Sue and I were new to swinging only about 6 weeks and we had talked about her having sex with a complete stranger, so far it had only been with friends. I was at work talking to Paul abot he upcoming party, and Lester new worker heared me. He met me outside and asked me if we really had parties whee we swapped wives and I told him yes. Lester is an Aferican American who is about 5 foot 10 inches tall and well built. I asked hi if he had a girlfriend and he said he had just broken up with his. I then asked him if he wanted to do me a favor and come eot my house and fuck my wife. At first he was puzzled and kind of leary but I told him she had been thinking about having sex with a complete stranger. He agreed. That night I called my wife and told her to dress sexy I had a suprise for her. When we got home Sue was wearing a low cut sexy balck dress no bra and balck laced panties that showed when she bent over. I had gotten it for he when we wnt to our second swinger party. Lester looked at her as she walked away and told me I had a beautiful wife. We ate dinner and then I put on some music and I danced with Sue after I asked Lester if he wantd to dance with her and they did Sue held him close as the slw music was playing and i could see heer grind against him a few times. I told lester to sit down and then told Sue to tantalize him. She stood up and put on some music witha beat and started dooing a striptease for him. After she was naked she told us to get undressed for some fun her eyes buldged out as he dropped his shorts and his half hard 9 incher fell out. Sue gasp at he size as he got harder to a full 11 inches. I had never seen a cock that big either. Sue was nervous as she reaced to grab him and he pulled her to hm and kissed her full on the lips. He then told us he had never been with a white lady and I told him she had been with a black man but not a stranger or snyone that big. he lifted her andput her on eht coffee table and started licking her pussy and massaging her breast. Sue bent down and kissed him again and then took his hand and led him to our bedroom and laid im on the bed she then took his cock and started kissind it and licking it he was so suprised at how easy she did it, and then she positione dherself for some 69 action, as I watched i got rock hard she started sucking hiim deeper adn deeper till she was deep throating him and he was sticking his tongue in her mouth. She motioned me over to the bed and started jerking me off. I exploded almoste immideatly i was so excited. I sat in the chair next teh bed aand Sue got up and bennt over ad let him enter her doggy style. He wanted to know if she wanted him to put a condom on and she asaid no. As he started pushing his long rod in her she moaned and then made a face like i had never seen she moaned and said he had entered unchated areas. They started rocking and moving in a rythum she loved and i could hear his balls falpping on her as he fucked her. All at once he jerked and bounced and Sue let out a load moan he had shot a load deep in here and was pulling out when she started squirting like a water fountain. As they lay back on the bed I kissed Sue and rubbed her breast. they rested for awhhile and then took a showere together Sue got dressed and offered to take im back to his car. She did not come home that night she told me after they gt ot his car they went ot his apartment and fucked again. I am so gald i gave her her fanasty fo a stranger fuck
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