Tied Hands
By: enne2000
Moving to London was one of the best things I’d ever done and I couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been so far. Within a week of arriving I’d found a great job as a PA in a small but successful company which came with its own rent-free, furnished flat – and not just some pokey little bed sit either but a large, spacious, light and airy apartment in Kensington. I was being paid a small fortune – more money than I had ever earned and I was in charge of a small number of the admin staff. My boss, Tony Burrows, had built up the business from scratch and at the interview he informed me that he was looking for the right sort of people to work for him. I was over the moon when he later offered me the job. A few days after I started I was introduced to one of his oldest friends, Edward Thompson and his Argentinean wife Alexandra – Sanda . They were a gorgeous couple and Sanda and I hit it off straight away. Sanda was tall and curvaceous and her exotic looks and accent identified her as one of life’s Beautiful People. She was rich, elegant and could put people in their place with one glaring look – all of which appealed to my growing vanity.
Sanda and I became inseparable – she would take me shopping in town where people fell over themselves to please us; we ate at the most elegant (and expensive) restaurants; I even accompanied both Sanda and Edward to some of the best shows in the West End.
Sanda could sulk with the best of them and she was in one of her strops when she invited me out one Friday evening. We were at lunch and Sanda was complaining bitterly that Edward had promised to take her out that night but had had to cancel at the last minute due to a business commitment. Sanda was not amused and said that we should go out to cheer her up.
I met her at one of her favourite trendy wine bars after work and from there we went on to a Tapas bar where we polished off another two and a half bottles of wine between us. The food helped to soak up at least some of the alcohol and we both got the giggles as we got a taxi back to hers. Sanda told me to make myself at home as she went into the kitchen. I sank into the cream leather sofa and closed my eyes, enjoying the floaty feeling I was getting as a result of too much alcohol.
“You like Champagne, yes?” Sanda appeared in the doorway holding out an expensive looking bottle and a couple of glasses. I giggled and nodded as Sanda sat next to me on the sofa. She popped the cork and we both squealed as the Champagne bubbled all over the carpet. The wine was pleasantly sweet and extremely pleasant to drink and the conversation got sillier and sillier the more we drank. I was surprised as I saw Sanda first roll and then light a cigarette.
“Sanda, I didn’t know you smoked!” I raised my eyebrows.
“This is special – from Argentina,” she grinned at me and held it out.
I laughed and took it from her. The first puff caught in my throat and I gasped for air. Sanda laughed delightedly.
“Let’s have some real fun,” she got up and went to the cabinet opposite. The doors opened to reveal a huge home cinema system. Sanda sat back down and clicked the remote control.
“Why should men have all the fun?” she grinned at me.
I watched as the film started – then laughed out loud when I realised what she had put on – an American football Team and three cheerleaders celebrating a victory with a party. Pretty soon they were all kissing and feeling each other up. I felt a bit embarrassed but more intrigued than anything – and the more I watched, the more I realised that I was getting really turned on by it.
“What the hell is going on in here?!”
We both jumped as Edward strode into the lounge. Sanda yelped and tried to hide the joint behind her back and reach for the remote control at the same time. Edward glared at us and then turned to look at the TV where a young College cheerleader was being ravaged by 3 footballers. Her T-shirt was pushed up to her neck and they had ripped off her bra revealing her full, creamy-white breasts which were being squeezed and sucked by one of the footballers. Her skirt was around her waist and her white panties were draped over her ankle as another one of the footballers buried his head between her legs and her mouth was busy sucking the huge cock of another one of their team-mates.
Edward turned back to us with a nasty sneer and I gasped in shock as he yanked Sandra off the settee and pulled her over to the armchair. Still befuddled from too much wine and the joint I froze, mesmerized by the scene that was unfolding before me.
Sanda yelped as he literally threw her over his lap, kicking and struggling madly.
“Nooooo, Edward, please,” her exotic accent was heavy with fear and trepidation. I gasped again as Edward silenced her with a resounding slap to her backside. Sanda screeched and struggled harder but Edward held her firmly in place as he continued to swat her backside relentlessly.
“What have I told you about smoking that stuff in my house!” he demanded angrily. “I’ve warned you again and again and again!” he punctuated his sentence with three more hard slaps.
Sanda moaned and cried as he continued to spank her soundly, pausing only to drag her skirt up over her bottom revealing white, satin panties. “And rifling through my DVDs when I’ve specifically told you not to!” Grabbing her panties by the waistband he yanked them sharply down to her thighs. Her bottom cheeks had turned a bright, glowing pink.
“Edward, please we were just having some fun,” Sanda pleaded, now writhing across his knee, desperately trying to escape.
“Oh, I can imagine what kind of fun you two were planning, you dirty little sluts!” His hand disappeared between her thighs making her gasp and cry out. “Look at you,” he sneered. “Your pussy’s soaked.”
I blushed, knowing that I was in a similar predicament. I seemed to catch his attention as he glanced at me, smirking nastily.
