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I'm weird, but I can't help it....
I love watching a young, white woman approach and start to passionately kiss a black young guy. Both are fully clothed. They kiss and embrace. To me, very little can be more visually "entertaining".
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paige, 31, is a young blonde wife and mother of our six-month old baby.  This morning, she's put our son to bed inside the house for his three-hour long nap.  Her sister, Jamie, is dutifully watching the little guy.  Putting on her long-legged blue bib overalls, she can't help but being all smiles at her intrigue.

The night before last, I confided in a friend who lives two apartment buildings down from me about my fetish.  My friend, Javon, who just turned eighteen, was a strong, well-built, and slender black guy with dreadlocks.  He was kind of shy sometimes; I guess that's why we got along so well together.

Anyway, going back to my meeting with Javon, we were walking home together from a birthday party thrown at a mutual friend's house when I decided it was time to come clean with Javon.  Javon came from a single-parent home and always looked up to me like an older brother.  I thought I should confide in him.

"Hey Javon....are you dating anyone now?"  "Nah...I haven't got no one now.  Why?" I thought this was the perfect time to work in the question that had been burning on my mind since I was in high school and witnessed the first interracial kiss between two classmate.  "Well....I guess I was just thinking...I mean....I wanted to ask you if you've ever thought about doing a white girl?"  Javon's face scrunched up and repeated me, "doing a white girl?" he repeated with intrigue.  He kind of shrugged and said, "Uh.  Well....yeah I guess so.  For real, I haven't thought about it.  Why, got someone in mind for me?" he asked, jokingly.  I kind of smiled, but didn't say anything.   That night, I got a whole one hour sleep.

The next afternoon was Paige and I were resting in our bed.  Paige, who had fallen out of favor with the birthday guest of honor, opted to skip the party that Javon and I went to together.  "So how was the party?" she obligingly inquired.  "It was okay," I said, and then rolled over away from her.  "You know?" she persisted, "You didn't sleep real good last night.  I noticed because every time Simon cried, you were up out of bed taking care of him.  Have you been okay?"  "Well, I guess, I've just had a lot on my mind." 

This was always a tactical error, because Paige was a very curious woman and, as I expected, she decided to inquire further.  "Tell me what's happening," she said.  I rolled over and took her in my arms, looked into her deep, blue eyes, and said it was nothing."  "Yeah, it's something!" she protested.  "Come on, we're married now," she whined and cocked her little head  to the side.  Fearing that the tears would start flowing next, I decided to offer details of Javon and my conversation, bit by bit.

"Well, I was talking with Javon, and, you know he just turned eighteen and he's kind of down about not having any girlfriends or anything."  "Awe, you're such a sweet guy to care about him like that.  It's like her a little brother to you.  Don't worry about it, he'll find somebody.  He's a sweet guy too!"

"Yeah, he is, I answered."

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