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Pirate - Thief of Hearts seeking warm sensuous wench
Men Seeking Women
Warm, sensuous wench must enjoy long foreplay, be creative, vocal and willing to have multiple orgasms. Dinners with erotic innuendo and lusty conversation often lead to long, wet, hot nights. Shaved is a big plus-just adds so much to the erotic encounter. Florida and Texas. Warmest kisses...all over, Troy
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Mature and Still Hot
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Thanks for the responses to my posts. Hope they make you as hot as they do me.

Another post is coming shortly. This mature woman is hot, smokin hot and knows all the tricks.
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Marble Fantasy
Saturday, September 17, 2011
You walk into the entrance of the large house,swaying provocatively in front of me, your light silk skirt swirling around your nakedness underneath. You pause facing me, your hand moves slowly across your waist, fingers spread easing towards your sweetest lips. Then you close your hand as if your fingers had been burned by a tormenting heat. You turn away and move down the foyer. High heels tap the cool, marble floor with each swing of your hips, accentuating the movements you know drive me wild. I'm confident you are still wet from my earlier exploration of your body and oral attention you urged on with lusty abandon. Your panties you handed me at dinner rest warm in my pocket.

A cool breeze from the open French doors rustle your skirt. Time seems suspended as you pause at the granite table, center piece of the spacious, lofty foyer. You lean forward and place your hands on the table. There is no mistaking the focus of the room, the heat rises in almost visible waves from your body.. You cast a sexy glance over your shoulder, your lips part as your wet tongue moistens those enticing lips. You move her legs apart one at a time, slowly, knowing I'm magnetized by your every move. Your hand moves to your ass and begins to raise the near translucent skirt. I move closer, mesmerized by the raw heat and passion of the moment and then ... you hold up your hand, palm out for me to stop. I freeze inches from your smoldering body. Your breathing is fast and heavy. Eyes closed you arch your neck back, your face reaching to the heavens for some internal power to take you, carry you further on this passionate path.

In the most sultry, passion charged voice I've ever heard you speak, “Am I your wench? If you want me, if you want to feel the throbbing heat of my body surrounding you, pulling you deep inside, then you must learn.”

I was hooked. Before I could say a word, she continued, her eyes melting with mine. The words seemed to flow like sultry satin. “Before you can caress my ass you have to learn how to touch my pussy, how to caress its every curve and valley with your fingers, your lips, your tongue. Oh, especially your tongue. It is so talented, but the two of us will make it dance.” I could only nod in acquiescence. She went on, her eyes seeking out my body from lips to bulge, straining in readiness.

Do not speak again unless it is to moan in passion or roar in lust.”

I'm standing behind you and am rubbing my hands up the outside of your naked thighs, now along the inside of your thighs as I turn you around the sensual, heated lust is so evident on your glassy gaze, as if you're in some kind of sexual trance' waiting for the release, hot release you want so much I run my hands down and stop at the hem of the soft silk and slowly raise it up till your beautiful shaved pussy is peaking out, your lips are so swollen. You are hot and so very, very wet.

Now you want me, not fast...but slow, lingering. Slow, as you want to savor each kiss and caress. I spread your legs more, a little more and see your juices running down your leg. I am hot beyond belief and ready to take you. Your tongue darts across your lips. Your face alternates between pure lust and a sinfully devilish smile. Your legs buckle. The anticipation is taking its toll.

I reach around and fondle both your ass cheeks. You moan, loudly and shake some more your whole body this time. I have never seen such raw animalistic heat, ever.

I let one hand travel around to the flats above that delicious cunt, the other searching the crack between your cheeks. Your breathing is shallow, short. I lift you up on the table and my fingers spread the heat as I bunch your skirt up around your waist and stick one edge in your mouth. You suck it wildly.

Now my hands are roaming over your thighs again, spreading your lips I want a taste a lick, to smell the aroma and see your passion build. My tongue works up your thigh sending tingles to every point inside your sopping wetness. Now a long lick on the other thigh stopping at your clit, hovering over it, the softest of caresses.

You nod and nod again “Yes Yes do it”. You scream. And I do. My tongue is alive. You erupt. Your body jolts, spasms again and again in violent passion. My tongue works around down, across and circles your clit in quick darting movements then I flick it fast twice, a pause, then three times, then another longer pause, then a dozen. You are trembling uncontrollably. Your climaxes roll across your body, twisting and lunging you try to steal my tongue inside you, to swallow it, to savor it for the future.