“Bet you’re wet too, aren’t you, Peaches?” I blushed profusely and struggled to sit up still giddy from the wine and smoke. My head spun and I let out a low moan.
Edward smiled nastily. “Liked the film, did you? Enjoyed seeing that slut getting fucked?”
I blushed again hotly, extremely embarrassed and shook my head. I had been mesmerised by the images of her body being used so crudely and her moans and gasps had made my pussy gush and throb. Sanda whimpered as Edward turned his attention back to her bared bottom. He caressed her cheeks lovingly, and squeezed her tortured flesh, drawing another whimper from her.
He grinned at me evilly. “You’re next, Angel.”
Pinning Sanda’s hands behind her back, he trapped her across his knee. He thrashed her backside vigourously, making her shriek and wail in anguish. Her beautiful olive skin turned a rosy pink and then a deep glowing red. Sanda gasped and howled in pain.
“No, Eddie! Please – oh stop! Please! Stop!”
Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!
I cringed at the sound of each slap but couldn’t take my eyes off Sanda’s bottom. Her plump cheeks flattened against Edward’s large, hard hand, and her backside jiggled and wobbled every time he spanked her.
“Ow! P-please – pleeease! Stop! Oh, please stop!” Sanda wailed again louder as he thrashed her bare bottom. “Arrrrrrrgh!”
Edward smiled nastily and spanked her even harder. Sandra’s yells subsided to sobs and as her brutal spanking progressed she stopped struggling. He spanked on relentlessly, Sanda now crying steadily as her bottom stung and smarted.
“That’ll teach you a lesson,” he said as he pulled her to her feet.
With Sanda still crying, he marched her over to the armchair and instructed her to bend over it with her hands on the seat cushion, presenting her glowing red bottom; he caressed it lovingly. I gasped as I saw his fingers slip between her wide-open thighs, and I shivered as I heard Sanda moan in pleasure.
“Good girl,” he crooned and turned to face me.
I swallowed.
Edward was a good friend of my boss Tony who was paying for my flat and I knew that if he told him that he’d seen me smoking a joint I’d be fired – unemployed and homeless. The excuse that Sanda had talked me into it wouldn’t wash with him. Tony was very strict about things like that.
Edward smiled and strode over to where I was sprawled helplessly on the sofa. I yelped as he dragged me up by the arm and half-dragged, half carried me over to the dining table. My head spun – confused by too much alcohol and dope and my pussy throbbed betrayingly.
He placed one foot on the rung of one of the straight backed dining room chairs and picked me up and threw me over his thigh.
“No, oh my God. No! Please, Edward, don’t….,” I screeched as he fondled and squeezed my bottom.
With my legs dangling two feet from the floor and forced to hold onto the chair to stop my self from falling I was helpless as he began to slap my bottom hard.
“Ah!” I gasped in shock and pain as I felt his hard hand slap down onto my poor, defenceless bottom. It hurt far more than I could have anticipated.
“Ow! Oh! Ah! Argh!” He spanked me again and again and I wailed in anguish as each slap stung my poor behind.
“Oh,God! Oh, Sanda, help me – please!” I begged.
“Stay where you are!” Edward barked at his wife. He slapped me again right across the middle of my bottom and then lower on the right cheek, then on the left.
“Oh God! Oh God! Oww! Pleeeease!” I struggled and kicked my legs but I lost my balance and tipped forward. I gasped and grabbed the chair to stop myself falling but my bottom was now stuck up in the air and was a far easier target. He spanked me over and over on the underside of my cheeks as I moaned and pleaded for him to stop. Finally he did, and I sobbed breathlessly– relieved by the thought that my ordeal was over. But I was wrong. I moaned again as I felt my jeans being tugged down roughly and blushed furiously mortified that he was now seeing me in just my panties.
“Urgh! I grunted as they were pulled tightly from behind, the tight cotton chaffing my already stimulated clit. He tugged them rhythmically and I wriggled to try to relieve the terrible rubbing.
“Mmmm, like that do you?” Edward pulled the panties tight – the pressure on my clit was both uncomfortable and unbearable. “Want me to put my hand in there?” he continued his awful rhythmic tugging. “Hmmm? Want me to finger your hot little pussy? Want me to feel how wet and swollen you are down there, do you?”
“No! Pleeeeeeease! Edward, no.” I gasped between sobs. Oh God, this was terrible. Not only was Edward staring at my pantied bottom but he also knew that my pussy was now oozing. My face burned nearly as hotly as my freshly spanked cheeks. I felt my panties being tugged down, so he was now staring at my bare bottom. I struggled and fought but having had to let go of the chair I pitched forward once again and my legs flailed furiously as I struggled to keep my balance. Edward snickered and I realised that he must now have a clear view of my swollen, gushing pussy. I had guessed right and I yelped and whimpered as I felt his long fingers explore my wetness.
“Mmmm, nice and wet,” Edward taunted. “Just the way a pussy should be. Wet and ready for a big, hard cock.”
