Caught Jerking off while camping at the lake
By: Anonymous
Two years ago I went camping at the lake, to get away from all the bullshit and just relaxe. I found a great spot where no one was around that I could see and set up camp. I put the boat in the water and tied it to a tree next to the campsite.
I was drinking a couple of beers and was feeling horny. I looked around to make sure there was no-one there, then dropped my pants to my ankles and started to stoke my cock. I was feeling good and my cock was rock hard from the pumping. Just then I heard a voice behind me. I spun around and there was one of the hottest looking girls I had ever seen standing there looking right at my hard cock. I was trying to get to my pants but she told me not to pull them up, she wanted to watch me stroke my cock and see me shoot my cumm all over. This really turned me on and I almost came right then. I stroked for about another minute and then shot my load all over my leg and picnic table seat. She was smiling and said that it was the first time she had ever seen a guy jerk off.
I was still sitting there with my cock in my hand when she asked if she could try jerking me off. This got me so excited my cock was already growing hard. I said Yes, and she walked over to me, grabed my cock and started to stroke it slowly. I figured that if she was stroking my cock, then I was going to play with her tits. So I reached down and grabbed one. She moaned a little bit and just kept stroking my cock, which was rock hard and ready to cum already after about one minute. So I slid my hands down and pulled her shirt up and over her head revealing her firm breasts. I slid her nipples between my fingers and sqeezed gently, she moaned again and then told me that she wanted my to suck on them. I told her not till she made me cum, would I suck on her tits. So she stroked faster, and I came all over her hand and shorts. She was so excited watching my cum shoot out all over her, and she was loving it.
She then told me she wanted me to tell her what to do, because she was a virgin and she wanted to learn what men liked in women sexually. I told her that she needed to get naked and we could start with some good olde fashion pussy licking and dick sucking (69ing). She said OK. We striped naked, climbed on the table and I told her to open her mouth. She did, and I slid my cock into it, it was so warm and wet. She started to suck on it slowly, and I told her to slid her tongue up and down along the cock at the same time. As she was sucking on my cock, I started licking a soaking wet pussy. As soon as my tongue hit those pussy lips she screamed that it felt good and she wanted more. I licked her for about 2 minutes and she came in my face, her legs squeezing my head tight and her hands holding my head in place till her covulsions were over and her body relaxed. Then I shoved my cock back into her mouth and pumped her mouth for another 2 minutes, pulled my cock out of her mouth and came all over her face and tits.
She was so turned on that she was begging me to fuck her. She was telling me that she had never been fucked and she wanted to feel my hard cock inside her. Well after hearing this, my cock was rock hard again, I spread her legs and slowly slid a little bit of my cock into her, just the head at first. Working it in little by little. She was screaming that it hurt so bad but to keep going. So I did and pushed a little bit more into her, working in and out. and so on. It took about 5 minutes to work my cock inside of her and she was screaming the whole time, clawing my back and arms, yelling it hurts, it hurts but fuck me, fuck me now. I pumped my cock in that tight pussy for about 2 minutes, pulled my cock out and shot my load all over her stomach and pussy, rubbing it in with my cock like in the XXX movies.
She was begging for me to eat her out againg, so I did. After making her cum 3 times with my tongue, she was so tired she just laid there naked in my arms sweating.
I finally asked her who she was and she said that she lived a couple miles down the road with her family. She was a the store when I stopped for beers and saw me and wanted to meet me. She over heard me telling the clerk that I was going to the lake to relaxe and get away from everything for the weekend. So she road her horse up to the lake tied the horse up and went looking for me on foot. That is when she walked in on me jerking off.
We went and got the horse, tied it up at the campsite and she spent the weenend with me fucking and sucking the whole time.
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