My first bi sexaul encounter A True Story
I had been having an on line conversation with a guy on one of those messenger services and found out he lived only minutes from my house. He was looking for someone to suck him off, and I was looking for a cock to suck ( this was a fantasy of mine ) He said that his wife had gone to work and that his 2 year old son was still asleep, we could meet in his garage. I told him I would be right over.
When I got there the garage door was have open and I saw a hand appear and motion in. Opening the door he was standing there in cut offs and a t shirt talking on his cell phone. He indicated to me to pull the door closed, so I did. Having never done this before I was a little taken aback by him on the phone and was standing there in front him. I looked down and saw that his jeans were unzipped and I could see his pubic hair. So knelt down and unbuttoned his jeans and let then slide to floor, here was the moment of truth. He was still talking so I grasped his semi hard cock and began to slowly stroke it, I was amazed at the actual weight of another mans cock, looking up into his face I opened my mouth and sucked in the head of his cock.
Let me tell you I was so horny at the point that all I wanted was to have all of this cock into my mouth. I started sucking and licking it like I had imagined about for all these years. I could hear his voice breaking up as he talked on the phone. As it got harder I began to fondle his balls and jack his cock off with my mouth, his cock slipping deeper and deeper into my mouth with every stroke. finally his conversation ended and he looked down and told me it was his mom! Oh fuck here I am on my knees in a garage sucking a guys cock that I had never met before hell I didn't even know his name while he talked to his mother on the phone, god was that hot! I Sucked his cock long and hard pressing my nose into his belly trying to get it into my throat wanting to feel a cock in my throat, but his cock was only about 6 inches long and though the head would reach the back of my mouth it wasn't long enough to go into my throat. He stood there smiling as I sucked his cock in his garage.
Suddenly his cock swelled slightly and he started to thrust a little and I began to taste his cum, god at that point I would have fucked an elephant had you asked me to, I had never in my entire life been that horny! I sucked his cock milking it with my mouth and hand, draining the cum from it. Wanting every drop swallowing as I did. I sucked him till he went soft drinking every drop his astringent like cum! I had sucked my first cock and swallowed his cum like a pro! I got up and he zipped up then bent and opened the garage door. I went to my car and got in, said thanks and that we should do this more often, he nodded yes and I backed out of his drive leaving without ever getting his name.