Wife and I at adult theater
By: Anonymous
Our first time in an adult theater my wife always wanted to see an X-rated movie. We arrived in the theater on Friday evening found some seats about halfway down in the center of the theater. My wife was so engaged in the movie she did not notice men moving in around us. I could tell she was getting horny she had her hand under her skirt did not notice the man sitting next to her I made no attempt to let her know he was there.

She grabbed my hand put it between her legs open them real wide I was playing with her real good when the man sitting next to her put his hand on her leg she looked at him then looked at me and did nothing. I moved his hand to where my hand was she started the pump his fingers real hard.

I knew something was going to happen pretty soon the man suggested that we go to a balcony he led the way. As soon as we were up there my wife and him were kissing my two teenagers; their lips locked together real tight. I could see her trying to unzip his pants got his cock out put it in her pussy they started fucking like crazy. It really turned me on a lot to see that happening in front of me.

During this session a black man came up he was watching what they were doing. I was hoping he would hang around and try his luck with her. The man she was with soon exploded in her then went on his way. She was standing with her skirt up near the black man. He was looking at her and wanted to touch her pussy and that really set her off.

I have never seen her throw her arms around a man and kiss him so hard in my life. She was one hot firecracker with this guy. She let him make a deposit inside her too and then they swapped phone numbers. We went home after that.

They were many other trips to that theater after that encounter.
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