Friday Night on Miami Beach
By: Anonymous
The ringing of her cell phone woke, or more appropriately caused Cindy to regain consciousness. Reaching down beside the bed and fumbling through her purse she grabbed it and saw it was Mike, her husband. Flipping it open she said tersely, “Yeah”, she heard him say “where are you?”, to which Cindy replied “Tina and I had a lot to drink and decided to stay here on the beach, I’ll be home later” flipping the phone closed ending the conversation. Fuck him she thought he was probably over his girlfriend’s house. Cindy and Mike had been married for three years and both knew it was a mistake within a week. However neither had taken the time to see an attorney to get divorce proceedings started. Cindy was an attorney but she worked for a national health care company in their legal department dealing primarily with contracts. Mike a successful real estate developer in S Fl. worked constantly and had little time for her.

Lying back on the bed she began to recall the events of last night that led her here. She wasn’t sure where here was but she knew every orifice she had ached. As the fog in her brain cleared last night began to come into focus. Friday night started off the way most of her Friday nights started, dinner with the girls and clubbing on Miami Beach. The girls consisted of a group of 5 close friends, all professionals, some married all extremely fit, they worked out regularly at the health club, and all exceptionally beautiful. A significant amount of alcohol was consumed at dinner so they took a taxi from the restaurant to the club on the Beach leaving their cars in the restaurant parking lot. At the club they hung out as a group figuring it would discourage the “players” from attempting to split them up. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to hook up but most of the men that came over to their table were the typical club hound. Shirts open at least two buttons exposing their chest and the numerous gold chains hanging from their necks. Additionally they would have gold bracelets and Rolex watches. Initially the night had lived up to expectations, guys came over asked them to dance and left rejected. At one point in the evening all 5 noticed this “man” walking towards their table who looked to be in his late 40’s, 6’tall, and very fit wearing a sports jacket, collared shirt with only the first button undone, dress slacks and loafers without socks. As he approached the table he introduced himself as Bud and looking directly at Cindy said "I’ve seen the guys come and leave with their tail between their legs, so I don’t know if your just playing games but when you decide I’ll be over at my table and you can come over and let me know if you’d like to dance," and he turned around and walked away. The girls were speechless, this guy was either the smoothest or craziest, but he obviously didn’t care. Shortly after Cindy told the girls she was going to call his bluff and walked over to his table she was just drunk enough to be bold. As she neared the table the other men left leaving Bud alone. Cindy asked Bud if he wanted to dance and he replied only to a slow dance. They talked for several minutes waiting for a slow number and she learned he was married and a plastic surgeon. A slow song started to play and Bud took Cindy’s hand leading her to the dance floor Dancing Bud held her close and his hands moved over her body, unbuttoning her blouse and slid his hand inside, she did not resist, feeling her breasts. Cindy had worn a short skirt and Bud moved a hand between them placing it on its hem slowly lifting it until his hand found her panty less crotch and slid his finger inside her. She couldn’t believe he was being this bold here in public but she didn’t resist. She closed her eyes and getting very excited when she felt his finger on her lips, he whispered suck it like your going to suck my cock. Cindy opened her mouth and sucked his finger clean of her juices, performing like the blow jobs she gave. He told her it was time to leave and she murmured in agreement. He led her to the table where the girls were and she got her purse and to their astonishment she said goodbye. She vaguely remembered leaving the club, getting into his BMW and sucking Bud’s cock as he drove. She remembered arriving at a high rise and taking an elevator to the place she was now at. The night was a blur but her recollection of the events was proven by the soreness of her body. They had fucked like animals in every possible position, she remembered taking him in her ass and receiving cum bath after cum bath. But it was now Sat morning and she was fighting a raging headache. Naked she got up and walked to the wall with floor to ceiling curtains and opened them. The view took her breath away. The curtains had hidden floor to ceiling glass looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean. She opened the sliding glass door walked out onto the balcony and saw a 180 degree view of the Atlantic. Bud had walked into the bedroom with two Bloody Mary’s in hand and let out a loud whistle. Cindy turned and the first thing that caught her eye was his dick, immediately understanding why she was sore. It was erect and looked enormous, long and thick. Handing her the drink he asked how she felt, she responded you must know since you did a great deal of feeling last night and laughed. He did as well but he also placed a hand on her tit and squeezed. She told him she needed to get going but he said “after one more round”. He led her out to the balcony and told her to face the ocean, fortunately they were on the top floor with no other buildings around so they had privacy, she did so placing her hands on the railing and Bud moved behind her. She was surprised when he made his intentions known that he wanted to fuck her ass. She felt a great deal of liquid being poured on her asshole and the monster meat at its entrance. Then without warning he inserted it into her in one motion. She screamed but knew no one could hear. Her asshole had been reamed last night and quickly stretched to accommodate his cock. Bud fucked her ass with such force she thought he would drive her off the balcony. He held her shoulders and rammed his cock into her ass showing no mercy or concern. The sounds coming from him were animal, but Cindy was responding, her asshole had dilated and his monster meat entered and exited easily. She screamed at the top of her lungs, FUCK MY ASS YOU BASTARD, OH THAT COCK IN MY ASS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME. Bud furiously pumped her slapping her ass hard. He then pulled her hair back and she arched her back turning her head she meet his mouth and they kissed hard. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her ass, spun her around and pushed her to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She leaned in, took his balls in her mouth sucking and licking each, then moving her tongue up his shaft she licked and sucked it, until she reached the head and took it into her mouth. Her tongue circled his cock while in her mouth as she took it deeper and deeper until it was in her throat. She pressed her face against his lower abdomen as she sucked him deep, occasionally gagging from the monster in her throat. Then just as suddenly as he removed his cock from her ass, he took it from her mouth and told her to keep it open wide. She watched as his hand moved rapidly up and down his cock stopping at the head squeezing and turning it back and forth. He told her he was about to cum and she needed to swallow every last drop. She saw it get very large and watched as the first of several loads sprung from his cock directly into her mouth. The first load was expelled with such force the cum hit the back of her mouth, and was followed by another similar in volume shooting onto her tongue, and the third and final load was sprayed on her face landing mostly on her chin with some hitting her tits. Cindy swallowed all in her mouth and wiped cum from her chin and tits with her fingers, sucking and licking each finger clean. As she rose Bud moved her to the balcony table, bending her forward onto it and proceeded to slam his cock into her and hold it tight, then she felt it again exploded inside her and he again began pumping her like an animal, shouting at the top of his lungs “YOU FUCKIN BITCH, MY COCK IS FILLING YOUR ASS WITH CUM, BABY YOUR ASS FEELS GREAT, and then he pumped her more furiously than ever until his shaft began to soften and fell out of her ass.
He asked her to stay and since she didn’t really have anywhere to go she agreed, heading back to that big comfortable bed. Cindy knew she wouldn’t regret it.
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