Sharing enema's with my wife.
By: Anonymous
I had been away from home for three weeks. It seemed like an eternity. Although the people of the Republic of Georgia were friendly and engaging, the crumbling infrastructure and the government corruption had me longing for home. That and the fact that I hadn't had sex since I left. Not that there weren't opportunities, but I made a commitment to my wife and I kept it.

We had a good, more like a fantastic sex life. There were times when our sex was wild, uninhibited and passionate, and other times when it was comfortable, intimate and satisfying; as it can only be when two people have loved each other for nearly twenty-five years. The only aspect of sex that she did not completely share with me was my enjoyment of anal stimulation and enemas. Although she indulged my pleasure, she did not enjoy anal penetration and it was rare that she allowed me to return the favor. And, even though she allowed me to give her an enema several years ago and she knew I occasionally enjoyed them by myself, it was never talked about.

She picked me up at the airport. After a long passionate kiss that had several bystanders watching, she whispered to me, "I'm not wearing panties." She kissed me again and pressed against me to confirm her lips, tongue, and words had the desired effect. I was glad I was wearing both briefs and jeans - otherwise the bulge would have been much more obvious. After collecting my luggage she handed me the keys and asked me to drive.

The forty-minute drive home from the airport seemed much shorter than normal. Even though we exchanged emails every day and talked by phone every third day, we had a lot to catch up on. As we talked she unbuttoned all but the last two buttons of her skirt and positioned herself so that she exposed the tanned flesh of her inner thighs and her full beautiful bush. She reached her left arm around my neck and her fingers played in my hair and traced my left ear.

As we continued to talk she placed her right hand in my lap. Luckily the night traffic was light and I was able to keep the car in cruise. We were talking about the different Georgian foods I had eaten. I told her about the quantity of cheese I ate and that I really felt stopped up. In a very off-handed way I mentioned that I could use an enema.

I felt her shift as she shared some of her work stories. As she talked she scraped the fingernails of her right hand where my testicles rested in their confined space. She continued to move her fingers rhythmically. I was amazed at the sensation. We were pulling onto the exit ramp when she moved her hand to her own lap. I glanced over to see her fingers exploring between her pussy lips. Within seconds her fingers were on my lips. I sucked her fingers greedily, the spicy nectar of her copious juices causing me to shiver with anticipation.

Four more miles. I was torn between pulling off onto some side road and into a farmer's lane or getting home as quick as possible. Two more miles. Her hand again dipped into that honey pot. This time she rubbed her two fingers under my nose wiping the juices on my mustache. We finally pulled into the driveway and into the garage. I put the car in park and started to reach for her. But she opened the car door and simply said, "Inside!"

I unlocked the door and we were inside. I reached for her in anticipation. She allowed me a kiss and said, "Go into the bedroom and I'll be there in just a minute."

As I moved away she cooed, "What's this?" and reached for my thigh. At the end of the bulge of my throbbing cock was a silver dollar sized wet spot. She squeezed and I was so wet it squished. Moving her fingers to her nose, she inhaled deeply saying, "I missed this. Now get in bed and I'll be right there!"

I just about ran back to the bedroom, stripping off my clothes as I went. She came in as I was throwing back the bedclothes. I stopped and just stared. Although she had her skirt on that was wall she was wearing. She had let her hair down and left nipple was prominent through her chestnut mane. The sight of her always aroused me. Even after all these years.

Imagine my surprise when she said, "What was that you said about an enema? If you show me and tell me what to do, I will give you one."

My cock visibly visibly jumped and I said, "I love you."

She replied, "Where's the stuff."

Over the years I've placed several orders with Beth Tyler and I decided I would share all. I got out the large red bag, the hose with the pump, the large double bardex. I also showed her the green nozzle; the 2-inch penis shaped nozzle, the shower hose and the 1500 cc clear bag.

I started to fill the bathroom sink and explained the equipment to her.

"I use the shower hose and the green nozzle, while sitting on the toilet, to clean my self out. I usually do that when I anticipate you might play with my ass. The red bag is for when I am feeling bloated or constipated and need to give myself a good cleaning. I usually give myself three to five fillings with that."

She interrupted me saying." What do you mean?"

