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BBW admirer looks to please and get spanked
Men Seeking BBW
WM, a BBW admirer. I like to kneel before a dominant woman and worship her body, especially legs and bottom. Let me please you, and you won't be disappointed. Spank my bare bottom long and hard and make me worship you again. I love to spank a woman's bottom too.
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Looking for a female spanker
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
My BBW friend who spanked me pretty regularly for over two years is not available anymore. I'm looking for another female spanker. Just spanking or domination will work.
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Adventures this summer
Monday, August 16, 2010
This summer began for me with visiting my BBW friend who spanks me whenever we have a chance to meet. Usually it comes to once in a few months. She always chooses a few implements before the session and places them so she can reach them any time. This time she put me over her knees and began spanking with her hand for ten minutes or so. Then she switched to a wooden paddle with a round end in a leather case. After a good dose of this implement, I was ordered to get on my knees with my butt facing her. I was spanked in this position with several implements for the next half hour. She was switching between leather and wood. We made a few very short breaks. My butt was very red and tender by the end of the first hour. The last half hour was very intense and extremely hard to bear. It was done mostly with a tawse. My butt was on fire, but I wold take more if I didn't need to go.
Another spanking I got in Europe was shorter, but harsher. I met an older lady on an online forum. She is very beautiful, a real BBW. When I came, she put me over a pillow on the bed and began with a few dozen spanks with her hand. Then she continued with a leather belt, spanking fast from the very beginning. I was almost crying, but she gave me a break in the corner. In a few minutes she ordered me back in the same position continued with several different canes. I hardly had a cane before. It felt unusual, but after some time I realized that I liked it. The rest of the spanking was in various positions like legs up and bent over a chair. My butt was almost ruined, but I loved the experience after all. I've taken a few hundred swats in total.
It's a pity neither of the ladies wanted me to please them by body worshiping. Nevertheless, the spankings were really nice, and I'd submit to these ladies again.
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Another spanking
Saturday, August 15, 2009
I've been traveling a lot recently and met a few dommes, who spanked me long and hard. A few pictures were taken during one session. In a pic I just posted, the spanking is in progress. She was a BBW, and my butt was very red in the end. It was just a spanking session. I need more that would be accompanied by bodyworship. One of my dreams is to get pictured while I'm kissing legs or an ass. Hope it will happen soon.
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New pic
Monday, November 24, 2008

Just added a new pic of me after a good spanking. It is from the last year when I was spanked by a very nice BBW mistress. She put me on her spanking bench, so that my ass was high up in the air. Then I got over an hour-long whooping with a flogger and a leather paddle. In course of the spanking I was moved back and forth between the bench and a high stool. In the end she put me over her knee and spanked with hand and a woodden spoon. This was the longest spanking I've ever had. It was painful, but it was well paced, and after another dose of spanks I wanted to get more. I would like to be spanked like this more times.

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I've got it again
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I knew I needed it again. I was long overdue, and I finally got it. I'm talking about another good spanking. She was not a BBW, but close to that. We met in my hotel room and talked about what was going to be explored. I asked for spanking in various positions and with different implements. She agreed and said that she had a long time experience. Then she sat on the bed and told me to remove my pants. I quickly obeyed and laid over her lap. She started to spank me slowly, but firmly. After about ten minutes, I felt the warmth and some pain. We decided to change the position. I dropped down on all fours and she stood over me with a leather paddle in her hand. The spanks became stronger and faster, but I could take it as my bottom was already warmed. When she took a short break, I asked if I could worship her legs and ass. She agreed and got rid of her jeans. It turned out that she was hiding a very nice, sun tanned body and a thick bottom. I began kissing her legs, but quickly turned to the ass, as it was so beautiful. Then I got back in position between the bare legs for a round with the belt. She spanked now much faster, but it was bearable. I think I took over two hundred swats or so. She got a little tired, and I asked about facesitting. I laid down on the bed, she climbed over me and sat on me facing my legs. I kissed her bottom all over to our mutual satisfaction. I want this to happen again. Any takers?

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