Mother-In-Laws Early Morning Surprise
By: Anonymous
I am awakened by an arousing musky smell; I feel my dick getting hard under the sheet. “Good morning. I was hoping that would wake you up.” my mother in law is standing beside the bed in an open robe and panties. Looking at my crotch and then back at me she giggles. “The reaction I was hoping for and sooner than I expected. I made a cock-tent”. Dropping her robe I get a perfect of her wonderful breasts. Leaning over she kisses me as she drops her panties. Moving the sheet and taking of my shorts she pulls the sheet back over me. “Lets see if its any bigger without the shorts. A little she giggles”. Leaning over she kisses me again “Move over”. Getting in bed beside me we continue kissing. I love the taste of her lips in the morning.
I feel her hand run down my chest and stomach and wrap warmly around my dick. Letting out a soft moan as she strokes me I suck on her tongue. Running my finger down her slit she is very moist. “I have been soaking wet all morning waiting for my spoiled daughter to leave. I thought she would never go”. Curving my middle finger she takes a deep breath as I enter her. I feel some of her juices leak out as my finger goes all the way in her. Pulling out about half way and making a come here motion her breathing gets heavier. I feel her tighten as she bites her lip and squeezes her legs together. As she comes down she grabs the back of my head and pulls me in for a hard passionate kiss. I can feel her tongue exploring my mouth. “Are you hungry?” she asks. I tell her “very”. Pushing my head under the covers as she rolls on to her back she forces me between her legs. “Here’s your breakfast, hope you like it”. “Umm-Hmm” is all I can manage to say as I take her clit between my lips. She is so wet her juices fill my mouth and I eagerly swallow them as I try to get more. Using two fingers to push out her juices so I can get my fill.

Throwing the covers off she quickly rolls over on top of me gyrating her hips over my mouth. The site of her breasts swaying as she moves is amazing as she brings herself to orgasm on my face. Laying on the bed she motions for me to move up beside her. “That was wonderful, thank-you”. Looking down at my throbbing member she smiles. “That’s so neat. How does it do that”. I tell her it only happens when I am really horny. “Really? Would you like to fuck me then?”. I nod my head yes and get on top of her. As I kiss her neck and shoulders she reaches down and pulls me to her. Whispering in my ear “Push”. I easily slide. “That’s the other thing I have been craving. I cant believe my daughter doesn’t take advantage of you every chance she gets”. I thank her and tell her how incredible she feels.

“Pull out” she commands. When I do she gets on her knees. “I want you behind me”. I love how warm, soft, and wet she is as I slide back in. “Do that thing with your thumb and my butt”. Massaging her tight hole as I continue thrusting in and out of her she moans. Accelerating her speed she suddenly thrusts back against me and tightens up. “Your turn” she says looking over her shoulder. I move in and out her as fast as I can, her soft butt sounds so good bouncing off of me. Withing seconds I am cumming. Collapsing on the bed beside her she starts kissing me again. Pulling the covers over us she says “I want to do it again. Only this time I want to be on top when you cum this time”. I quickly agree as I kiss her neck again.
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