my 47 old italian divorced female neighbor fucked my brains out when I was 19
By: Anonymous
My younger days of the late teens. 19 was a good year for me. I never thought that I would have a 4 some with 3 older women in their mid 40s. This sex event opened my mind towards luving older women, and when you read this true story you'll understand.

I went over to her house on a warm spring day to give her a package that came to my house as mistake bc it was hers. She was 47, alone tan skin, sexy face and the body to match. She came to the door as I waited to give her the box, I was in great shape and was lean, trim, and sexy for a 19 yr old white boy. She answered the door in a towel and insisted I come in for something to drink. Little did I know what thoughts were going through her head. she kept smiling and giving me looks of flirty hints. She walked me to the door and said good bye, but you don't have to go if you don't wan't to. I turn back to look at her and see her drop her towel and walk towards me until she pushed me against the door, and locked it. while she stands fully naked in front of me just begging for me to satisfy her. I went to it! I made a move towards her and kissed her wet lips, she moaned. I knew it would be fun when she cupped my balls and dick with her hands through my clothes and said "follow me" as she pulled me into a bedroom by my belt.

Whoa, 2 of her friends were inthe room we just entered. one was latin, short, pretty, a lil chubby but had the sexiest face and lips. The other friend was a redhead that had that punk style. "Ladies look who decided to join us" she said. they laughed and started feeling me, kissing me, and grabbing my butt. I smiled as watched 3 ladies undress me. They took off my shirt, then my pants...which exposed my soft cock and balls bc I didn't wear underwear that day. Their eyes lit up with excitement as they saw what a fat dick my skinny white 19 old had. they stripped my nude and thru me on my back.

I saw a camera getting set up to film us, and I was down. I watched the latin women come up on the bed next to me, and then the redhead on my other side. One grabbed my cock and the other my balls. I undressed the latin milf first to see my first latin pussy, it was hairy. She said its been a while, so I told her let me trim it up. I shaved her clean and looked at her brown pink pussy with awe. I got red undressed to see her nipple rings and 2 clit studs with the tightest proper looking pussy. They pulled me to the bed by my dick, now rock hard and throbbing. I had the latina sit on my face so i could eat her out while the other two ladies suck my cock and balls, making me scream from their tongues slurping my purple head like a piece of candy until I told em i'm cumming, Italian babe deep throats my cock as i'm cumming in her mouth, she sucks me dry until all my cum is in her mouth. she looked me in the eyes, winked as she swallowed my cum with vigor. Soon after that I finished eating the dark pussy until she squirt on the bed and on my face. Looks like we're getting messy.

I sit back and watch as each woman takes a turn riding my cock with all they have, but one kinky woman shocked me by putting me in her ass, that was tight, deep, and awesome. She made me cum in her ass while i have all 7 inchs long cramed in her ass. I washed off after that anal sex in the shower. Next thing I know, I see the ladies coming in the shower with me. constantly grabbing my dick or balls and triple kisses, u name it they wanted it done. My cock was red and took 2 hours of serious pounding, but that only made it better. I let the women shave my privates in the shower bc they wanted smooth. This made oral 10 times better when they sucked my smooth balls. we went from the shower still wet right to the sofa. my cock was in one of their hands again, they just couldnt stop grabbing me.

I positioned one woman in a way where i could reverse entry down to her pussy with my curved dick. This is my gspot move. The big hard purple head on my cock rubs against her gspot with every powerful thrust towards her pussy until I get all in there. It only took 5 mins to get her to squirt so hard that she screamed out "i love you and your magical cock baby"..I fucked the other 2 girls in the same position resulting in similar orgasms.

They sat down on the sofa and pulled me towards them, they played with my cock and balls at once while ms italian gives me some prime head. She made me knees shake as she drained my cum into her mouth. Then she spit it into the other girls mouths until all my cum was spit onto the latina's titties. as i watched the other 2 women lick and eat the cum off her tits, I realized how crazy what happened was.
My neighbor smiles at me outside all the time now, and she invites me in to do chores while we watch our sexy tape and bang each other over and over again without any neighbors suspecting a thing.
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