Adult Bookstore Video Booth
By: Taldor2
David bought his three dollars in coupons and went into the back of the bookstore where the video booths were located. He checked a few of the booths. The booths were larger than most, and the sign said no more than six people per booth, which was strange, since usually these places did not officially allow more than one person per booth. Most places looked the other way of course, since anonymous sex was one of the main reasons for people paying to go back in the video booth area. Most places only complained if you were too noisy or if you didn't put your money in the machines.

David looked in several booths until he found one with a glory hole into the next booth. He went in and locked the door. He put his money in the machine and flipped a few channels till he found a video he thought was vaguely interesting. They only rarely had anything that he liked on. Once, before he had been brave enough to really get into the anonymous sex part of the video booths he had seen a fabulous video with a young girl with short hair in a cheerleader outfit slowly stripping for an off camera director. He was jerking off to the video thinking, I would love it if I looked like her. When the girl pulled her panties down and then later lifted her skirt, David saw her penis and immediately came into his underwear. But usually the videos were far less arousing. Usually the quality of the tape and the screen were quite low and the movies were either too slow-moving or just too boring. Most of the gay videos seemed to be only blowjobs and anal sex; there was never anything like glory hole sex. And most of the straight videos were 2 women screwing an ugly guy or making lots of noise for no obvious reason; there was never any seduction at all, just a quick transition to sucking and fucking from whatever situation the people were in.

After a few moments of watching the video, he started to undress. There were two chairs in the booth. David took off his pants and underpants revealing the brightly colored tie-dye bikini bottoms he had worn underneath. He put the clothing on the other chair. He left on his shoes because there was no telling what was on the floor in one of these booths. It was always dirty and smelled of stale or sometimes fresh semen. Not that this was surprising. In fact, the fact that it was dirty turned David on even more. There was something about the filth that seemed to make it more taboo.

David got up and moved over to the glory hole. He squatted down to look through the hole. There was a guy in the next booth sitting in one of the chairs, he was jerking off and watching a video. David watched the man playing with his cock for a few moments. This guy was probably just looking for a place to jerk off away from home, David guessed. That was not uncommon at these places, although with the number of men who usually hung out outside the booths, if you wanted to receive blowjob you could get one as soon as you wanted. This place had been mostly deserted at this hour though.

After a few moments, David's coupon ran out and he got up walked over and inserted another one. He sat and watched the video for a little while jerking off. He contemplated just finishing up himself and heading home, when the guy in the next booth finished jerking off, and then got up and left. Another man entered the booth next to David, and after a few more moments David returned to the glory hole to check out the newcomer. The new man was over by the video screen and started to undress. He took off his shirt and then pulled down his pants. David could see his ass in the glow of the video screen and continued to watch him through the hole.

The man looked over at the hole and then walked over. David pulled back from the hole and put his finger up to the hole. He knew this was a sign to let the other man know he was interested. The other man pushed his erection through the glory hole. David took a look at it, then reached out and softly touched it. It was uncut and about 6 inches long, fairly thin with a nice upward curve. He gave it a nice caress and then gripped it with his fingers letting his thumb rub the nub under the head. David didn't usually like to suck anonymous cock because of the risk of them cumming in his mouth. In fact, he had only sucked three different cocks in his life and those were with guys he had met up with on the internet and discussed what he liked and was willing to do before hand, plus they had all discussed if their disease free status before he had sucked them.

But this cock looked tasty. He lowered his mouth and licked the head paying particular care to let his tongue slide over the underside of the head. Next he slid it into his mouth taking it as far as he could go, most of the way down as it turned out. David was surprised at how it felt. It was similar to the other men he had sucked, but he was more nervous this time. He pulled his mouth off and gave it another caress, unsure if he should continue. He decided to go for it. He returned to sucking and started to fondle his own cock thru the bikini as he was squatting. He imagined what it must look like to someone if they saw him in this position. Would they think he was a slut, obediently sucking the cock of a man whose face he had never seen? Would they think he was perverted because he was wearing a woman's bikini while sucking a cock? Would they be turned on by him if they could see him?

Shortly the man in the other booth pulled back and then moved down lower. David was not a fan of having his cock sucked. He always felt nervous that he would cum instantly. David dreaded the though that the man would want to reciprocate, as so many did in these booths. But the man instead pushed his nipple up to the glory hole. David, relieved, obediently licked it. The man then moved farther down and whispered something to David. David couldn't hear what he had said. He put his ear up to the hole.

"Can I come over?" the man asked in a heavy whisper.

David was nervous again. The booth was plenty big enough for two, so there was no problem there, but he was nervous about allowing another man into his booth. He routinely locked the door in video booths, and was always unnerved when someone inevitably tried to join him. He had once been in bookstore where several of the booth doors did not lock properly and he had been surprised several times that night by men opening the door wide, the final time while he was stripped to nothing but some pink panties and holding the erect cock of the man in the next booth. In the end, that experience had turned him on more than what he was doing though. He decided quickly though.