I finally step back and drop my pants. My cock is so unbelievably hard for you. I gaze into those pools of passion. I ease up my tip forward, just rubbing against your wetness. “Now! Now!” You beg me to enter you.

I pause then with one powerful thrust I'm inside deep, deep inside. You are going off before another stroke, shuddering wildly, head whipping from side to side in ecstasy. I give you a second,, but before you can catch your breath I increase the rhythm and start moving deep inside you faster faster, quick strokes alternating with deep long hard thrusts. We're both so close again. I start hammering inside you. It takes only moments and you catch up yelling, “Oh God! Yes! Yes!”. Our moans and roars are like verbal snakes circling us, entwining our passion, so loud. I love it and shoot hard inside; hard in pulsing streams it's so fantastic. I've never been in rapture this long or deeply felt it from the tip of my cock to my balls. “Whoa!”

You are beautiful. Your pussy is beautiful. Your mouth matches mine, open in a lustful search for breath. I kiss your breast massaging them with my tongue then reach to your swollen pussy lips and take that beautiful hot nectar to my own lips. This must be the definition of ecstasy.

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Airport Stranger
Sunday, April 25, 2010
At an airport. I see her in the gate area, sexy, long legs, a bit overweight but carries it in a sultry, sexy way. She catches my eye as I sit down and open the paper. hoping to catch a glimpse of her again I lower the paper to find her staring at me. Her bold look gives way to a sexy smile. After several rounds of glances, her sparkling eyes light up, gorgeous green eyes. While I'm figuring out how to move this forward she grabs her carry-on, stands, pauses, makes sure I'm watching, then with the slightest movement of her head motions for me to follow. By now this vixen has my blood boiling and I follow her down the concourse to an inactive gate, and then around behind some stairs she disappears.

Confused, I cautiously turn the corner to find that sexy smile waiting. I start to speak and she puts her fingers to my lips and shushes me before I can speak. Her fingers caress my lips and then work down my side to grab my ass. My arms encircle her and pull her close, her voluptuous breast crush against me and she wiggles them knowing their effect. I bring her lips to mine, a passionate kiss that erupts in white hot heat between us. Our bodies seemed molded together in perfect symmetry, curve to curve, hardness to softness. We were melting. Abruptly she steps back and leans against the wall and raises her soft silk skirt .. she is gloriously naked and shaved clean. She licks her lips again and I know what she wants. I look quickly around, people bustling by unaware of the lust overtaking the unseen strangers. I drop to my knees in front of her and slowly start to kiss and lick my way up her inner thighs. She was wreathing from side to side, her hands urging me higher. I reach her wet softness and my tongue paints erotic pictures across her lips. Her clit is hard and reaches out to me and I taste her salty sweetness. She taste so great, and her gyrations are making her body move fast against my face buried in her swollen mound. She comes quickly and hard for almost a minute as I continue to lap at her juices. We are both far beyond caring if we are discovered.

Our passions and lust overtaking common sense. She pulls me to my feet in one swift motion unzips my pants, pulls me out, grabs my ass and with one quick thrust we are joined. Deep, hard and hot... engulfing me, she feels on fire and I'm ready to explode. There is no waiting or slowing this onslaught for either of us. We rock and thrust in perfect sync -pulsing blood and hot wetness explode, five quick jolts and we are over the edge, entwined in an ecstasy unimagined. She is moaning so loud I'm sure we will be heard, she bites down on my shoulder to stifle the sound to little effect. Her leg is wrapped around me like a snake, our arms crushing us together, not wanting to relinquish the moment. Our labored breathing slowly subsides until we are merely panting. She leans back, her auburn hair tossing in disarray. She smiles and kisses me deeply, our tongues caress, our bodies slowly, agonizingly part. Her skirt floats down, covering the smoking evidence of our erotic encounter.

I have no idea how either of us will hide the musky aroma of sex that envelopes us, or care for that matter. Another quick kiss, a sensuous lick of her lips, a mischievous smile and she is gone. I stand exhausted and stunned. Slowly returning to reality I pull myself together and rush out, only to find no sign of her. Not at the gate or on the concourse. If this was a wild, erotic dream I hope I have many more.
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Just dropping by to say, 'friend'....
Added: Friday, October 15, 2010 3:05am
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