First MM experience
By: Anonymous
I stood in the shower lathering up my crotch. Today was the day that I had arranged to meet with the guy I had met online. I was half erect thinking about our upcomming encounter. I took the razor in my hand and began to shave my balls. I wanted to be smooth and clean for the encounter. I was already anxious and it was hours before we were to meet.

The day went by slowly but the time had finally arrived. I knocked on his door and it opened. There my new lover stood, early 40's, good shape, salt & pepper hair. He invited me in and offered me a drink. We talked for a couple of minutes and then he asked if I would like to go to the bedroom.

Once in his bedroom he told me to get comfortable and began removing his clothes. I did the same and he complimented my body. I couldn't take my eyes off his magnificent manhood. He was about 7" long but about as thick around as a can of coke. He asked what I would like to do. I told him I was unsure but willing to try anything.

He smiled and told me to lay back on the bed. He knealt between my legs and took me into his mouth. I was a little nervous and still soft but his mouth felt so good I was soon rigid. As he worked me with his mouth he had me place my legs on his shoulders and I felt his fingers caress my anus. He continued sucking me while slowly, gently working a finger into my ass. I was loving the attention but also wanting to feel him in my mouth. I told him this and he changed positions. Kneeling by my head and feeding his cock into my mouth.

The sensation of his penis entering my mouth was wonderful. I wanted to take him all the way in but my throat rebeled and I almost gagged. He told me to slow down and relax. After a few minutes I was able to get most of his cock into my mouth. I was running my tongued up and down the shaft of his cock and then swallowing him whole. I loved the feel of his hard-on against my face and forehead as I stroked and sucked his member.

He told me to slow down or he was going to cum. I wanted to taste him but allowed him to change positions again. This time he had me lay on my stomach and began a nice massage at my shoulders. He worked down my back and hips to my ass. I could again feel his fingers at my asshole and this time I felt something cold and slippery squirt into my crack. As he worked the lube into my ass I tried to relax. He had several fingers inside me and his other hand was massaging my cock and balls. He asked if I was ready to try getting fucked and I nodded.

He told me to stand and bend over, using my arms for suppport on the bed. I did as instructed and parted my legs. He pushed his cock up through my crack but not into my ass. He did this several times and I was aching to feel him enter me. Soon he was pushing into my hole and then pulling back and sliding through my ass crack. As I relaxed and my ass loosened up a bit he began pushing into me harder and harder. His thick cock felt like it would rip me in two. He pushed in and then held it as far in as my ass would allow, I could feel the muscles trying not to relax but beginning to yeild. He thrust again and I was in agony as my ass parted and he buried himself deep in my bowels.

My legs were shaking and my body was resisting his penetration. It hurt so bad but I still wanted him in me. He held still for a minute or two letting me get used to the invasion and then began thrusting in and out of me. After a couple of minutes he pulled out and told me to lay on my back. He pushed my legs back over my head and applied some more lube to my stretched asshole. I looked between my legs as he again pushed his cock deep into my ass. The pain was intense again but there was also an amazing feeling running through my cock and balls. He began stroking me as he fucked my ass and I could feel myself going over the edge. Soon I was spraying cum up over my chest and stomach. He smiled and pulled out of my ass, saying that was enough for the first time.

He took the condom off and sat on the edge of the bed. I knealt between his legs and took him in my mouth. My ass was on fire but strangely I wanted more. I looked up into his face as I sucked him and reveled in his expression. I worked my mouth and hand up and down his shaft and felt a small convulsion as he began to cum. His orgasm filled my mouth and ran down his shaft and over my hand. I swallowed and licked as much as I could until he was clean. After a minute he led me to the bathroom where a warm shower was waiting.
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