Glory hole 2
By: Anonymous
I was passing Witham again and found the number of the elderly man who had stuck his big cock and balls through the glory hole in the local toilets.

I rang but got no answer being a little disappointed I thought I would head to the toilets again to try me luck again or maybe this man might be there.
I pulled up and there were no other cars there so I went in to the cubicle I was in before and sat down and waited.

About 10 minutes went by and then heard someone go into the next cubicle was I someone there just to use the toilet or would I be in for more fun.

I was soon answered when a cock poked through the hole no where as big as before but a cock is a cock so I dropped to my knees and took this new cock into my mouth this one had a foreskin so as I pushed my mouth down the length of this hard cock and I could feel it roll back over the head of the cock and

I started to lick round the head and run my tongue up and the slit pushing my tongue into it.
The cock started to throb and twitch in my mouth I now started to move up and down it sucking it licking it and all of a sudden it exploded in my mouth shooting it's load straight down my throat I drank it down and licked this cock clean and made sure every last drop of cum was cleaned of before letting it out of my mouth.

The cock was withdrawn and I heard this person leave and had left me with this raging hard on but soon someone else came in and the door shut so I thought I would take my chance so I placed my hard cock thou the hole and I felt a hand wrap round it and it started to wank me pulling my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock with each stroke.
After a while the hand went away but was replace by a hairy arse pushing its way back on it I held myself hard against the wall so as much of my cock was thou the wall and into this arse that was swallowing my cock inch by inch once all of it was inside this nice warm bum it started to ride it going back and forth fast.

The man in the other cubicle was panting hard as he rammed himself back on my cock filling him each time I was almost there my cock started to grow bigger as it got ready to empty it's seed into this inviting arse.
On and on he went until I could not hold back any longer and my cock started to throb and empty out it's load of hot cum into this eager arse filling it full. This man pulled away and as my cock was still pumping it's last few drops a mouth closed round my cock and started to suck hard getting every last drop from me he kept it in his mouth until it went soft and slipped from his lips and he was gone leaving me with a nice clean cock.

But my arse felt left out but as I was about to pull up my pants when the door closed and in a few seconds a cock came through the hole and a few seconds later it was buried very deep in my arse and I was ramming back vary hard onto it filling my love tube full I was in heaven.
Ten minutes later it was filling me full with his cum I could feel every throb and twitch of his cock as spurt after spurt of hot cum splashed inside me then it was withdrawn and gone leaving me with cum dripping from my hole running down my leg so I ran my fingers up my leg and up to my arse get all the cum I could and then licked the clean I pulled up my pants and left knowing I would be back here for more cock some time soon.
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