What my Step Mom taught me!
By: Anonymous
When I was nine my father divorced his 2nd wife and remarried a couple months later to this great sexy looking younger woman who was about 30 I would have guessed.

She was fucking my dad every night as I could hear the headboard getting a beating! One night when dad was out on the road she came in and asked me if I had bathed and was ready for school in the morning. She was in a really short nightie and I said yes I have and yes I am as ready as I can be.

She sit on the edge of the bed just chating and I could see as she leaned over her big tits and brown perky nipples! Now ya gotta know I've not even jacked off yet or for that fact even knew how to? I was at that time very supprised to feel flushed, and my cock getting harder by the minute and was quite embaressed really because I didn't know this feeling?

Cathy was just talking shit and I wasn't really paying attention as I was trying to hide my hard on. She noticed and her eyes looked down at the sheet I was covered with and asked me what that was? (Fuck she knew I bet). She took the top of the sheet and I was trying to hold on to it but she raised it up from the bottom and there I was in all my glory ...my cock standing upright for her to see!!

I had no idea what to say or do but she sure did!!! She took my cock in her hand and asked me smiling if I knew what to do with a hard on? I was really hard and having never jacked off or played with my cock...it suddenly with her touching it squrited all over...hot white cum all over me,her hand and I couldn't help but scream really loud as I had never felt such a fantastic feeling before!!

Cathy took the sheet and wiped my cock off and my balls and my legs and her hands. She smiled and said I should not be embaressed as it is normal and nothing to be ashamed about. I wasn't ashamed or anything at that time I was fucking feeling fantastic!!! As she was wiping me off I noticed she had nothing on under her nightie and I could see her pussy....first pussy I ever saw up close and not in a magazine. She caught me looking at her and opened her legs and took my hand and said this is what that cock of mine should be inside???

WOW what I was thinking let alone shaking like crazy! My cock much to my amazement was hard again and Cathy said she is going to show me some things that will please me to no end. She grabbed my cock and put her lips on it and let her tongue lick the tip of my cock and wow...was that something!!! She started sucking my cock and I thought she was going to swallow my entire cock and choke but she didn't instead she kept moving her mouth up and down and her tongue all over my cock and balls.

Needless to say I unloaded a bucket full of hot cum right into her mouth and all over her face...she simply licked, swallowed and with her hands caught all of my cum and swallowed it. She musta been really hot now because she said she was going to teach me how to eat pussy!!!!!!! And that she DID! She pushed my head between her legs and said to take my mouth over her pussy and let my tongue move all over it inside and out sucking her hard!! Well before this night was over I had tongue fucked her cunt for hours, shoved my cock in her cunt and her ass and she had sucked me over and over again as we fucked for hours thru the night!! I became I guess her slave when dad was out of town because she wanted me to eat her pussy everynight he was gone and fuck her everywhere...her cunt, her ass, her mouth, her tits...every where!!!

Boy for the next 3 years I was taught how to eat pussy and where to eat...where to suck, lick and tongue fuck!!! I was in HEAVEN!!! I musta jacked off watching her in the bath room and she knew it and would finger fuck her pussy while I watched. She would come into my room and catch me jacking off and suck me off and she did for sure love licking and sucking up all that hot white cum I poured out!!!

So guess thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!! I love eating pussy ....for hours....I could tongue fuck pussy and ass and love doing it more even then poking pussy!!!!!!!!
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