“Mmmmmmmmm,” I whimpered as I felt his long fingers push into my tight, little cunnie and tried not to cry out as his thumb massaged my poor assuaged little clit.
I wriggled and writhed, trying to get away from those probing hands and kicked my legs furiously.
“Stop! Oh, God Stop! Oh God, Sanda! Please make him stop! He’s touching my pussy! Pleeease make him stop!”
“Edward, leave her alone!” Sanda pleaded but Edward ignored her and continued his exploration of my most private parts.
“Mm, mm, mm,” I bit my lip as his thumb flicked over my clit again and again making my entire pussy twitch and throb.
He withdrew his hand suddenly and I breathed a sigh of relief but stiffened again as I felt his hand slide between my smarting cheeks. He teased my bottom mercilessly, tickling my anus and prodding it rhythmically with his long, hard finger. I shrieked again and writhed across his knee. Edward chuckled and placing his hands on my cheeks pulled them apart roughly, kneading my poor sore flesh.
Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!
Oh God! My poor bottom was so sore as he spanked me relentlessly over and over again. I yelled and cried and sobbed until I didn’t have any strength left and all I could do was lie there with my bottom on fire and my pussy feeling very slippery and sticky. Over and over he spanked me, hard – his massive hands covering my poor, burning cheeks. I felt very sorry for myself as he thrashed my quivering flesh.
Suddenly I felt him pull me up roughly and I was put onto my feet. Still crying I hoped that it was over.
“Right, you two. Upstairs. Now.”
With my jeans and panties still at half-mast I was painfully aware that he could now see my pussy and bottom clearly and I tried at least to cup my hands in front of me.
“Never mind that,” he barked, slapping my poor bottom again. “Move.” Taking my arm he dragged me up the stairs and into the master bedroom, Sanda trailing reluctantly behind. He forced me to sit in a wicker chair and ordered Sanda to get onto the bed on her hands and knees. Now looking extremely dishevelled with no panties, a bright red bottom and her tight skirt rucked up around her waist Sanda got into position still sobbing. Edward produced some of Sanda’s silk scarves and used them to tie my legs to the legs of the chair after removing my jeans and panties. I blushed, feeling mortified. I was now naked from the waist down, and Edward, kneeling at my feet was leering openly at my gaping pussy. I whimpered and pleaded but Edward only smiled nastily and ignored me. Next he tied my arms to the chair and I sat there, helplessly as he stood up and chuckled.
“Be back in a minute,” he winked at me. “Don’t go away.” He laughed at his own joke and left the room.
“Oh God, Sanda, what’s he going to do?”
Tears coursed down my face as my bottom burned against that horrid chair.
“I don’t know,” Sanda replied miserably. “When Edward is angry he often spanks me hard. Sometimes he uses a hairbrush, or a slipper and that really hurts. The last time he spanked me, I couldn’t sit down for three days. And when his friends asked him why I was standing all the time he told them all about it and made me show them my red bottom.”
I gasped in horror at the idea of poor Sanda having to show her red, spanked bottom to strangers. How humiliating it must have been for her to know that all those eyes were on her poor cheeks as they admired Edward’s handiwork. “We were at a dinner party with his colleagues,” Sanda went on. “All men – and one of them, I think it was Tony,” I blushed as I realised that she was talking about my boss. “Asked me why I couldn’t sit still and why I was fidgeting.”
I bit my lip as I imagined Sanda – usually so poised and elegant, dancing around like an excited child.
“Edward explained that I had been bad and that he had put me over his knee and spanked me.” She closed her eyes to hide her shame. “They laughed and wouldn’t believe him so he dragged me over his knee and raised my skirt to show them my red bottom. It was so embarrassing.” She opened her eyes and cleared her throat. “And then Tony said that he wanted a better look to prove it. So Edward made me bend over the table and pulled down my panties so they could see that he was telling the truth.”
She stopped short as Edward re-appeared, looming in the doorway.
“Still in position, I see,” he grinned and his eyes wandered to my now totally exposed pussy. I blushed hotly.
“Now, I think I’ll start with my naughty wife here but we wouldn’t want our guest to feel left out now, would we?” Edward produced an object from behind his back and I eyed it warily. It was bullet shaped and plastic and Edward seemed to enjoy holding it in front of my eyes. He flicked a switch at the bottom and it started to buzz loudly.
“I wouldn’t want you to get bored,” he smiled happily as he shoved the buzzing thing between my legs.
“Arrrrrrrrrrgh!” I wailed and grunted as he pressed it against my poor, swollen clit sending mortifyingly delicious electric shocks through my body. He strapped it to my thighs tightly and I squirmed and writhed trying to get away from the relentless and embarrassing sensation. With a swift movement, Edward reached up and ripped my blouse open and fondled my breasts roughly, squeezing and manipulating them. He tugged at the lacy cups of my bra and exposed my breasts then started squeezing and pinching my nipples hard.
