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Just fun for now.
Men Seeking Women
I would love to find some sexy lady to have some fun with. I dont care where you live, since I didnt mention what kind of fun (did you make an assumption there? lol ;-)

My interests are varied-I am as at home sitting on the couch, touring a museum, travelling, taking photos, entertaining a lady...well, you get the idea.

Not looking for a serious relationship at the moment (tho that may change), just want a person/people to have a good times in many different ways-look forward to getting to know you!
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Damn flu, lol.
Thursday, January 27, 2011
Greetings all,
I havent been on here much lately because of many things. I have had a double dose of the flu in the last week and have been bedridden for the most part. Only now starting to come around some.

I have also been talking with my ex-girl alot lately, to remain friends and gain an understanding of what happened and why. I am not afraid to admit I was wrong in many ways while seeing her. I just hope to learn from my mistakes and assure her my intentions were always noble. I feel we can be good friends in short order.

I will try to make myself more present here from now on. This is a wonderful and supporting community, and a helluva lot of fun too! Thanks all, and twys
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Annoying retail employees...ugh!
Saturday, January 15, 2011
So a friend and I were out at a semi local mall out of boredom today. I went into FYE to check if they had a couple DVD's at the right prices. The one (Adaptation-a great drama) they didnt have at all. The other, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, they had new for 15$.

While thats not a terrible price, I know I can find it used on Amazon for about 5$, so i declined the new copy, being honest in that I would buy it online. The clerk started giving me a big guilt trip! She basically scolded me that I wasn''t supporting the local economy and local jobs...blah. I bit my tongue, but I wanted to say something about it.

Sure, I will happily support the local economy. Hmm, that means I would be going to the small time, non franchise music store up the road, instead of contributing to corporate profits in a huge chain. Besides, many times, sellers on Amazon selling used copies are your average small business, so I would do more good buying from them anyway.

Another point she whined at me about was 'stimulating the economy'- Hah! Well, this recession has hit me hard too, and I havent made near as much money as I should, so I have had to scrounge at times. I may be able to part with 5$ for a luxury entertainment item (that I dont really need), whereas I thought 15$ was a bit high.

Such a shameless and idiotic sales tactic-I left without buying a damn thing, lol. They should just be happy I was willing to pay something for it-unlike many folks that are simply taking it off the download sites, lmao.
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Snow, huah, what is it good for?
Friday, January 14, 2011

What is snow good for? I know many of you who think of my mischievious streak are thinking...snowball fight! And yes, those are fun, but I had a different purpose in mind-exercise!

I do enjoy the challenge of walking in the snow and ice because it makes you use so many different muscles to keep your footing/balance. Walking in the ice and snow is a far better working your muscles than normal walking.

Another good use? Doing donuts in empty parking lots to fulfill your fun need! :-)

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A sincere thank you...
Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a quick note. I would like to thank the members who took the time and compassion to be supportive after reading my last post. Your concern and kindness means a hell of a lot to me. Thank you!

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Feeling the Blues
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
So I met a woman here on SA about a year and a half ago and we hit it off. The one trouble was that we lived 4-5 hours apart. We worked hard to make it work, but its a tough situation. I would drive/travel to visit about once a month or so. At the same time I was working full time, trying to get my photography business running, taking care of ailing family, and trying to build a relationship-all the things I needed to do before I moved closer to her.

Being apart like that is tough. Plain and simple. It ended up tearing us apart around thanksgiving/xmas. She ran out of patience waiting for me to get there, despite my assurances that I was doing all I could to be there. We celebrated an early xmas together, but when I arrived I found a coldness like she was unhappy to see me. On that note, I decided to hold my tongue about coming down a couple weeks later for new years-I didnt wanna make either of us uncomfortable if she didnt want to see me.

She told me over the phone that she wanted to break up. I was hurt, but felt I could still make things right. So I picked up all the work I could, even volunteering for new years duty. I didn't think my girl and I would be together again that soon, so I wanted to move forward with something, at least.

She called me the next week-I had begun to think the split was for good by then. She went on and on about how much she loved me and missed me-then asked about new years. I nearly screamed! I told her that I had canceled the plan, but silently thought that I would see about getting the trip back on. I felt so good right then! It was wonderful! She DID care about me and want me there after all!

The next day, I wasted no time getting the trip back together, and was so anxious to share that with her! I jumped online early and started looking for her. Finally at about 930pm, I called. I knew as soon as she picked up-she was out with another guy.

She lied about it on the phone, but emailed me the next day telling me that she didnt actually get home till 1130 the next morning. I was utterly crushed. This was the week before xmas, so the entire holiday was ruined. We talked after that night, but I couldnt get her to understand that she hurt me really bad. She asked me the next week if i had any suggestions for her for new years. maybe she meant for me and her, but i was so hurt and rejected that i didnt offer anything.

within the next 2 weeks, we went back and forth. she would lead me on, making me think  we could still make it right, then she would crush my hopes. when she was physically hurt, and the new guy gave her no attention, she called and flirted with me. Then crushed my hopes again.

Meanwhile, she became as close with the new guy as she had with me-only in a couple weeks instead of a year +, and had the nerve to want to talk with me about him.

Her actions and lies at the end made me feel terrible. Just horrible. I felt she care more for the other guys feelings than mine-she gave little thought to my feelings, if any at all. It made me feel like a waste of a person, just tossed aside when she was tired of me. And the back and forth thing, that made me question whether she cared at any time for me. I would like at some point to be friends with her, but I feel she needs to understand how bad she hurt me and made me feel before that can happen. I feel like I wasted over a year of my life on a false endeavor, and she doesnt care-I was replaced so coldly and callously that I dont know if i can trust my feelings with her anymore. it just sucks.. pure and simple.

She got what she wants, and I hope she is happy. Meanwhile tho, I still am feeling quite low and worthless. I need something to look forward to on a daily basis, like I used to look forward to talking with her. I know the feeling will fade in time, but for right now, its really tough bc I must assume that she meant much much more to me than i did to her. I just want to feel good about myself again.

Ok, sorry. Enough of this crappy talk-I am just hoping that putting it in print will take some of the weight off my chest. I dont think it worked, but time will tell.
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