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I am married, but we are not intimate with each other any longer, drug and disease free, average length, but wide, and last for over an hour most of the time. I am looking for an adventurous woman who wants to be satisfied over and over, I am adventurous and like to try, and also teach, new things. no pain unless you desire it. guys, thanks for viewing me, but I don't swing your way
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It was a calm but chilly night in late December and he had just arrived at her door. He had planned this meeting for a week. As he rang the doorbell (she had asked him to knock), his heart was racing with anticipation.
He had thought about exactly what he had wanted to do as she answered the door, but would he. As she opened the door saying I asked you not to ring he took her by the hand spinning her around and holding her from behind (she was wearing her favorite nightgown) he pressed himself tight against her back so she could feel that he was already excited.
Releasing his grip with one hand to close the door while she rubbed against him, she said not in front of the door. I have nosy neighbors. At the same time, she was groping his crotch fondling him through his jeans.
All he could think by now is how much he wanted to make love to this beautiful woman. The slow, but eager love making that would last hours on end. He clasped her hand, led her to the living room, and they sat together on the couch still groping each other like it was the 1st time they had been together.
As their lips met in a passionate kiss, he found she was not wearing any panties. This excited him more as he knew he would be feeling her moist lips in the matter of a second parting then penetrating her moist lips with first one then two fingers.
She was definitely moist as his fingers finally reached her lips. She wanted him to touch her in whatever way he wanted, and with as much passion as she had bottled up for the last weeks it wouldn’t take much, she knew, to bring her to the edge of climax.
His fingers worked every inch of her womanhood, exploring, massaging, caressing. She was moaning (trying not to scream out in her aroused state) they kissed deeply.
He slowly kissed his way down her chest, purposefully not touching either nipple until just the right moment, and then ever so gently giving each a gentle kiss then a nibble. It was as if he was doing this all just to get her even more worked up than she already was. Moreover, it was working wonderfully.
Working his way down her abdomen, he was well aware that the slightest touch of his tong on her womanhood could put her over the edge so as he neared the treasure he so desperately wanted to taste he stopped and proceeded kiss her thighs instead. Still working his tong all around her nevertheless, never giving that touch she wanted so desperately to feel.
He instead had her stand in front of him showing him her body in its full view. Turning bending and showing him her firm ass he wanted to massage, nibble, and kiss so badly.
It was her turn to tease and she was going to do it for all she was worth. Grabbing something from under a cushion, she pushed him back on the couch.
What she had grabbed was a cucumber that she rubbed over stiff nipples, down her abdomen, and to that, spot he wanted to now lick so badly but had passed trying to heighten her arousal.
As he watched intently, she rubbed it all over her womanhood, never inserting it until she was ready. He could clearly see her juices moistening the tool she had. Moreover, she could see the rise she was getting at the show. she slowly and then with eager anticipation inserted the entire thing all the way in, turning and maneuvering the tool as if it was what she had needed to feel all her life.
Being unable to control himself, he leaned forward and sucked her clit as hard as he could bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. There would be many more orgasms he knew, as he came back to his position on the couch. admiring her and knowing that she was just getting started.
As she regained her composure, she realized he was still completely clothed. She had been rubbing his chest before through the two buttons, she had undone on his shirt, and his jeans while open were still on also.
Being determined to get him back for what he had just done to her, she proceeded to undo the rest of the buttons, while he quickly stood and let the jeans fall to the floor.
She had a hold of his manhood and was getting excited again as he was throbbing in her hand.
Both of their hearts racing, he grabbed at her, but she turned facing away from him. She bent over showing him that very finely shaped ass. Wiggling it in front of him like a steak in front of a starving dog, knowing that it would not take long for him to grab her hips and start to nibble and kiss those fine cheeks.
He grabbed her and pulled her back to the couch instead, just holding her there while they kissed. He wanted her so bad but also wanted to make the night last. He started telling her exactly how beautiful she was, but this was her turn and she wanted to keep teasing.
Standing back up and bending again she told him if he didn’t kiss her there she was going to ask him to go home, He took the hint and proceeded to kiss her ass all over, but slowly with nibbles every once in awhile just to get her attention. She was moaning again as he caressed that fine rear with his tong.
When she was satisfied for the moment, she sat down on the couch again with her back to him and said now my massage, which he promptly started to give. She looked back and said I meant with your tong also. A smile on her face she knew he could never resist.
So kissing the nape of her neck, he continued. Bending her forward so he could work his way down both kissing every inch of her back and gently massaging all the little kinks out as he went. every once in awhile she would reach back and grope him making sure his manhood was still stiff as a rock, as she had plans for that as soon as he was done.
As he reached the small of her back she turned over, he saw that she was wet again; he was even more excited than he had been in quite awhile. However, this was her turn; she pointed at her breasts and said now these. Being as excited as he was he was leaning quickly toward her to do as she requested, but she stopped him saying slowly, we have time.
Taking her breasts in his hand paying attention to what she had said he slowly leaned forward kissing all around the firm breasts in his hands, gently squeezing each nipple then giving each a kiss in turn working his way up to her neck and back down Again.
He then started to work his way across her abdomen taking his time as she had instructed.
As he reached her waist she said now you can lick there, but remember this is my turn, so he gently at first started licking her lips bypassing the clit, he worked all around the button he knew could set her off once again. She became inpatient and grabbing the sides of his head said I meant now, pushing his mouth and tong on her swollen clit.
This sent her into a spasm as he worked her clit with his tong while sucking gently. Her hands still clutching the sides of his head she pulled him up to her kissing him deeply.
She was through playing with him and wanted him to make passionate love to her. As they kissed he knew what she wanted, and lifted her from the couch. Moving her to the arm and breaking their kiss. He rolled her to her stomach and bent her over so he could once again admire her from behind.
He knew she liked him to enter her from behind but had never tried over the arm of the couch. Positioning himself, he entered her, wanting the moment to last forever. She moaned with pleasure, feeling every inch of him slowly enter her.
He began to move inside her slowly at first, wanting to make this last, going as deep as he was able. She was not moving, wanting to experience all this position had to offer.
As the tempo began to increase, he started spanking her, a hard firm swat with each thrust inside her, she was now moaning loudly. The spankings were a turn on for both of them, and as her ass turned a light crimson, he noticed that she was reaching a peak.
She was getting so wet it had coated his balls and was beginning to make slapping sounds that mimicked the sound of his hands on her ass.
Obviously enjoying what was happening. However, being unable to stand, from the intense pleasure she was experiencing (she was glad the arm of the couch was there or she would have fallen to the floor) she reached back with one hand to massage both of them from between her legs.
Feeling the touch of her hand caressing his balls sent him to the edge, but he wanted to last longer, so pulling from her now very wet pussy he knelt behind her, keeping her in the position he had placed her in with his hand on her back.
Being in this position, exposing all of herself her to him. He began to caress the ass he had been spanking just a few seconds before, gently rubbing it and placing kisses on the spots where his hand had just been.
His hands then began exploring her legs as his tong explored everywhere, her ass, her pussy every inch of her womanhood; she was tingling all over as if someone had put a low voltage through her.
Using her hand between her legs she opened herself so he could go everywhere he wanted with his tong, but instead felt something enter her again, it wasn’t him she knew as he was still on his knees behind her.
Startled she looked back, he had a smile on his face and said, and “I bet I can work this in ways you hadn’t imagined" (he had grabbed the cucumber) as he worked it in her he was again spanking her ass.
He added a new twist to the experience, he was now using his tong on her ass hole swirling it all around getting it wet then blowing gently on it making it cool while she could feel the heat of the rest of her ass from the spanking.
The sensations had all come together at once and she, grasping the cushion of the couch hard with both hands, felt the best orgasm she had experienced this night rush through her, her entire body was spamming, she moaned "ooh yessssssss", then just lay there spent for the moment unable to even utter a word.