“No! Oh God! No! Stop! Ow!” I twisted and turned; desperate to get away from his fingers but the more I struggled, the more he seemed to be enjoying himself.
I yelped and screamed, begging him to stop, begging Sanda to help me but he continued to tease and torment me.
“Ohhhhhhhhh God!” I let out a long moan as he bent closer and took one of my now turgid nipples into his mouth. Sandra yelled for him to stop but I was aware only of my titties and my pussy. My cunnie oozed as his hot lips suckled my hard little nub and the buzzing on my clit was unbearable.
“Urrrrrrrrrrrgh!” Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore without disgracing myself completely Edward stopped. He planted a light chaste kiss on my tortured nipple and moved the awful little buzzing thing lower, pushing it deeper into my pussy.
“Don’t want you going off too soon, Peaches.” He winked at me and stood up, turning to Sanda now crouched on all four on the bed. He walked over to her slowly and stroked her glowing cheeks.
“Got a sore bottom, Darling?” he taunted.
“Yes, Edward,” she answered meekly.
“Is that all?”
Sanda shook her head, looking at him imploringly with tears streaming down her face.
“What else are you feeling, hmmmmmm?” He stroked and caressed her poor, chastised bottom. “Why don’t you tell our new friend here?”
Sanda sniffed and sobbed and refused to answer.
Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!
His hand flattened her cheeks thrice more.
Sanda yelled in pain then whispered meekly “I’ve got a wet pussy, too.”
“Hmmm, yes. A very wet pussy. A wet, slippery, swollen pussy.” His hand slid between her spread thighs once more and Sanda moaned.
“And why have you got a wet pussy?” Edward’s hand moved rhythmically, back and fore, in and out. Sanda blushed deeply.
“Because I was watching – a film,” she faltered.
“A film?” Edward continued his rhythmic rubbing. “What kind of film?”
“A – a dirty – film,” Sanda gasped. “One of yours.”
“One of mine,” Edward repeated, nodding. “And were you supposed to be watching one of my films – without asking me?”
“No, Edward. I was – I mean – we were being very bad.”
He withdrew his hand and spanked her again. Sanda whimpered.
“And what happens when you’re bad?” he stroked and squeezed her bottom.
“I – I get spanked.”
“Good girl,” Edward seemed pleased with her answer and rewarded her by massaging her ravaged cheeks. Her composure didn’t last long, however and soon he went over to the elaborate dressing table and picked up a heavy, wooden hairbrush.
My pussy was now pulsing in the most uncomfortable way, and I shifted in the chair trying to relieve the sensation. However with my legs tied so far apart, and my arms tied to the arms of the chair, there was very little that I could do.
Edward smoothed the hairbrush across Sanda’s buttocks. Sanda gasped as she felt the cold, hard wood on her hot, red bottom.
“Oh God, Edward. Pleeease, no!”
“Have you been a bad girl, Sanda?”
Sanda whimpered. “Yes, Edward.”
“And do you deserve a good spanking?” He asked smoothly.
“Yes, Edward.”
“Good girl.” He tapped her crimson cheeks lightly. “Now, into position, if you please.”
Sanda lowered the top half of he body obediently, resting on her elbows. I shifted against the unbearable pleasure in my pussy and waited with baited breath.
The horrid hairbrush flattened Sanda’s bottom cheeks. Sanda howled in distress. Edward spanked her again, exactly in the same place, right across the fullest part of her bottom.
Again and again he spanked her. Sanda jerked at each stroke and yelled blue murder. She yelled so loudly that neither of us heard the front door open downstairs, or footsteps approaching on the stairs. She yelled so loudly that that neither of us were aware that Edward’s best friend – the man who had been Best Man at his wedding – the man who had said that he would take a chance by offering me a job at his prestigious but Conservative company – had arrived. I screeched as I saw him standing in the doorway.
Tony Burrows – my boss – eyed me hungrily. Then his gaze fell onto Sanda’s well-spanked bottom. A slow smile I didn’t like spread across his face.
“Edward, good to see you. Thanks for calling.”
“No problem, thought you’d like this opportunity to –” he smiled nastily in my direction. “– Instil some good manners into your staff.”
“Oh yes.” Both men approached me and hunkered down at my knees. “This one definitely needs to learn some good manners.” He laid his hand on my thigh and stroked it. I struggled to get free of my bonds, they laughed at my fruitless attempts.
“No! You can’t!” I screeched. Tears coursed down my face as I continued in my bid for freedom. “This isn’t right! It’s not legal!”
“Feisty little thing, isn’t she?” Edward smiled, caressing my inner thigh.
“Oh, you have no idea.” Tony winked at me. “Rude, arrogant, opinionated.” His hand moved higher on my thigh. “No-one in the office can get on with her. They say she’s a right snob.”
“I’m just good at my job!” I pleaded in my defence. “Please, Mr Burrows,” I looked at him imploringly. “You can’t let him do this!”
