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Looking for whatever comes my way, be it tall, short, thin or thick, lets talk,you can see me in the chat rooms now an then,leave a comment, i will for you.
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blog blog bbbllloooggg
well i'm finally bustin the door down and writin alittle somethin
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how well did you live
Thursday, August 13, 2009
i was sitting here listenin to wendy o. williams an the plasmatics.just time stompin tonight.was thinkin about the time i watched wendy bust out her coochy an let everyone know she was # uno by waving her delicate middle fingers at everyone.it was just another show. let that happen today and our media would drive their art into oblivion.such a sad commentary on the state of things.even now as i'm writing this we are being smacked down with some kind of new rule against who knows whats,do we care,not really.really i do.crap,I'd love to see wendy blast out a wild tune then proceed to show me her holiest of holys, or is that holely? either way I'd like to do it again.and that brings me to this whole diatribe. how well did you live? would you return to do it all over again?do it the same, or change things up some?myself,it would be cool to do it all over again,just like i did it.the pleasures, the pains all of it.an let me tell ya i was no way an angel.hopefully i left more laughter than sorrow. yeah,i think i did.so here,as i sit here listening to a night of punk i will contemplate what was the utmost event that stands out among events in my life.crap,wonder why it is i'm so reflective while listening to punk? weird.i'm mostly a metalhead,go figure.
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Dance hall girls
Monday, August 3, 2009

I grew up in a redneck cowboy town, the big Dodge City. Thats right,I was a shit stomping cowboy growing up. Long hair,sex,drugs,rock-n-roll. Not your typical looking cowboy you see on tv these days. But in the 70's I was the bomb in the cowboy capital,lol!!! Holy crap I'm glad i never found the smell on cowshit to resemble money.Anyway back on track,you dance hall girls!!! See in the 70's it was disco,and rock, shit you danced to. Being a shit stomper in tennis shoes, listening to heavy metal, I had the best of both worlds,two steppin, swing, rockin,or at the disco,shit catz, I was there!! The women, geez, what can i say? Dancin brought out that passion that all of us have.Hell, it made it boil over. Give me a hot sweaty woman thats spent a night  on the dance floor,ready to release that passion at home,mercy,it's like whoopers to a kid for the second time.YUMMY!! Dance hall girls exist today but, the arenas no longer do. What a shame!!! Look at it like this,The 20's an 30's had the flappers an prohibition,mmm an that war. The pattern begins. Clear into the mid 40's dance hall girls were seen daily. Then we had those pesky republicans try to do away with dance.Thank our lucky stars that rock saved the day in the 50's. Sorry it took awhile,almost lost a whole generation.Whew  that woulda sucked!!! But hey, that crappy little conflict reared its head,and away we went.It took those damb hippies awhile to figure out the dance,what with free love an all.Thats how we got disco. Now i wasn't there in the 20's,30's,40's,50's, but i do know what rebellion and passion can do for dance,ooph,and you hot sexy dancin girls. And so here i am, with this blog,did you see the pattern? Yep, thats right,it's war!!! I wonder when the powers that be,will strick up the mill and see what it is that has made war a success. A happy home front! In this time of woe and want, don't ya think? Thats right,I said it. Think about it,did you prosper when you danced?

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I just get on an browse profiles, someone might email me then I respond. I really dont get on anything else here because I am not a member. I dont do hair anymore
Added: Friday, July 24, 2009 3:52pm
of course I'm worth it!!
Added: Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:54pm
You could try emailing me, I'd give ya my number but I dont want it displayed publicly..lol
Added: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 6:53pm
Very handsome!
Added: Sunday, May 24, 2009 5:27am
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