"OK," he whispered back.

The man stood up and started to get redressed. David wasn't sure if he should get dressed too. He decided that he would stay in just his shirt and the bikini bottoms. The man next door seemed to take a long time to get dressed. David unlocked the door and waited in the corner of the booth wondering how far this would go. Would the man want to suck him too? He hoped not. Would the man want to fuck him? David had been fucked in the ass on two occasions and he loved it, but he was not comfortable doing it without a condom, and he had not brought anything with him except his money, his clothes and a washcloth to clean up with. Maybe he would do it if the other guy had a condom.

Finally the man left his booth and then came over. David opened the door for him. Standing there in just his bikini bottoms and a t-shirt. David looked the other man over. He looked Asian or part Asian, and was probably younger than David, but he was not underage. He was thin, not particularly muscular, but looked like he was healthy. The other guy looked David over too. David was somewhat overweight and out of shape, but he had nice legs, which was the part of him that was naked at the moment. David reached for the man's pants and unbuttoned them. The man was wearing white briefs and was clearly still erect in them. David pulled the waistband out and reached in feeling the man's cock. At the same time the man reached over and felt David's rigid cock through the tie-dye bikini.

David thought the man might like to see a little more so he reached back and pulled on one of the strings at the hip of the bikini. He pulled out the knot and the right half of his bikini fell away revealing the base of his hard-on. The man seemed to chuckle and then pulled his own pants and underpants down. David pulled the other string and the left half fell down too, leaving him completely naked from the waist down. He let the man fondled his cock for a moment before squatting down again to suck the man's penis as he had done before when the man was in the other booth and only his cock was visible. After the first couple of strokes with his mouth David felt he better mention he didn't want to have the man cum in his mouth. The man nodded and quietly said he wouldn't do it.

After this David got a little more into it. He again pictured what others would think if they saw him in this position, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, squatting down in a dark video booth, sucking the hard cock of a man he had never even met, his own hard cock and his balls hanging down between his legs and almost touching the dirty floor.

Soon the squatting became difficult and David stood up and moved to one of the chairs to sit. At first he was reluctant to touch more than the man's cock, but he realized if the man was ok with him sucking his cock, then how could the man object to being touched on the rest of his body. He reached up and tried to fondle the man's balls. The man's sack was tight against his groin and David couldn't really fondle them easily so he decided to try touching the man's ass instead. He reached around and grabbed one of the man's butt cheeks with his left hand while he still worked on the man's cock with his mouth. The man didn't seem to mind, so David let his hand wander on the man's working into his ass crack. The man kept his butt clenched enough that David eventually gave up the search for the man's asshole. In the end that is probably just as well, David thought since if the man was into having his ass licked or probed, David might not have felt comfortable complying.

The man pulled his cock out of David's mouth and began to jerk it. He shoved his nipple toward David's mouth again, just as he had when he was still in the other booth. David licked the man's left nipple and then moved and licked his right nipple, then back to the left. He sucked it and the man moaned. When David moved down again to suck his cock, the man moved David back to his nipples. David figured the guy would rather have his nipples sucked and licked than his cock, so he just watched the man jerk his cock while he sat there, naked from the waist down, licking the man's nipples. He let his hands wander freely over the man's back and ass, and occasionally fondled his balls for him while he jerked himself off. Eventually the man's excitement built until he came. David was surprised that the man avoided getting any cum on his hands, arms, or face, all of which were pressed right close to the man's cock when he came. The man grabbed some paper napkins from the pocket of his pants and went to work cleaning the cum off his cock. David meanwhile stood and since the man was obviously preparing to leave, David started getting dressed too.

"That is a nice color," the man casually remarked referring to the tie-dye bikini.

David felt more comfortable about things now, and he replied, "I like them, they are very bright."

The man grunted his assent and kept dressing. David offered him his washrag, but the man refused.

"Thank you," the man said.

"You're welcome," David replied, amazed at how light the mood had become, since a few moments before.

The man finished dressing and then left. David waited a few minutes more in the booth, relaxing and letting the moment wash over him. He considered jacking off, but decided to wait until he got home. He checked to make sure that his bikini strings were not showing and then left.

On the way out of the bookstore he saw the man and momentarily he thought maybe the man would follow him home, but he knew that was unlikely. He considered trying to follow the other man, but decided that would be creepy, and he was not the stalking type. He felt a little shame as he often did after an encounter, but mostly he felt strangely satisfied, which surprised him since he hadn't cum at all himself. In the end though, he enjoyed the experience despite that fact. And he drove off in his car thinking about the cock he had just sucked and hoping that the man felt as satisfied as he did.
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