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My elderly mother insists I place an ad "for a husband."
Women seeking men
I will keep this ad up so you have a sense of me, but right now, am not really looking to meet up -- am just enjoying the socializing. I'm going through a lot and am really too busy right now to be what anybody needs.

Ok, my elderly mother suggested I put an ad in the paper to find myself a husband, so she could be at my wedding.


Ok, I'll try:

Intelligent, articulate, disease/drug free, wealthy [mom's requisite], non-smoking adventuresome man [and his partner/husband, if he has one - I'm not reading her that part, though she should be understanding, she has had 5 husbands, just not all at one time]. Above described man needed to go see the real world, ride camels, elephants, hunt for lost treasure, explore catacombs, and hunt for fossils. Also go fishing, canoeing, seakayaking, and motoring across country and maybe sailing around the world.

Must have a survivalist sense of humor, common sense, a lot of patience, and not mind a masculine-spirited, but often impish woman with a dirty mind and a kind heart.

Also must have an open mind and spirit, a willingness to see what isn't obvious.

A modecum of faith but not necessarily religious would be nice. (The ability to acknowledge something greater than one's self is always a good thing, a shared sense of awe in the presence of all that is amazing in the world makes for a good traveling companion, and gives us a way to express gratitude for the moment.)

I believe in holding hands while arguing, and arguing like we're a team, not arch enemies. I believe in taking breaks. Returning. Not letting the sun set on upset.

Alcohol in moderation means I don't know the last time I had a drink, but nothing embarrassing happened. Looking for same.

Multi-lingual and able to read glyphs a plus, but not required.
Lion-taming experience helpful.
Must be able to kill/safely remove spiders. (I can handle the snakes.)

Open to all different kinds of foods, faiths, and people, imperative.

And the killer to my efforts: Must have an open-eyed empathy for those who are less blessed --I don't need to wake up every (or any) morning hearing about "those people" whoever they happen to be.

[Now you all know the real reason I am still single]

~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~

We all dream. We all wish. We imagine the possibilities and yearn for something that the larger part of our hearts has begun to believe does not exist.

After repeated disappointments, we explore more tentatively, we hide.

We review, analyze, make mental notes and change course. We bunker down, we make rules we follow to keep ourselves safe, we swear, "Never again,"

We peek out in hopes we'll find something worth the risks:
Cold kitchen mornings, hot coffee, love and focus and folded underwear, some mechanical do-dad in pieces on newspaper on the kitchen table between the eggs and the pepper, bare feet touching, conversations that range from Dark Matter and the expansion of the universe to genetic mutation and the politics of religion, but a banter that never goes so far as to forget we're on the same side of the fence.

We fantasize in safe company for the things we wish were part of the storybook, and other things that are just part of being alone, and hope that someday the perfect match can discern the difference.

Me? I'm mostly here to explore -- to try to understand what I want in a safe place where the coffee doesn't spill and there are no fences. If you're desperate to instantly meet up without getting to know someone in the long term, you might want to go elsewhere. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the blog, write a note if you're inspired...
Hints for Connecting
Women seeking couples
Ok, I stuck this one in "Women Seeking Couples" -- and I don't rule out the couple idea, but it would have to be a male couple.

(Sorry folks, not into girls). Mostly I just wanted a place to put these hints for connecting and am looking for a man (or men) who can handle a woman with an occasional masculinity of spirit.

Hints For Connecting:

I highly recommend VIP membership for those that can afford it (it makes private correspondence...well..."Private."And far more interesting.

NOTE that you can reply to an email sent from a VIP even if you are not one.

However...If you are not VIP and want to write to another non-VIP (and I am only temporarily on a gift membership)...


1)Put up a blog and

2)DON'T hide your profile --if you hide your profile, then nobody can read or post to your blog and it makes it very difficult to communicate

3)ACTUALLY WRITE IN YOUR BLOG, VIP OR NOT -- something more/other than just how much cum you want to eat (or want me to eat). There's nothing wrong with cum, I just need to know you/like you first either way.

Maybe it has nothing to do with sex or everything to do with sex -- I want to know about what matters to you, your insights, the things that amaze you, the things you wish you had someone to share with.

I want to know how you imagine sex -- not that I have a dirty mind, but if you're a dom and I'm not into that, well...we should know these things, yes? What do you want from love? Do you want love or just sex?

Or are you exploring? Are there things about your life that feel unsettled? Issues about your own sexuality that you want to understand, things you want to try? How do you imagine these things?

When it comes to actual love, do you feel resilient or are you done and just looking for the fork?

What matters to you in the world? In yourself? In who you are and your place in the world?

It's not enough to say you are divorced and ready to move on.
What have you learned from the failings of previous relationships? What did you work to change in yourself? What kinds of things do you look for in a significant other now?

Catch me in my blog... or email me.

Um, sorry, maybe I should have mentioned earlier, there are no hidden passwords to connect to me, no secret email codewords, just real solid things I want to know about a man -- about you.

Tell me...I'm wanting to know...