Tony smiled at me. A cold hard smile.
“Him?” He glanced at Edward and leaned towards me conspiringly. “Oh, sweetheart, he’s the least of your worries.”
Tony smiled again and ran both his hands up my thighs, over my belly and up to my breasts.
“Hmmmm, very nice.” He massaged them rhythmically. “And a very pretty bra too. Marks and Spencer’s, no doubt. I’m told that you spend a lot of time in there when you should be working. That’s my time, Angel. It’s time I pay you for. And you’re about to pay me back for all that shopping.”
I gasped. How did he know that I occasionally popped into to the M&S that was opposite the office? Well, maybe a bit more than occasionally.
Tony squeezed my titties and continued to work them rhythmically, pressing them into my chest then squeezing them and catching my nipples in his fingers. I sobbed loudly and tears coursed down my face as he murmured rude things into my ear. He described exactly what he was going to do to me and exactly what would happen if I didn’t do precisely as he wanted. Edward looked on eagerly, watching me wince at the shame and horror of what was happening to me and watching my assuaged pussy pulsating.
Sanda wept quietly on the bed and Edward seemed to remember that she was there, waiting for him. Her throbbing bottom stuck up in the air in a most undignified manner, her black short skirt rucked up around her waist, her hair in disarray. She watched as Tony continued to grope me, she chewed her lip as I gasped and whimpered.
“Please, Mr Burrows,” I begged. “I really am sorry.”
Tony chuckled huskily. “Oh, you will be, Princess. You’ll be a very sorry little girl by the time I’ve finished with you.” He smiled and squeezed my nipples hard. “A very sorry little girl with a very sorry little bottom.” Leaning closer he took one of my nipples into his mouth and began to suckle hungrily. My pussy spasmed in response and I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure as tears coursed down my face. He teased my nipple with his tongue, drawing circles around it before sucking it into his mouth. One of his hands squeezed and massaged my other breast and with his other hand he stroked my throbbing pussy. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth to try to stop myself moaning in pleasure. His long hard fingers massaged my poor little clit and pushed into my pulsating cunnie.
“Hmmm,” he looked into my face and I could feel his hot breath on my jaw. “Nice and wet and tight,” he whispered into my ear.
“Oh God! Oh, No! Sanda, Please help me,” I begged and tried to pull away from his exploring fingers.
I heard the hairbrush being applied to Sanda’s bottom again, slowly but firmly. Sanda yelled at each stroke.
“Aaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaargh!”
Daring to open my eyes I watched as Edward brought the horrid thing down again and again onto Sanda’s poor, crimson cheeks. She too was crying openly now and drummed her feet against the mattress to try to alleviate the stinging pain.
Her cheeks flattened at each stroke making my pussy spasm and gush. My juices were now flowing and ran between my legs and over Tony’s fingers.
“That’s enough,” Tony withdrew his hand abruptly and I gasped. “I think it’s time these two naughty young ladies entertained us, don’t you?
I sobbed as Sanda was dragged off the bed and marched over to stand in front of me. Edward turned her around roughly and ordered her to bend over and place her hands on her knees. Still crying, Sanda did as she was told, her bottom now right in front of my face. Her cheeks glowed red, and the insides of her thighs were glistening and wet. I blushed as my eyes fell on her exposed, swollen pussy. Like mine it was gushing. Edward grinned nastily and stroked his wife’s thrashed cheeks making her moan. He pulled them roughly apart and squeezed her flesh hard.
“See how wet she is?” Edward traced his finger along the turgid slit of her pussy. “See how swollen her pussy lips are?”
I gasped as I watched his fingers slide between them, delving deep into her pussy. Sanda moaned.
“She’s a dirty little slut,” Edward continued his exploration of his wife’s private parts. “What are you?” His question was directed at Sanda who was now whimpering.
“I’m – a – dirty – little – slut,” she gasped as he teased her. I blushed as she uttered the rude words.
“Very good,” Edward patted her bottom and ordered her to stand up and turn around. She stood facing me, her head hanging in shame.
“Hands on your head, please.”
Sanda did as she was told.
“Now, lets get rid of this blouse, shall we? Girls who have been naughty don’t deserve to wear blouses.”
Poor Sanda was forced to remain still with her hands on her head as Edward undid the top few buttons of her blouse. He paused to fondle her breasts through the fabric, grabbing the material he tugged it roughly, ripping it open. Next, he tugged down the lacy cups of her bra, revealing her full magnificent bosom – tanned and round, with dark brown puckered nipples.
“Show Tony your beautiful breasts,” Edward winked at his friend.
Obediently Sanda cupped her large breasts in her hands and offered them to a grinning Tony.
“I think Tony would like to feel them for himself, don’t you? Why don’t you ask him?”
Sanda blushed.
“Come on now, Darling, don’t be shy.”
Sanda bit her lip. “Would you like to feel my breasts?” she murmured.
