Our First Face Sitting Experience
By: Anonymous
I have always been very oral with my Lady, and one of my favorite things is to have her recline on the coach, pillows behind her back, legs spread wide open for me to eat her hot wet pussy. I have talked with her on more than one occasion about face sitting, but she always declines citing her fears of her size and injuring me (death by pussy, what a way to go ). My lovely Lady is a very large BBW, and in my eyes one sexy goddess, 5' 4" and 300+ pounds with long blond hair that hangs to her ass. Alabaster skin with a hint of freckles, beautiful eyes and a smile to die for.

One evening after a quiet Saturday of playing and teasing around the house, we had settled down on the coach for some cuddle time. Her favorite position is with me in the corner and her tucked in with her back against my chest. Naturally this position leads to my arms around her and usually to my hands cupping and playing with her full breasts. I could feel her nipples hardening as I squeezed and kneaded her firm tits. I love the way my swelling cock finds its home riding up and down the crack of her ass, and by the way she was beginning to grind that ass against my crotch her interest was definitely growing as well. This tit and ass play goes on until her head is tilted back, her hands cover mine urging me for more tit action, and moans of happiness are coming from that lovely mouth.

She pulls herself from my arms and quickly moves away. Looking at me she announces that she has decided to let me have something special that I've been wanting for some time. With that she tells me to stand before her. I love the tone of her voice and my mind races at what pleasures await me as I proceed to stand before my love. She reaches up and starts unbuttoning my shirt. Slowly letting the excitement build, she lets her hands play across my chest taking time to stop and tweak each of my nipples making me jump for joy. She pulls me close, bringing her mouth to my nipple but not taking it in. I can feel her hot breath on my chest, I reach to pull her to me but am stopped as her hands grab my wrists and push them back. I watch as her tongue slides slowly out of that wonderful mouth and begins to circle my nipple. I can feel my body tremble as she brings her lips to my flesh. I moan as she starts to suck and lick at my tit. I feel her teeth as she sucks me deeply, I moan as she bites my flesh. She releases her hold on my nipples and returns her attention to undressing me. She teases me by playing with my belt as she takes her time unbuttoning and unzipping my pants so they fall to my ankles. Grabbing my boxers she pulls them down to the floor, smiling while acting surprised at the hard throbbing cock dancing in front of her. She takes my cock in one hand and my full balls in the other, stroking the shaft and squeezing my nuts until a drop of pre cum appears from the head. Then taking her tongue and licking the drop up, slowly pulling back, letting a long clear string appear running from the tip of her tongue to the tip of my shaft. She plunges her mouth back down the shaft, letting me feel the full depth of her hot mouth. Pulling back she states its time for me to lie on the floor for her. I move to the middle of the room and stretch out on the soft carpet awaiting my loves next move.

I watched as my lady moves above my head. I love the way she performs her little strip tease, dropping first her blouse and then her bra to each side of my head. Next her pants and finally her panties fall to her ankles, revealing her large and full pussy lips. They hang a full 6" from her body, large, thick, and wet with her juices. I can hide my entire hand between them and I love to kiss and lick these massive mounds. She steps forward and kneels with one knee on each side of my head, her pussy lips scarcely missing my face. I now know what pleasures my love has in store for me. I can see nothing but pussy and all I can think of is being buried in that hot mound. She reaches down and using both hands pulls open her cunt, the inner folds glisten with her wetness. Slowly letting her knees spread she engulfs my face. I feel the weight of her body forcing me deeper into her. I open my mouth wide as it finally reaches her clit, and I suck her in letting my tongue stroke and lick her hardening button. My nose comes to rest just tickling the entrance to her tight pussy hole. As I concentrate on eating this delicious meal I feel her begin to rock forward and back enjoying the labors of my tongue. My lungs are craving air and I fight to maintain my eating actions. Suddenly she rocks back exposing just my mouth and allows me to gasp a few breaths before returning to her pleasure. We continue this action for some time, and by her increased riding motions I can tell her climax is fast approaching.

One last time she rocks back allowing the much needed air to reach me. My face and neck are covered in her juice. I hear her say "This is for you my love" and my face is buried again. I lick, suck, and bite at a savage pace letting my tongue drive her clit wild. Even though my face is buried in that wonderful mound, I can hear her screaming my name, followed by a mouth full of her rich cum juice. I swallow and to my surprise I am rewarded with another mouth full of juice, this one more salty and tart than the first. I count five strong spasms as my lady comes, each with its own mouthful of her juice. Finally my lungs are crying for air and my mind becoming cloudy as she rises from me.
She slowly moves beside me her body trembling from her orgasm, me gasping air and swallowing the last of her juices. We move into each others arms enjoying the after glow of our play. She kisses me deeply and passionately, she raises up and tells me how good I taste. I smile back and thank her for what was hopefully the first of many face sittings in our future.
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