Remember that an ad ....
Other members...
Androgynous Spirit - Safehouse for a Heart
I came here mostly to try to explore, to find others to talk to who could help me make sense of myself. I've reached a point, I can't ignore that at least spiritually and personality wise, no, I am not like other women and I'm not and never will be of a mind to conform or to transition. My erotic writings are a way of breaking free from all that keeps me from exploring who I am and finding happiness with a man/men who can love me for all that I am and share in this life with me without feeling a threat to manliness if I am not feminine enough. You can read my writings and see for yourself what I am. Leave a token comment and rating from your passing. Here's wishing you Peace in your heart, and success in your searchings. ~~Twice................................................................................................................................................................................................. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All of my writings are protected by copyright and may not be reprinted without written permission detailing acknowledgement and compensation.
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Minding my Bi's and Q's
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
I finally had a chance recently, to try out dressing in a way that feels more like what I am inside. Went to a mostly gay male LGTBQ event. I didn't want to go "butch" exactly, I'm not a lesbian, but so much of my life has been spent either in my boy clothes or in completely fem costumes, I wanted to blend them somehow. I thought, maybe that way it wouldn't be such a shock when they'd see me puttering around the house in my coveralls. So I wore a woman's fitted Wool blazer but de-accentuated my breasts by not wearing a bra, but didn't wrap them. The blazer had subtle bits of bugundy, and so I wore a burgundy flowered bolo tie, a man's shirt with burgundy piping along the seams, jeans, and my work boots from a former life. I pulled my hair up, lady cop-style, but a little bit of a swoop in front. I figured I would go as the man I am inside - one that is ever-so-slightly effeminate rather than delicately feminine. I have to work as hard as any drag queen to be a woman, it's always awkward, and if I want to get along with society, it's expected - even demanded. So, I didn't try that hard - just enough that the fem men would feel at ease. There's a roughness in women who don't like men that mirrors the rougher straight men, who have been as traumatizing to gay men as to this gender-non-conforming female. I don't need to portray that. Just so everyone knows I won't be painting my nails anytime soon.... I think it worked ok, not sure. The gay guys were all happy to chat and the lesbians all ignored me. It's just, how does one tell the "bi's" and "Q's" in LGTBQ gatherings? I don't want to flirt with the guys and make them uncomfortable, but how do I tell if one who is chatting with me is queer/bi or otherways attracted, vs just enjoying the evening & conversation?
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Cock-o-lot Bannana Treats
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Ok, a friend asked me how to make the dessert I mentioned in Candycane's blog. I confess, it's been a long time & I  have forgotten the trick to preserving the salt stripes under the chocolate - I seem to recall that the chocolate was a challenge: if you make this, please write in with tips as I don't have a functional kitchen right now. 1)  Peel bananas and cut ends so they stand happily on a plate. Sculpt penis heads if talented (hint: use banana smaller end down so you have enough to cut away to have a head) Roll bananas diagonally across a towel prepped with rows of crystal margarita salt (creates textured design that shows up under the chocolate covering later) Put your bananas in the freezer - not to freeze, just to really chill while prepping everything else. 2) If more potent balls are desired, prepare your balls thusly: First procure honey balls from good Indian restaurant or substitute cake style regular donut holes from donut shop. If Indian variety (yummier), drain excess honey and use a cake syringe or basting tube to inject balls with rum. If cake, soak in a mix of rum and honey Drain excess, place in freezer to chill 3) In a small saucepan, gently warm coconut milk, add sugar to tase, maybe some vanilla (I like Buttler's imitation better than real for flavoring), add Lime zest, finely chopped till it tastes the right mix of sweet & tart, may thicken with flour or egg yolk using separate sauce dish to blend, then adding to the rest) and set aside (covered) 4) using a double boiler, melt 2-3 bars per banana, Ghirardelli chocolate (82-90% dark) or you can use shell chocolate like they use on ice-cream cones (not as yummy) 5) Remove bananas from freezer and place on small, smooth plates that have a US quarter-size drop of melted chocolate freshly dropped on them - it will cool around the cold banana and act as glue for banana to plate. (If you are using a saucer, fill the circle with melted chocolate, then use regular choc sauce/raspberry sauce to drizzle decorative lines or alternate and drag a clean toothpic across the sauce lines to make a cool design) 6) Appropriately position your balls  7) Cover banana & balls in chocolate  8) While chocolate is still soft enough after pouring, carefully cathetarize your banana with a greased skewer halfway to make a hollow shaft in your shaft. Leave it in so chocolate doesn't fill hole before it hardens 9) Chill in fridge till chocolate hardens (leave a magazine in with them to speed the process - and, no, please resist temptation to lick) -- I think it was like 10-15 mins 10) Add a tablespoon of rum to the sauce if desired. Add in edible sparkles (Michael's craft store had them) (An Alaskan cancer patient had jokingly made the suggestion for an alternative recipe that involved soaking their medicinal herbs in the rum beforehand, and someone else suggested creme de cacao instead of rum...) 11) Twist & remove skewers from banana tips, leaving a hollow shaft 12)  Drizzle the cooled (room temp) sauce into the tip and down the outside 13) Place maraschino cherry on top 14) Decorate surrounding plate  15) Serve with no utensils... Bon appetite!
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If you're wondering what to serve...
Monday, August 25, 2014
If you're wondering what to serve for dinner or dessert tonight, Candycane has a number of photos that would satisfy... Butt if you mean real food, check out my three options in the comments under the "No Brainer" post (Salmon, Lamb or vegan dishes) - and don't forget to scroll down for a very special dessert! Love your luscious blog, Candycane ;-) [Just please forgive - my software is incompatible & formatting doesn't show up]
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Formatting Issues -
Monday, August 18, 2014
Sorry, folks - had a story, but I can't get the formatting to transfer to SA, and I didn't want to be deleting comments as I fixed it. Later, Twicey
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"Define 'rich'. What does wealthy mean to you?"
Saturday, April 6, 2013
So I get an email from a fellow who got stuck on my mother's "wealth" requirement (carefully noted as my mother's requirement in the ad) and he wants to know what I mean by wealth.

