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Found my Huggiebear
Men seeking Friends
I have found my Huggiebear.

I have taken care of the preliminaries, and she has agreed to be the 3d, and last, in the series of wives. i want to spend the rest of my life, and if i can talk her into it, the rest of eternity with her.

the fuzzy teddy bear,

Remember that an ad ....
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Bear Tracks
For those who are visiting for the first time, and need some background, here goes. i am a paid tourist. i ride around in a white freightliner truck. you will get to read about where i go, and some of my adventures along the way. (nonsexual only - i will not fuck and tell) with that as an intro, jump into perv mode, and hang on.
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Start with some water. Add 1/2# elbow mac, big can of 4-cheese spag sauce, 12 oz tuna, 4-5 oz cheddar, 4-5 oz grilled ham. Cook on high for 2 hrs, eat with gusto.

BTW, i am loading for Green Bay, WI for tomorrow, then Pleasant Prairie, WI back to Portland, TN for Monday 0800. The fly in the ointment is that the receiver in TN is the Kroger DC, and I have a DR's appt on Monday 1100, back in Nashville. Might have to leave the trlr, then come back to get it. Alternatively, deliver on Tuesday.

Greetings from the Petro in Gary, IN. 

His Fuzziness, Bill

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MSIB asks,''E-logs''?  I explain.  In the old days we kept track of where we went and how long it took to get there using a paper log book.  It had spaces for name, Co name, date, unit #(s), miles driven, BOL #, signature, co-driver's info, and a graph.  On the graph, we showed where we started, took a break, loaded, unloaded, stopped.  Each point had a time associated with it, as well as the distance driven.
There are 4 lines across the graph:
The graph covers 24 hrs, divided into hr and 1/4 hr blocks.

This was all mandated by the Feds.  This brings up the rules about Hours of Service (HOS).  Once we come On Duty, either by Driving or by performing some On Duty-n\Non Driving task, we have 14 hrs to complete our driving day.  During those 14 hrs, we may only drive 11.  Before the end of the 8th driving hr, we must log a 30 min Off Duty break.  OK so far?

At the end of the day, we must take a 10 hr break before driving again.  This can be a combination of Off Duty and Sleeper Berth time, but 8 hrs must be logged as Sleeper Berth time. 

Lastly we can Work (combination of Driving and On Duty Non Driving) 70 hrs in 8 days. 

Now, you can see that this was an honor system.  Some folks were smart enough to run 2 or 3 log books and keep moving a LOT.  I was never one of those.  I have enough trouble with just 1.  Still, even with 1, there are plenty of ways to cheat.  What the gummint has done is to mandate the use of a little box hooked up to the vehicle that knows when you move.  This makes enforcement of the rules much easier for the gummint - the little box knows all, and tells all when the gummint agent asks it. 

All right, everyone ready to run down to school and learn the rest of being a truck driver, those little things like backing up, going around corners, and keeping the shiny side up?

Hope this helps you understand some of what we go through each day.

The Fuzzy Teddy Bear,

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Moving day
Monday, November 13, 2017

The owner of my mobile home and I have come to a tentative agreement about my vacating the premises. We have agreed to 22 DEC as my moving day.

Originally, I was shooting for the 15th; that would put me on the beach just before E-logs kicked in. But, needing the $, i have decided to go the distance and make it to the 22d. As for the E-log business, I intend to claim the ''8 working days in a rolling 30 day window'' exemption.

First it was Wedo, now it's me.  Who in the Sexyads trucking world will be left to carry the load, I wonder?

Who wants to help me move from the mobile home into the permanent one?

The Fuzzy Teddy Bear,


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More stuff
Saturday, November 11, 2017
  Greetings from Wildersville,TN.  I and 1121 Cooper tires are on our way from Tupelo, MS to Allentown, PA for MON @ 1000.  Today has been reminiscent of Army days - Hurry U and Wait.  4 hrs to deliver bicycles to Walmart in Cullman, AL, then 5 hrs to load the tires.  I have a breakfast date with the Best Spouse in the Universe (WildRoseKiss) in the morning.  I predict IHOP in Antioch, TN will be the setting for this.

From an Army vet to all my brother and sister vets;  THANK YOU!  We all owe you hugs and salutes for serving, whether as a draftee or as a volunteer.; 

The Fuzzy Teddy Bear,

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Greetings, peeps, from Waterboro, SC.  I have roosted for the night, enroute to Johnsonville, SC.  Load?  Old carpet, on it's way to becoming something else.  After that, there will be stuff for Walmart in cullman AL (SAT 0715), then tires to Allentown, PA for MON. 

I hope this finds you all well and happy.  The fabulous WildRoseKiss and I are looking forward to the day (Dec 15, or 22) when we will have all day, everyday, to fart around with one another.  The chief doesn't know this yet, but I will climb out of the big white thing that has been home for the last 6 years.  I picked the 15th because it is FRI before ELOGS go into effect on the 18th. Maybe I can put up with them for a week; we'll see. 

Just to prove how well-rounded I am, here's a Helpful Household Hint.

Do you have a water spritzer, some baking soda, and a messy (read filthy, dirty, gunky) area underneath the burners on your stove? Yes? Oh, I am shocked, especially about the stove mess.

Still, all is not lost! If you will spritz the mess with the water, sprinkle on some baking soda, and let sit overnight - voila, the mess wipes right up. Try it, you might like the results. It is certainly less expensive than oven cleaner; less smelly, too.

This comes to you free of charge from the I-95 rest stop in Waterboro, SC.  Hope it proves useful to you.

Be safe, be kind, be SEXY!

The fuzzy teddy bear,


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Hope all of your Birthday Wishes Come true!
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You and I on a bicycle built for two.
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