All Filled Up
We make plans to meet at our usual hotel...I get to the room, and
you're not there. There are candles everywhere...and a note on the
bed...It says to remove all my clothes and kneel on the bed.

AS the room is chilly, I'm kneeling on the bed, as ordered, my nipples
are hard as little pebbles. I'm already wet waiting for you...trying to
imagine what the weekend will bring. After several minutes you arrive to
see me in the ordered position. I immediately bow my head, hoping you
are pleased with what you see. you walk over to the bed and lift my
chin. I am happy to see the pleasure in your lightly kiss my
lips and tweak my nipples once...automatically my back arches and I moan
a little. You pull away and smile at my disappointment. You remove a few
items from the bag you brought with you and set them at the foot of the
bed...You tell me to lay back and's going to be a long

Laying on my back, my breasts are heaving, my breathing already heavy
with anticipation. you pull out a dildo and hand it to me. you sit on
the bed, next to my hip and tell me to rub my pussy with it...without
hesitation, I do as I'm told...spreading my legs, and rubbing the
rubber dick between my already soaked pussy lips...I moan at the
sensation. I'm so hot, my pussy is so sensitive right tell me
to push it into me...slowly I do as you say. The dildo slides in face is flushed...I slowly withdraw and push the dildo back
into me...having you watch me fuck myself with my new toy turns me on
even more...You tell me to keep fucking push a little
button on the end of it...My eyes widen to feel it get slightly
bigger...and wider...I push it in and out of me...I bring my legs up a
little highter, while keeping up a steady pace...mmmmmm i
moan...watching my every move, you slowly undress...You cock springs
free from your pants...I start to fuck myself a little hit
the button again twice and the cock grows more...making me squeal a's filling my pussy...mmmm it feels so good, I
walk over and place your cock at my lips...without hesitation I take
your cock into my shove it all the way into my
can feel it hit the back of my grab my hair with one hand
and begin to fuck my face with your huge hot cock...with your other hand
you push the button on my cock one more time...making it expand even
more...its now about 9 inches long and 5 inches wide...stretching my take control of it and ram it in and out of my pussy, while
doing the same thing with your cock in my mouth...I'm helpless to do
anything but lay there and enjoy.....

Faster and faster you slam the cock into my pussy, while you're thrusting your cock into my mouth....I'm almost screaming in ecstasy around the cock in my mouth...harder and harder, faster and faster you're fucking me in both hips are thrusting up towards the ceiling, my nipples are hard in excitement and I'm almost deliriously lost in the orgasm I can feel building...You know I'm on the slow down just a little...and take a vibrator off and lube it with my pussy, before ramming it into my ass...I scream in pleasure/pain as I feel it vibrate in my ass and you are now basically fucking all my holes...faster and harder you're fucking my mouth and pussy, while the vibrator is sending tingles all through my body, I can't hold back any longer and I tense as my orgasm hits me with such force I'm swallowing your cock, my eyes roll back in my head as I shove your cock down my throat one last time filling my mouth with your cum...I can't do anything but swallow it all as I cum over and over....