“Now that doesn’t sound very friendly,” Edward caressed his wife’s bottom making her flinch. “Try and sound a bit more inviting.”
Sanda raised her head and swallowing, said more loudly. “Please feel my breasts, Tony.”
Tony grinned widely and winked at Edward. “I don’t think I can reach from here.”
Obediently, Sanda stepped forward and sank to her knees with her hands still in place. Edward stroked her head and nodded to Tony who reached forward and fondled her proffered breasts.
“Hmmm, very nice,” he murmured, a strange look passing over his face. His large hands cupped them while his fingers squeezed and massaged. Sanda winced and bit her lip as he played with her titties. His fingers pinched one and then both of her nipples, causing her to yelp.
“Very nice,” he repeated, twisting her little nubs harder.
Sanda threw back her head and moaned loudly and Tony encouraged by this bent his head and took one into his mouth making her moan even louder.
Edward, still standing next to his wife smiled. He looked at me keenly and I blushed.
“Sanda has very sensitive breasts,” he said slowly. “To have them played with like this and not being able to touch herself is pure torture for her, isn’t it Darling?”
Sanda whimpered in response. Her pink tongue darted out of her pretty little mouth to flick over her lips.
“Looks like she wants to give someone a kiss,” Edward taunted. “A deep, wet, lingering kiss.”
Sanda moaned again as Tony’s hungry mouth worked on her puckered nipples. His hands grasped her reddened bottom cheeks and pulled her closer. Sanda gasped, her hands still obediently locked in place. Tony sucked and licked and teased little circles around them, just as he had done to mine. He moved his hand from her bottom and slid it firmly between her thighs. Sandra yelped and collapsed, falling into my lap. She moaned and grimaced as Tony continued to stroke her pussy and I felt her swollen nipples brush against the insides of my thigh.
“Ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaohhhhhhhhh!” Sanda cried out her face contorted with tortuous pleasure. “Oh God! Mmmmmmmmmmm! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!”
“Oh stop! Please stop!” I begged as I felt her writhe in delicious agony. I struggled against my bonds, desperate to get free. Free of that horrid chair that was digging into my poor sore bottom, free of the awful buzzing in my pussy, free of Sanda who was shifting against me in the most embarrassing manner.
Tony’s hand moved faster and faster, in and out, in and out. His other hand slapped her already over-sensitive bottom.
“That’s enough!” Edward stilled Tony’s hand. “She’s about to come.”
Sanda wailed as Tony withdrew his hand and leant heavily against me, her chest heaving.
Edward’s hand moved between my legs and I gasped as the buzzing stopped. “Now Angel, Sanda is about to be very nice to you – so I hope you’re going to be suitably grateful.”
With Sanda still slumped across my knee, I looked up into Edward’s leering face.
“Please,” I begged. “What are you going to do to me?”
“Oh, we’re not going to do anything, Princess,” Tony leaned forward and massaged my breasts as he spoke to me. “We’re just going to sit back and watch while Sanda licks that gorgeous little pussy of yours.”
“Nooooo,” I struggled again and Edward and Tony chuckled.
“No use in trying to escape, Peaches. For now you’re all ours to do with exactly as we choose.”
Edward slapped Sanda’s bottom and ordered her to get up. Sanda moaned and knelt up.
“Now, do a good job, Darling,” Edward taunted. “Show your friend here just how much you like her.”
Sanda placed her hands on the insides of my thighs and pushed them apart slightly. She gazed up into my face.
“I’m sorry, Cariña, I have to. You’ll like it, I promise.”
I felt her hot breath against my exposed pussy and tried to draw back away from it. Sanda looked back at Edward before I felt her soft tongue touch my pulsating clit. I shrieked in horror as she began to lick me. Her tongue lapping my little bud over and over again sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body.
“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I shrieked as her tongue darted over my little button.
Her warm mouth enveloped my clit and sucked it gently. I gasped and moaned and struggled to get free as she tongued me expertly. My cunnie spasmed and gushed. Tony moved behind me, and reaching over my shoulders took one of my breasts in each hand and began to massage them firmly, pinching and squeezing my nipples between his cruel fingers. Edward knelt behind his wife and buried his hand between her crimson bottom cheeks. Sanda moaned into my pussy, and gasped as he slipped his finger into her tight little bottom hole.
“Noooooooo, pleeeeeease Stop!” I wailed as my body was used. Tony leaned forward and took one of my little nubs into his mouth.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure as I felt the two hot mouths working on my body. I stiffened as I felt Sanda push first one then two fingers into my tight little cunnie.
“Oh God! Ohhh!” I shrieked and moaned as her busy little fingers slid in and out of my sopping wet quim. Tony sucked harder on my titty and nibbled at my poor, swollen nipple. I couldn’t take anymore. I just couldn’t. My pussy and clit began to explode with pleasure and I knew that I was about to come. I felt as if fireworks had been sent up my cunnie, mini bursts of pleasure reaching deep inside me.
“Ohhhhhh, God! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!”
