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I'm 46yo in my prime and I love sex
Women seeking men
I'm at the point in my life where I know exactly what I want. Finding it is not so easy. I love sex, think about it constantly, yet I still need a man who is sweet and knows how to give affection. I love to be touched and caressed and I love to feel a man inside me. The oral is fine, but there's nothing that pleases me like great foreplay and great f*****g. I also like role playing sometimes, spice it up a bit.
My sweet round ass needs a spanking
BBW seeking men
In search of a fun playmate, who"s not afraid to mix it up a bit. Role play, phone sex, spanking. How about your fantasies? Let's give it a shot!I'm into pleasing my man and having a man who wants to please me, even if it leaves me with a sore red bottom!
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I am a blog virgin, so be gentle
I'm so needing a firm hand and a good old fashioned fucking.
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badgirl still waiting for her firm spanking
Friday, April 20, 2012
Met someone new who has promised to spank my bare ass red and sore. Once I am in tears from my bare bottom hurting he pulls me up from his lap, bends me over a chair & through my sobs I moan as he punishes my ass again this time taking firm hold of my hips and pounding his cock up my sore ass. Had a long chat with my new lover this morning. He promised that next week when we are together, he will use and abuse my ass, beating my poor bottom red and raw, then the real punishment starts. He said he's going to fist my ass a few fingers at a time until I am as sore inside, with his fist ass fucking me, as I sob and moan. He will reward me in the end by bending me over and burying his cock deep in my pussy. Says my ass will be his to spank red & all I can do is lay across his lap and take my punishment like a naughty little girl. I get wet just hearing him talk this way. I will probably not be able to sit next week!!!
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Have I mentioned I love spanking.....
Saturday, September 17, 2011
I've always found spanking (getting spanked) very arousing. Even watching a child get spanked on a TV show (is that too sick?) turns me on. I guess I have a "daddy complex going on. I never got spanked as a child and yet I have fantasized about it ever since. My ex years ago would spank me but it was never quite the pure over the knee, bad little girl, bare bottom, kicking and crying til my backside is red spanking, I craved. Lately, I've been fantasizing about doing the spanking. The man I've been dating told me his mother spanked him as a child, but only when he "deserved it" and I know how much he loved his mother and it turned me on. The idea of him bare bottom, across my lap legs kicking while I slapped his bottom and then used a wooden spoon as his mother had, this had him wailing and crying like a baby. Such a turn on. So now I need to find a spanker and a spankee! or maybe someone like me who gets turned on both ways?
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I'm bad, but in a good way...
Thursday, September 1, 2011
I have never written a blog before. Guess I never really thought anyone would care what I had to say. Clearly, I've learned that is not a prerequisite to blogging. So here goes. Is it just me or are men more interested in oral sex, both giving and receiving than actual sex involving penetration?  Call me old fashioned, but to me oral is just foreplay, no matter how good it is(and I do enjoy it) I still need penetration to feel as though I have been properly fucked. Am I all alone out here in "needs a good fuck nation"? Have a happy day and leave a comment if you like.
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