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the dream
Saturday, January 26, 2008

I went to bed last night and found myself thinking about holding you as you went to sleep. As I started to dream it was about us, you had come over so we could have dinner and a movie,

As we met at the door we kissed, to anyone else it would have seemed like an Innocent peck, but what he or she did not see was the desire between us. The kids were all here, getting ready to come in from the van, when up pulled sherry and a friend; they asked if they could take the kids for a while. After a very short pause, we both said yes.

Finally coming inside we started talking about what we were going to have for dinner, we settled on pork chops, fried potatoes, and green beans. As you and I headed toward the kitchen, I came up behind you wrapping my arms around your body and pulling you back to me, kissing you on the neck holding you close. You did not resist, but did say if we were going to get supper going we at least needed to make it into the kitchen, smiling while you said it.

We made it into the kitchen and began gathering what we would need. I watched as you bent over not trying to be seductive, but just getting things from the cabinets, and refrigerator, but I found myself being very aroused by this. as you bent to get the pork chops from the refrigerator I came up behind you and started rubbing me against you in a motion that was very recognizable, but instead of responding you just stood, turned and said what has gotten into you?, all I could do was stand there looking into your eyes. Moreover, saying it looked like you needed some help in there, smiling from ear to ear. Smiling back, you turn and head toward the stove to get ready to start supper.

