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You pull into the walmart parking lot and park behind my van watching the light come on and drapes open as you turn off your car and i strip down to my panties on the bed in front of the rear window where you have a good view watching me as i put my long hair up in a pony tail on top of my head and start playing with my nipples with one hand while i suck my thumb on the other before using my thumb to pull down my panties with me on my knees in front of the window spreading my cheeks and slipping my thumb up my pussy ass, adding some oil and working it in as you watch from your car untill i stop, sit up and tie a blindfold around my head and open the side door a crack so you come over and quietly slip into the van and close the door as i close the drapes and lie back on the bed naked and blindfolded waiting to please my Daddy/Master. Looks weight size shape race and age not important. Can substitute your place or motel for van.
The meeting
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see my "men seeking men" ad BUT feel free to take the blindfold off me and put it on yourself and let me be your Daddy baby.
Remember that an ad ....
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1 comment
i love the woods
i hooked up with this guy online that wanted to meet at the rock quarry up in the mountains at dark and be his little slut bitch.
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woods nymph
Monday, April 18, 2011

i was already parked in the woods by the lake about dusk when he arrived and parked across from me.  There wasnt many people left, a few nudist and pervs walking around so i got out of my van wearing only a skimpy pair of panties and walked all slow and sexy around to the other side so he and anybody else watching could see before stepping into my van, leaving the side door open as i crawled onto the bed on my knees, turning on the light as i started to play with myself in front of the window, stroking my dick through my panties with one hand as i pinched my big horny nipples with the other before putting on my leash and blindfold and then turning off the light and lieing down on the bed on my back with my head hanging over the bed by the open door and my leash hanging to the ground. It wasnt long untill i heard a zipper being undone and felt the leash get tight around my neck so i opened my mouth and heard him groan and he slipped his soft penis in my hungry mouth, sucking and slurping and reaching up to fondle his balls and ass as he pinched my nipples and slapped my face, occasionally turning around spreading his cheeks and forcing his dirty smelly butthole into my open mouth, telling me what a nasty little slut i am as i lick and suck him clean moaning with kinky pleasure as i reached around to fondle his balls and cock and then suddenly he turned around forced his dick all the way in my mouth using my long pony pail on top of my head as a handle fucked the shit out of my pretty little mouth untill he exploded inside almost making me gag before pulling out letting his load of cum ooze from my lips as he quickly pulled up his pants and dissapeared in the dark without a word.  I pulled myself completely back on the bed and lie back taking off my blindfold i started to play with myself as i slowly pushed the rest of his cum out of my mouth letting it drip down onto my chin, neck and chest. i heard his car door open and close and thought i would hear him leaving but instead i heard his footsteps as he walked to the still open side door and said " you didnt tell me in your email that I would have to stand in line slut" and i suddenly realized the cum dripping down my face wasnt his and he had just watched me get used by some nasty old perv that happend to be walking around!  At first i was scared and embarrassed but as he stood there at the door taking off his cloths and telling me what a nasty little faggot bitch i was i started to get really turned on so when he told me to put the blindfold back on i gladly complied and crawled over to the open door where he forced my head down onto his dick, scooping up the last guys cum with his fingers and rubbing all over my face as he fucked my mouth, occasionally reaching around to slap my ass finally pulling off my panties and taking the oil from the table, using his fingers to work it into my pussy ass, two, three, four, more oil, making my juicy hole all loose and sloppy as i sucked his penis like a good little bitch, using my hands to fondle his ass, working my finger inside him but then he stepped backed and jerked on my leash ordering me to get out and so i stepped outside and even though it was dark now i felt exposed being naked and blindfolded on a leash as he walked me across the dirt road to his car where he slowly made me assume the position on his car, hands on top  with feet spread he first searched me slowly from top to bottom before telling me not to move.  By now i was sure there must be other people watching as i leaned against his car all naked and spread eagle as he went to the truck for something finally comming back and jerking me straight up by my leash he started to lead me away, not back to my van but into the trees where he laid out a blanket and told me it was time for a body cavity search as he pushed me down onto the blanket and.................

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Love your blog, cock and attitude---I want more of all.
Added: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 3:39am
Added: Monday, March 28, 2011 6:03am
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