Picking Up My Niece
By: Anonymous
My wife and were visiting her family when her sister asked if I would pick my niece up from the mall. I told her sure grabbed my keys and headed for the door. Since they couldn’t afford to get her one my niece did not yet have a car. Upon picking her up several of her friends around her giggled a little as she got in the car. I asked what were they giggling about nervously. She said she had told them she had seen me naked once getting out of the shower and I looked pretty good for a 40 something year old. Breathing a sigh of relief I put the car in drive and take off. “My mom doesn’t know how crazy she is sending you to pick me up”. I ask what she is talking about. “If she knew half of what we have don’t she wouldn’t let you near me. Im a 20 something which means I have a constant craving for dick, we’re alone in the car and it’s a long ride home”. She unzips my jeans “Damn, underwear. You know better than to wear this around me”. I tell her I didn’t know anything was going to happen. “Next timethink”. Pulling my cock through the opening she takes me in her mouth. I still love the feel of her lips and tongue, too much to stop her. “Im just trying to get you hard right now. Don’t cum yet”. Once I am fully erect she sits back up. “That was fun” keep her hand on me slowly stroking me. “Turn down that dirt road up there”. I ask her where we are going. “Somewhere secluded. This just saves me having to figure out how I can get you alone later. I like fucking you and Im not going to pass up a chance to do it. Here, pull over here”. As soon as we stop she puts the car in park and shimmies off her jeans. I notice she has a cute little trail of hair from the top of her pussy going up. “You like it? I thought it was more sexy than just bald. My jeans are low enough that boys can see it leaving them to imagine”.
Straddling me she reaches down and grabs my cock. Lowering herself I slide right in. “Im extremely horny” she says as she starts bouncing up and down. Her hair does this perfect shimmering bounce everytime she slams down on me. I feel my load building. “Don’t stop, don’t hold back. We don’t have to fully enjoy this, maybe later, right now I just need to get off…you too”. Unable to hold back I thrust up as I fill her with cum. She continues moving up and down on me. As the last load shoots out of me I feel her tighten up and press down on me. Biting my shoulder as she cums I tell her promise me more before we leave. “Count in it. I have a new position I want to try and mom bought me a new bed. I want to really break it in. Cant do that without a dick”.
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