I told her that I usually started with body temperature water in the red bag, attached the balloon nozzle, lubricated the large bulb and my asshole with K-Y, inserted it, pumped the inner bulb four times, and then the outer bulb three times. Then I moved over to the bed, hung the bag from the fan. I explained how I strategically placed the pillows, covered them with towels and positioned myself on my back with the pillows under my hips. Then I pump the inner bulb six more times and the outer bulb 2 - 3 more times to get a good seal, and then I release the valve and let the solution flow into my bowels. I told her I repeat it with a warmer temperature and pour 2 tablespoons of liquid peppermint castille soap.

Repeat it again with an even warmer peppermint solution, and then with a final cold water solution. I then explained to her that I used the clear bag for occasional coffee enemas or wine enemas. That even though I could hold the full contents of the red bag, the clear bag was better when I wanted to hold a solution for more than twenty minutes. I told her that the nozzles also for pleasure. The green nozzle I used frequently with a soapy, hot water solution because it intensified the pleasure and intensity of the rectal spasms. And when my sphincter was really relaxed the 2-inch penis nozzle was an exquisite sensation.

After I shared this with her she reached for my cock, slowly stroking it, milking it of its dripping pre-cum. With her dripping fingers she rubbed the slippery juice into my nipples, saying, "Show me what to do."

I pulled her to me, looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply. I couldn't believe this was happening.

I told her the reason I filled the sink instead of the bag is that the bag held more when the solution was siphoned into it, and that I had better control of the temperature. I explained why I used salt in the water and that for a cleaning enema I used a couple of pumps of Rain Bath Liquid Soap and for additional sensation the Dr. Bonners. I then showed her how to inflate the double bardex. I told her I liked to use about a tablespoon of the K-Y, that she could also use Crisco, but never petroleum or mineral oil. I explained that she should thoroughly lubricate the first bulb after filling the bag and attaching the bardex to the hose. Also, that she should open the hose valve briefly to let any air out. I suggested she do that after attaching the bardex but before lubricating it. I also explained that the K-Y was good for insertion, but that the Crisco was better for multiple sessions.

"Let's do it!" she said. She told me to go get ready on the bed and she would be in to take care of me.

I got two beach towels to cover the pillows I arranged on the bed. As I lay down I looked at the bedside clock and realized it was almost two hours since our greeting kiss at the airport and I had been at full erection the entire time. Now I could actually feel the blood in my cock throbbing!

Lying in bed I heard her preparing in the bath. She came out and lit several candles, turned the lights off, and pressed play on the CD player. The sweet sounds of Dianne Krall floated through the room as my beautiful and now quite naked wife emerged from the bathroom carrying a bulging red bag, clear tubing, and the large double bardex attached. She stood on the bed to hang the bag from the fan and I noticed that my cock was not the only organ wet with anticipation. She then placed the bardex on my belly and in spite of the warmth of the nozzle and tubing, I shivered.

She opened her night table drawer and took out a tube of KY jelly, squeezing out a generous amount into her hand. She picked up the first bulb and thoroughly lubricated it. Then she placed it behind her as she began to lubricate my anus. She lifted my knees, so that my legs were bent. At first she slowly rubber her hand up and down my crack spreading legs wider every few strokes. Then she applied gentle pressure as her finger crossed my asshole. A moan escaped my lips as our eyes met. We smiled at each other as she teased my quivering anus with more frequent stroking and increasing pressure. As the first finger gently slipped into that elastic ring I almost came. It had been three weeks and her loving touch brought me to the edge.

I quickly started doing mathematical equations in my head and I was able to curb the instinct. She was now intentionally probing three fingers in and out of my very lubricated hole. She teased my prostate just long enough to see my eyes flutter and withdrew her fingers. She knew with just another second I would have shot cum and unbeknownst to me she had something else in mind.

My loving wife placed the tip of the bardex against my very relaxed and very eager anus. Feeding with her left hand and pushing with a slight twisting motion, I felt the bulb slip in without the slightest resistance. Then she squeezed the inflator cuff 4 times and a pleasant filling sensation began in my rectum. She then squeezed the second cuff 6 times seating it firmly against my asshole. Picking up the inflator cuff to the bulb already seated inside my rectum, she looked in to my eyes and squeezed once, twice, another, another, and another. The double bardex now tightly sealed my anus and I had an exquisitely full feeling.