He says, "Define 'rich'. Do you mean material wealth or richness of the soul?" 

I have a terrible, terrible ornery side -- one that balks at these sorts of questions because I'd like to think that I'm a reasonable (and goodness knows detailed enough, cough cough) writer, that those who have read my whole ad and my comments here and there would get a sense of what my own definitions of wealth would be (if I had any such requirement of my own).

It's like people going around asking others if they are Christians.

Well, letsee. Doesn't the song say, "And they'll know we are Christians by our love"? 

So either they're insulting folks by insinuating it isn't obvious enough (when really, they just haven't been good enough Christians to get to know folks well enough not to have to ask) -- or they're being terrible Christians by making Jews and Muslims and Hindus uncomfortable (Jesus instructed the apostles not to bother folks of faith, but rather to round up the lost sheep who have no faith).

Now, I can see why someone would need to know my definition of wealth up front without the usual social investment or attention to detail.

Either they are really, unbelievably rich, don't have time to read and would prefer not to date a shallow-minded gold-digger, or they are totally broke, didn't bother to read, and need to know what degree of lie they have to put up in order to get laid.

I guess we've gotten far enough down the page by now so as to have weeded out those who haven't earned a real answer. My concept of affluence has been greatly influenced by the extremes of my experience. I've lived at both ends of the spectrum and found joy and heartache in each, and in equal measure.

The times when I have felt my most impoverished were not when I was near freezing or hungry enough to eat things I've been gently advised not to repeat, but when the people around me that I loved and cared about failed to recognize the difference between illness and irresponsibility -- when knowing who and what I have always been and stood for was not enough to stave off their self-righteous ass-ertion that I was doing something wrong or I wouldn't be suffering so much.

The times when I walked with a strut that owned the world, when I had everything I could want or need was not when I stood at the tower window and watched the sun rise over the chimney pots of the Castle on a gilded shore, but when I felt loved and protected -- nestled in the arms of my dearest. Still, now, there are times I imagine he watches over me in spirit; when I can almost feel the touch of his hand on my shoulder in the midst of regrets and sorrows, and it is as if there is yet some deep reserve he saved for me, for just such an occasion, and I feel wealthy once more.

And though there are times I think maybe it was a fluke, or that he just didn't live long enough for us to have a serious enough falling out; times when I think maybe I've changed and grown colder; when I wonder if trust is an illusion, but I feel richest when I believe.

I feel rich in the words of those who understand, rich in the fullness of stories shared and wealthier than those who have it to flaunt when I feel needed and loved. Of course, now I have to ramble on a bit so that those who aren't reading all this, but just skimming down and haven't earned it can still scowl and complain that I haven't answered.

Buried treasure. It is what you make it, isn't it?

What's your definition of wealthy?
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Whoooooo! So pretty -- thank you!! (((Scrrrrunnch hugs)))

Added: Monday, March 18, 2013 12:15am
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I snagged this from SpicaRigel and am posting it here so I won't lose it. I need this too.


Added: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 11:47pm
Thank you Jawa!
Added: Saturday, February 16, 2013 10:16pm
Added: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 4:10am

This came from SpicaRigel's Blog. What a beautiful reminder about how hard it can be to recognize Divine Guidance when we are in the middle of it!
Added: Monday, January 14, 2013 2:44am
Added: Monday, December 31, 2012 7:02am
Awww --- how sweet all of you! I need to do the card thing more -- I come up for air and, well, gosh -- the holidays were here and passed already. Methinks I would have had way more fun here than with the relatives on Christmas! Think I'll make myself a note for next year -- you are beautiful people...
Smooches too,
Added: Thursday, December 27, 2012 11:41pm
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Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog,
Added: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 7:14am
 I just saw the comment you left  for me in one of my old blogs , thanks so much , it was nice of you to take the time to comment. AND . for the thought re the purple dragon , lovely idea re the recolouring.  bless ya heart , thanks a alot
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