My pussy and cunnie exploded into rapturous pleasure as Sanda finger-fucked me the last few times. I moved my hips in time with her thrusts, hardly noticing the discomfort as my poor bottom chaffed against that horrid wicker chair.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!” I came and came again as my body was assaulted. Finally Sanda stopped licking me and kissed me deeply. She tasted salty and pungent as her tongue plunged deep into my mouth.
She smiled at me lovingly. “I told you you’d enjoy it.”

Edward pulled her off me and told her she was a good girl. I slumped in the chair exhausted, having no energy or modesty left. I felt extremely ashamed of having made such a show of myself in front of my boss and my two friends.
I felt Edward and Tony loosening the scarves that held me fast to the chair, and felt myself lifted up. I was half carried, half dragged over to the bed and was gently forced down onto the mattress. Edward and Tony then began to pull at my arms and legs fastening straps to my wrists and ankles. I was tied down, spread-eagled with my poor pussy exposed once again. The cool air against my hot flesh was a sharp reminder that I was totally helpless and completely at their mercy. Sanda was told to sit in the chair that I had just left with her hands on her head and legs open. I could see her pussy, glistening, wet and swollen.
I watched in growing horror as both men began to peel off their clothes. Tony took off his shirt, revealing his broad, tanned, masculine chest, then unbuckled his belt and took off his jeans. I eyed the huge bulge in his tight underpants warily. Next it was Edward’s turn, and I groaned as I saw the massive bulge between his legs. Tony peeled off his underwear first and my eyes widened in horror as I saw his huge, swollen cock standing to attention. The huge rigid shaft was almost as long as my forearm from wrist to elbow and nearly as thick He stroked it lovingly as he looked into my eyes and smirked. It twitched each time he touched it, and veins stood out prominently along the immense shaft. I shivered in fear and looked pleadingly at Edward who was now caressing his massive bulge while looking at his naked wife. He turned his attention back to me and asked if I wanted to see his cock. I shook my head rapidly and whimpered as he eased his underpants down over his enormous member. The massive purple head sprang into view and again I shivered in fear. He was at least as big as Tony and he eyed my pussy hungrily as he stroked his rampant shaft.
“Like it, Peaches?” Edward grinned and moved closer to the bed, stroking himself slowly as he eyed my body. “Can you imagine how it’s going to feel inside that tight little pussy of yours?”
“Noooooooo! Please,” I begged, twisting and pulling at the straps desperately trying to escape. “Please Edward, no. It’s too big!”
I imagined how it was going to feel to have that monstrous cock inside my poor little cunnie, stretching me to the fullest. I moaned. Tony was now standing at my other side, looking down at me with an evil glint in his eye, his massive cock standing to attention. To my horror he put his knee on the bed and leaned over me, I cringed away in terror. His large hands mauled my breasts, manipulating them and again pinching my poor little nipples. His huge member pushed into my side.
“Nooooooooo, Mr Burrows, please – please no!” I wailed as he molested me. Ignoring my pleas, he leaned closer and again took one of my hyper-sensitive nipples into his hot mouth.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh, God!” I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure as I felt a surge of wetness between my legs. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
Tony suckled harder, his breathing becoming heavier as he sucked first one then both of my little nubs.
“Mmmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God!” I could feel the wetness running out of me. It ran down my pussy and between my bottom cheeks.
His hand slid down maddeningly slowly over my ribs and belly and I writhed in delicious agony as his long cruel fingers slid between my swollen pussy lips.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Oh! Ah! Aaaaaaa-aaaaaaaargh! His fingers felt so good in my pussy and he used them expertly – stroking my hot, swollen flesh and tickling the entrance of my flooded quim. I bucked my hips and clenched my smarting bottom cheeks together totally ashamed of the way my body was betraying me.
Edward sat on the end of the bed, stroking his monstrous shaft. He smiled menacingly and moved between my legs.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned more loudly as he also began to prod and tease me down there. Four sets of fingers were now torturing me deliciously, pinching and squeezing my engorged lips, stroking my hot, slippery pink flesh and darting in and out of my gaping cunnie.
“Aaaaaaaohhhhhhhhhhhh!” I groaned in ecstatic agony as they continued their explorations, lifting my bottom from the mattress and trying to clench my thighs together. A finger slipped from my pussy and began running back and forth across my bottom hole – already wet from the juices now flowing from my tortured pussy. It drew circles around my puckered entrance, and I moaned again as I felt it push into me, a little at first, but then harder, faster and deeper. Both holes were now being prodded and violated and I clenched every muscle in my body as I came hard again, writhing and screaming. My head spun wildly and I felt extremely dizzy, I tugged at my bonds desperate to escape. They continued their ministrations as I gasped for breath, my chest heaving after such an intense come. I yelped each time they cruelly flicked my over-stimulated little clit. Then as suddenly as they had started they withdrew their fingers and I was ashamed of how empty and bereft my pussy felt.