My beautiful lover then leaned forward to kiss me but a beautiful full breast came into range first and she allowed me to suck on one nipple and the other before giving me her tongue. I could feel the juices of my throbbing erection running down my thigh. My wife slowly pulled away and as she looked into my eyes, asked, "Are you ready?" I weakly nodded and she sat up to reach for the valve. She opened it the way I showed her and watched my eyes. Within seconds I felt the warm water filling what little space was left in my rectum and then again the delicious sensation as it seeped up into my colon and then the first cramping began. My wife was ready for it and as I opened my eyes she had repositioned herself between my legs. Her chin was inches from my balls and the hose snaked over her right shoulder. Without my knowledge she had warmed some almond oil and was now rubbing it over my belly.

I was thinking to myself - actually the song "Lucky Man" kept running through my mind, when I felt her warm breath and then almost simultaneously her tongue on my thigh, tracing the rivulets of pre-cum and greedily lapping them up. She sensed the second wave of cramps and her hands massaged my colon and intestine. As the cramps subsided I began feeling full. I looked up and realized the bag was only slightly less than half full. I was going to suggest she stop the flow when her fingers began to flick at my nipples. At the same time she started licking my rock solid nine inches from base to tip, slowly working her way round and around. Each time as her tongue reached the glans she would push it to the extent of its range or against my belly to lick off every drop of fluid. Even my toenails were beginning to tingle. My belly was fully extended and as felt a third wave of cramps, I opened my mouth to say stop. But at that very moment she took just the glans of my cock into her mouth, sealing her lips just under the corona. The only sound from me was a primeval moan.

I managed to open my eyes and now the bag was nearly empty. My insides were filled with three weeks of cheese, a fully inflated bardex bulb, and over a gallon of very warm, soapy water. I felt a spasm overtake my body. At first I thought it was anal and I thought I was going to eject the entire 10cc bulb. But then I realized that my beautiful cock-sucking wife was milking my penis with her mouth. With her lips sealed just under my flared glans, she was alternately sucking my cum out of my cock and breathing through her nose. My rectum was in spasm, my balls were heaving. Simultaneously, I felt every pore, every follicle; every millimeter of my body was alive. As I bucked in orgasm, my wife stayed with me not missing a beat. She timed every ejaculation, draining my cock like a straw. Every part of my body was deliciously alive. I could feel every hair from the top of my head, around my nipples, my scrotum, and even the hairs on my big toes! Even my teeth were tingling!

Without releasing my still hard cock, she reached behind her and closed the valve to the enema bag. It had emptied all the way past the valve. It hung empty and limp from the fan. I probably had nearly 5 quarts of warm soapy water in me, and, after almost 5 days without a bowel movement. I looked at the clock. I had been more than 3 hours that my erection had maintained and it was just now beginning to subside. However, my wife was not letting go. I could still feel her sucking and licking. Then with one final slurp she let my drained and no longer hard cock slip from her lips. She smiled at me as she got to her knees.

Then straddling my swollen belly she lowered her face to mine and kissed me. As her tongue began to explore my mouth, I realized she had not swallowed any of my cum and was now intent on sharing with me.
The spicy taste, although different was not at all unpleasant. And each of our kisses grew deeper and more demanding. We couldn't get enough of each other's lips, tongue, and juices. Before long my cock was again rock hard. As soon as she felt it come back to life, she mounted me. I always loved sliding into her. To feel her tight warmth. But the sensations of my full belly, the growing need to expel, and now the desire for another orgasm, were almost in conflict. I reached up to tease her nipples. She arched her back. She was panting and her pussy was squeezing my cock like never before.

Her first orgasm almost always came with the vibrator. But now she was moaning and her body began to shudder. I pulled her down to me and again we kissed. Deeply, but more gently, the kisses of long time lovers. After a few moments of holding each other, she rolled off and asked if I needed any help going to the bathroom. I said, "No," and went to expel. As I was picking up the equipment in the bathroom, she came in with a chocolate malt and holding the 2-inch penis shaped nozzle. She winked at me and said, "When do you want the next treatment?"
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