Older Sister-in-Law; The Pool
By: Anonymous
It had been about a week since I had seen her and since we both had the same days off I decided to give her a call. She answered the phone and I asked her what she was doing? She replied that she was thinking about last week. I asked her did she want to make some new memories! She said HELL YES! I told her I would be over shortly, upon arriving she let me in her house and met me with a very hot kiss. I then started admiring her bikini that she was wearing, it barely covered the nipples on her size 36c tits, and the thong was buried between her beautiful ass cheeks, with the front just covering her lips on her pussy. She asked if I liked and I nodded my head in approval.

She then asked if I wanted to go to the pool, I told her that I didn't have any swimming trunks to wear. She replied that I didn't need any, I said LET'S GO! She buried her hand into the front of my shorts and grabbed my hard cock and led me to the pool. As we reached the pool I removed my shirt while she removed my shorts, still holding onto my cock she lead me to the shallow end of the pool were she began using my cock as a snorkel! I began running my fingers thru her hair and slowly began fucking that cock sucking mouth. She then started squeezing my cum filled balls while I fucked and she sucked my full 9 inches. I began to feel my balls swell and so I fucked her faster and she took my first load of cum as my balls slapped her chin.

As I withdrew she kissed the tip of my cock and stood up, our lips met and we kissed long and hard. Now I started by removing her top and slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Ever so slowly I began finger fucking her as I kissed and sucked her tits. As she was resting against the side of the pool she started thrust her hips as I drove my fingers into her pussy, she begged me to fuck her! I then dropped to my knees and removed her thong and started true muff diving! She grabbed my head and buried her pussy into my face as I buried my tongue even deeper. She came immediately and still held onto my head as I licked her love juices.

I then stood up and grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of it up and down her lips before burying it deep into her hot wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me as I began a steady pace of fucking her. She began moaning and soon cum again. She then removed her legs and I turned her around and continued fucking her from behind, she then reached back and started massaging my balls, I picked up the pace and was soon ramming my cock in and out of her till I slammed my cock deeper than ever before and cum for the second time.

Not wasting any time I pulled my still rock hard cock out of her pussy and spying some suntan lotion on the side of the pool I squirted some down the crack of her ass and stuck my cum drenched cock in her very tight ass and within three strokes I had my balls slapping her ass as I fucked her. We were in heaven!

Not noticing that we now had company, until I looked up and seen her best friend standing at the pool, I was at first startled but then realized that she was enjoying the show because she had her hand buried into her short fingering her own pussy.
I reached forward and grabbed my sister in laws tits and pulled her body back against mine and whisper that we had company! With out missing a beat she motion for her to join us. She removed her clothes and stepped down into the pool just in time as I began cumming my third load into her ass. As I pulled my cock out of ass cum started to run out, her friend quickly moved over and started lapping up the cum.

As my cock took a well need rest I started admiring two good looking women locked up in tongue in pussy 69.It wasn't long before my cock began to stir around and soon was standing harder than ever.

They both noticed my cock at the same time when my sister in law told me to fuck the hell out of her friend, not wanting to be bad company I obliged her and buried my 9 inches into her friend as I started fucking her my sister in law straddled her and buried her pussy onto her friends face and began kissing me.

Her friend soon cum as I pulled out made them lay down on each other as I started fucking one for a while and then another they both cum again and then I came a fourth time and shot spurts of hot sticky cum over both of them.

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