I had gone over and started peeling the potatoes, thinking to myself I would rather be peeling off your clothes (the thought had me smiling and starting to get very aroused). I finished them I got a spatula from the door, and headed toward the stove where you had already gotten the pan ready for me. I sat down the bowl and started to grab the first potato to slice into the pan when a thought crossed my mind. Here we are in the kitchen, the kids all gone, so why not have some fun.

Looking into your eyes, I just grab your arms at the wrist gently folding them behind your back. holding both wrist with one hand I start bring the other around and as I start to kiss you I slowly begin to fondle you through your clothes, smiling and obviously enjoying it you pull away but I pull you back, reach over with my free hand, and turn off the burners. You look at me and say now how are we going to eat if you keep turning off the stove in a playful manner.

Not replying, I release your wrist and pick you up, carrying you into the dining room placing your back to the wall, I press against you holding you between the wall and me with my body and your legs over my arms. I start rubbing against you, and you start grinding back, kissing me, and wrapping your arms around my neck. After a minute of this you make a smart-ass comment, something about is this the best, I can do with no kids here.

Grabbing your wrist, I reply I will show you what I can do. I reach around the corner grabbing the spatula; I had gotten for the potatoes, and lead you into the living room. I pull you down across my lap, giving you the first swat with the spatula, commenting while I do that I will teach you to have a smart attitude with me. You wiggle in my lap saying yes sir; I give you another and say that is for teasing me with that beautiful body, in reply you ask if I would like to see more of your body.

I say yes and let you up a little, you undo your pants and pull them down leaving your panties in place, I pull you back down giving you another swat, saying so you feel like teasing huh, leaving your panties on. You reply no sir, I thought I would just let you have the pleasure of removing them for me; I set the spatula down and slowly pull them across your ass, exposing the now red cheeks. I start to massage then gently with my fingers, feeling you squirm beneath them enjoying the touch and wanting more.

Sensing this I start to let my fingers roam down across the back of your thighs then up to your clit, slowly I start to rub it, you are wiggling, but not so much as to get me away from what I am doing, just enough to let me know you are enjoying it. As I rub, I slowly move my fingers toward your wet opening, inserting two then three fingers, using the pinkie to continue to massage your clit I start moving my fingers into and back out of you. You are moaning now and asking if you are being a good girl for me.

By this point am so hard you would have to be dead not to be able to feel it. I tell you yes you are, and continue to run my fingers in and out of you. I add my thumb, but not to your wet slit but to your ass, you start to wiggle, as you moan the moans getting louder and louder. You ask if you can come for me, but come before I can answer, removing my fingers I grab the spatula again and give you a swat, "I didn't tell you that you could do that, you just whimper softly and say you are sorry, what you can do to make it up to me?

I pull you up from my lap, and reply I am sure you will think of something. You now know it is your turns to be in charge, and grab my hand telling me come here. Leading me into the bedroom, you stop me at the side of the bed, undoing my pants and letting them drop to the floor. I reach over to pull off your shirt, but you stop me, saying, "It is my turn.” I ask what you would like me to do, but saying nothing you reach down and grab my still hard manhood playing for a second then stopping.

I sit there wondering what you are going to do you lay on the bed on your back, saying now you want more attention, pointing to your woman hood. I reply to you by slowly moving my face between your legs, and kissing all around, you tell me you want more of what I started in the living room. Thinking you are talking about me using my fingers in your wetness, I start to insert them, but you say no. I meant the other hole, so pulling back for just a second I wet the tips of them and slowly insert one, then two fingers there, slowly working them in and out of your ass, while I keep licking your entire womanhood, I can taste your juices, and once again, you are moaning.

You reach down grabbing my hair and pull me up on the bed the rest of the way. I start to ask what you want to do now, but you stop me, telling me just to lie back, giving me a deep kiss. Moving down to my cock, you start teasing it with your tong and small kisses on the head, it is now my turn to moan, as I enjoy every touch you give me. You hear me and slowly take me into that warm mouth, it is so erotic I think I am going to explode, but want to wait until we are doing so together.

You come up the bed and not saying a word, remove your shirt, then mine, holding you close sitting there I kiss you, knowing now that it is our turn together. No one in charge unless we choose, we lay back and you pull me on top of you, I can feel the heat from your entire body as I slowly enter you. Going in all the way, I start to make love to you, sweet and very passionate love, I can feel how wet you are, and it just increases my passion.

We both reach our climax at the same time, and it feels so wonderful, we just lay there together for a while, me still inside you. Holding you close, not wanting this to ever end. We roll so I am behind you holding you and massaging your side, back, and legs softly with my fingers. You fall asleep with me doing this and I follow in turn.

I woke this morning and looked around for you, realizing that I had dreamed it all, I got up and decided I would tell you about the most erotic dream I have ever had. I made sweet passionate love to you. I just wish it had been real.

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