Tony sat on the edge of the bed and we both watched as Edward dragged Sanda up from the chair and over to the bed. She was made to lay on top of me face down and her arms were fastened above my own. She was heavy on top of me and I wanted to die from embarrassment knowing that she was feeling my naked flesh against her own. Once she was fastened securely, Edward slid his hands between us. He manipulated our breasts until we were laying nipple to nipple, Sanda’s magnificent bosom pressing against my own. Tony now moved to the bottom of the bed and I moaned again in embarrassment as I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips open. He ordered Sanda to lie between my legs and adjusted her position until I could feel her pussy against my hot slippery flesh. I felt him spread her lips open also and I gasped as her hard little clit rubbed against my own. Her head lie on the pillow next to mine and I saw Edward pick up the hairbrush and knew that my friend was about to be spanked again.
Sanda moaned appreciatively into my ear as he caressed her thrashed bottom and I felt a pang of sympathy for her – from her position she had no way of knowing what was about to happen.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarh!” Sanda howled into the pillow as the hard wooden hairbrush struck her sensitive bottom. She ground herself against me to try to get away from the tortuous implement of pain – her hot pussy rubbing against my hot slippery flesh. I wailed in distress.
Again he spanked her and again she writhed against me.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmnnnng!” I pushed my bottom into the mattress, trying to separate our private parts, but Sanda, desperate to avoid her spanking, pushed against me even harder. Edward then began to spank her in earnest, raining slaps down on her poor bottom. Sanda and I writhed in agony together as he thrashed her again and again. My pussy twitched and throbbed as it was continuously pressed against Sanda’s and mortifyingly I came again even as I strained against my bonds trying fruitlessly to escape my humiliating torture.
I wasn’t given a chance to recover before both men began to release us. Sanda was made to lie on her back and was fastened into position and this time I was made to lie on top of her. Again we were placed nipple to nipple, pussy to pussy and I knew that I was about to be spanked again. The waiting seemed endless and I whimpered as I felt Tony’s large hand caressing my vulnerable bottom and then the cool wood of the hairbrush.
“Ready, Angel?” Tony stroked my cheeks once more.
“Noooooooooooo, please don’t.” I begged to no avail.
“Aaaaaaaaaaargh!” I howled as a searing white-hot pain exploded across the middle of my bottom. Oh, God, it was unbearable.
I screamed again as the three rapid strokes landed first on my right cheek, then on my left, then again across the middle of my bottom. I ground myself against Sanda who was writhing beneath me, the hot pain in my bottom making me forget that our pussies were grinding together in the most embarrassing manner. Sanda moaned and bucked her hips.
The horrid hairbrush was brought down again and again onto my poor, throbbing bottom and I screamed and wailed in agony.
Edward moved to the side of the bed and I saw him take something out of the bedside drawer. I moaned when I saw what he was now taking great delight in showing me – a double headed dildo, at least 18 inches long. He moved back to the bottom of the bed and I felt Sanda stiffen as she gave a long low moan. I froze as I felt something big and hard nudge at the entrance of my cunnie, and I gasped and screamed as it pushed up inside me.
My spanking resumed and I yelled at each agonizing stroke, grinding myself against Sanda and feeling that awful thing thrusting deep into my pussy.
“Awwwwwwww! Oh, p-please stop! Pleeeeeeeeeease!” I sobbed and wailed as my bottom was thrashed over and over. It was impossible to keep still as he paddled my bottom ruthlessly but each time I moved I felt that awful dildo thrusting deep inside me. Faster and faster he spanked me, making me buck and wriggle in agony, forcing me to fuck myself harder and faster with that horrid thing.
I screamed in agony and ecstasy as I felt my cunnie explode in rapture. I cried and sobbed as I felt my flesh contract around the massive shaft. I collapsed on top of Sanda, the tears coursing down my cheeks in utter humiliation and the agonizing pain in my bottom. Before I had a chance to recover I felt something hard and hot nudge my cheeks apart. I wailed as it pushed into my slick anus.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Oh God, it was so big! It was stretching me uncomfortably and I tried again to struggle against my bonds but was held fast by a massive weight on my legs. In horror I realised that I was being held down by Tony or Edward and it was one of their hard, monstrous cocks that was now embedded in my bottom. I cried harder as he began to fuck me slowly – his massive shaft sliding in deeply before pulling out almost completely. Who ever it was fucked me long and hard, and I grunted each time he plunged into my depths. Sanda’s slick pussy was still rubbing against my own and that horrid, awful dildo was still crammed into my quim filling me completely.
“Urrrrrrrghhhhh! Urrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh! Urrrrghhhh!”
Oh God, I was in agony, with my both holes stuffed to bursting. He fucked me faster and faster, making me thrust myself onto the dildo buried deep in my pussy.
“Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhhhhh God!” Sanda and I screamed together as we both came together in violent spasms. My bottom was pumped full of hot cum and the last thing I remember is that I had been very, very naughty.
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