Best Friends Grandmother.
By: Anonymous
I was 18 years old and in high school. My best friend asked me to go to his Grandmothers house to help with her lawn. At the time she was 66 years old but looked like she was 50.

After we got finished with them my friend went to the store to get some ice for some beer. She and I got to talking about if I had a girlfriend, and I did not at the time. She then told me that she had not been with a man in 15 years, that is when she left her husband.

I had never thought about fucking a woman of that age. But her not having sex in 15 years I was thinking that she would be pretty tight. So I walked over to her and started to kiss her lips and started to take off her dress.

She had the biggest tits I have ever seen. I started to suck her and she just went crazy. I reached down and started to rub her pussy, and that just made her even more crazy. When I took her panties off of her I went down on her and ate her for what seemed like for ever.

Then she told me she wanted me inside her. So I laid her down on the couch. And stuck all 9 inches in the tightest hole I have ever been in. It was so awesome; I told her I was going to cum. And she told me she wanted it in her mouth. So I pulled out and she went to sucking and I came all in her mouth.

It was the most awesome thing ever. We still fuck every time I go back home. Now I am 25, and it is still awesome.
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