Sister In Law
By: Anonymous
This is a true story that happen several years ago. My Brother in Law had recently purchaced a new home and was having a sort of house warming party. My sister in law who is about 15 years younger than me was serving pieces of coconut and asked me if i wanted a piece, and handed me the plate. My response was "o you meant the coconut" and to my surprise she said "don't tempt me" my response was "I'm tempting you". during the course of the evening we made casual touches and kisses when we were alone and before the night was over she was holding my cock inside my pants as I played with her tits.

I said I'd call her when I knew she would be alone and we could talk and maybe "get together"

Well we talked and before the week was over I went to her house during the day while my Brother in Law ran the family busines and I know he could not get away.

When I rang the door bell I was shocked, she was waiting for me in a slinky nitie and grabbed me and pulled me close and kissed the hell out of me.

She immediatly led me to the bedroom where we explored each other and found out what our likes and dislikes were about sex.

She and I did everything except anal sex which we both didn't care for.

She was so so hot and was a staving to be satisfied every time we got together which was almost every week for 6 months.

We'd go out with our respective spouces and she would always find a way to sit accross from me so she could rub her foot on my crotch, she'd come to my partime job and we'd go to the back room for some pasionate makeout sessions and once even blew me while people were in the next room in an unlocked room.

Move ahead about 20 years and she is no longer married to my brother in law, but remained friends, He passed away and she and I had to clean out his apartment, we fooled around a little, she is now remarried, but never went all the way. The last day we cleaning out his van, she made a comment about doing it in the van, and I said as much as i want to screw her I wouldn't do it in that dirty van. We went inside to clean up and she layed down on a bed adn I came in and kneeled beside her and started kissing and feeling her ample breast and nipples, i finaly took her hand and placed it on my throbing cock and that was all she needed, she said go lock the door and come back here, she sucked me dry until i almost passed out. that was the last and only time we have "been together" and that was 4 years ago. I keep hoping and letting her know I'm willing, maybe soon she will get the urge to "cheat again".
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