tell me you want to taste it "lemme taste it, cum in my mouth baby" Trying to comply I begin to pull out but start cumming in your pussy. You feel the cum covering your pussy and you smile a sexy smile pleased still dancing under my cockhead. Then you slap my ass hard at the disappointment... Smiling I kiss you and slowly work my tongue down your body, licking your neck, sucking your tits, and start licking and start scooping the from your sloppy wet puss. I see you throw back your head, wiggle your ass and push down to give me what I'm after and all.. Smiling you know what I'm doing.. Laughing you ask "Did I do that" "Is that for me"? You open your mouth and we kiss with cum, your juices, and tongues playing and sharing... Have a Sexy 2018!!!
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Fun from Florida
Sunday, February 21, 2016
J and Sara came in from Ft Lauderdale... As before, tequila's flowing and we were turning on and turning out each other.... Sara and i got into a deep bals deep fuck and lip lock (my lips and hers) that was unforgettable.... We both came extremely hard! I posted a pic. J took the pic. We both looked over and saw J enjoying to sight...We could hear him cumming before he took the pic. That made us enjoy each other more. We were both a mess after... J, Sara... Cum back to Jersey!!!!! Please!
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You know what they say.... Once
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
 you go white? It's hard for others to understand....

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Saturday, August 27, 2011
Tonite I'm getting water tight and having a party with some selected couples and singles (old friends) to get thru this storm. We're gonna get our heads bad and get into as much trouble as possible. I've never had sex IN a storm before. I'm gonna try tonite. I wanna feel the rain beating our bodies hard while we fuck. Gives a new meaning to a "wet and sloppy fuck". If you've got Irene, be safe. Update to follow...

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May your 2012 be filled w love, warmth, laughter and happiness ♥

Added: Sunday, January 1, 2012 7:56am
Thanks for the tickle...How ya been stranger?? 
Added: Saturday, August 6, 2011 6:29pm
Thank you for the tickle darling :)
Added: Friday, July 15, 2011 4:50am
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