A Date with Cindy.......OVER HER KNEE!!
By: plsmaam
Cindy is a great friend of mine for a few years who always comes to hear me perform as a solo musician. She is an incredibly beautiful woman...gentle facial features, one of those symetrically perfect faces,with big piercing green eyes. I always tell her that her eyes are like lasers!...they burn right thru me. She always dresses sexily. Low cut blouses and,if not short skirts,very tight-fitting jeans. Whatever fashion, her gorgeous body, her breasts and her LEGS...are well defined. I always fantasize about her.

Lately, she's been more flirty than usual. One night, as I was performing, she was sitting cross-legged on a stool at a high-top table very near where I was playing, directly in front of me. She was toying with her drink, then shouted out a request. When I acknowledged her, she lifted her skirt a bit and smiled. I started to get hard. What an incredible distraction! Immediately some people came up and as it went, I forgot about the request. I ended the night and went to sit next to her to have small talk. She drew closer to me and put her hand on my thigh.

The feel of her hand on my leg, even thru my jeans, caused a hard-on. Her eyes met mine and they seemed like they were on fire with passion....and dominance. She gave me a friendly hug, as usual, then kissed me on my ear. My hard-on damn near burst thru my jeans. She smiled seductively and said "you've been a very bad boy tonite. Why didn't you play what I requested"?..."I'm sorry", I got distracted a bit. Next gig is all for you, sweetie!", I said matter-of-factly..."No..that's not good enough" I'm going to remedy the situation"..."what do you mean", I asked. She leaned in and kissed my ear again and whispered softly with her warm breath and her hand on my thigh.."I'll meet you at your house in 1 hour and I'll show you".

She got up, picked up her purse and a small bag and headed for the door. As she got near the door, she turned and said in a sexy voice.."DO NOT KEEP ME WAITING".

This was so unlike her. I rushed to pack up my gear and got home in record time. I pulled in front of my house and she was already there sitting on my porch.."I've been waiting 10 minutes", she said..."I went as fast as I could. I'm very sorry", I apologized.."Yes,I believe you will be"! We walked in the house and she sat in a chair in my living room. "Come over here". I walked to her and she grabbed my hand and said, "sit on my lap". I was stunned!. I never knew her to be like this. I sat on her lap and she sensed my submissivesness. She put her arm across my thighs and said, "I have to say that I've loved you for so long at a distance. I've made love to you many times in my fantasies..does that bother you?"

I was so excited, but tried to be cool about it."...uh,no not at all".."do you feel the same about me", she asked with those eyes burning thru me.."Oh yes!,..but I never thought that you would ever be interested in me". She pulled me into her tighter as her arm felt my hard-on. She smiled sexily at me and said, "are you getting aroused"?. "Yes Cindy,I am!..."Me too, baby, me too, but not only for this, but for my meeting you here". "Why is that"?..."because my love, I'm going to strip you naked and put you over my knee. I'm going to punish you for ignoring me tonite. Do you have any objections"?

I was dumbstruck.."n-n-no Cindy".

I hugged her and apologized.She said, "take this chair with you and go to the bedroom. Remove all of your clothes except your underwear and put the chair in front of the bed, then stand in the corner with your nose to the wall until I come in"

She then kissed me passionately and ordered me up. I did as she said.I was dripping wet!

I waited in the corner with just my underwear on getting so hard at the thought I was actually going to get a spanking from Cindy! I will be laying naked over those beautiful, shapely, soft legs! She came in and I turned around. MY MOUTH HIT THE FLOOR! She was standing there with one hand on her hip and the other holding a strap! She was dressed in a bright red g-string. Her lips were pursed and lipstick pink. She wore high heels and her hair fell about her breasts and was shining like the sun.

Her breasts were all but exposed.

She walked over to me and pressed her body into me and pushed me up against the wall. She stuck her hand down my underpants and began rubbing my ass and penis and with her other hand stroking my hair and passionately kissing my lips, ears and neck. My hard-on was indescribable and I was soaking wet...and so was her hand! Then, she said softly in my ear.."Now I'm going to punish you. I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you long and hard. I love you very, very much. That's why I'm going to spank you. I would never do this if I didn't love you". Then, she walked to the chair, sat down, crossed her legs and with the most sensual voice said, "COME HERE!, STAND BESIDE MY LEGS!"..

I walked to her side with her eyes like a magnet drawing me..."NOW...BEND OVER!!!. I laid over her knee. My hard-on was so big, she adjusted me so my penis was directly on both her thighs. "Now, prepare yourself, your baby's going to spank you." She slowly slid my underpants down my thighs and off on the floor. Her soft legs were too much. I came on her legs and hung limp on those beautiful thighs. She must've loved it because she was moving her legs from side to side, masturbating me even more. She began kissing my legs and bottom and rubbing her tongue and nose along my legs and bottom. I was getting hard again!

She held me tightly again and said.."is my bad boy ready for his spanking"?. Trembling with eroticism and fear, I said,..."YES MA'AM"!
"Very well"...A short pause, then......WHACK,WHACK, WHACK,...the strap was relentless. It didn't take long for me to start squirming. I began to dig my penis into her beautiful legs with each stroke. Her scent, her perfume, her beautiful scolding voice, the feeling of total helplessness and utter dominance from this gorgeous woman was something otherworldly!..

After a long time with her strap, she put it on the floor, then she began massaging my bottom and legs and sensually kissing and licking them. All the while I was crying and sniffling, yet feeling so loved. My tears were more of the joy of being loved this way more than the sting of her strap.

"We're not thru yet, naughty boy"!..She pulled me in tightly again and began hand-spanking me. I was kicking wildly and crying, but getting nowhere. She held me firm..."does my bad boy want me to stop?"....."no, no, please Cindy!...no, no, please don't stop"....I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU!!."....all the while her hand was relentless....and I don't even remember how many orgasms I had bouncing on her beautiful, beautiful legs.

She finally stopped and ordered me on my knees. I fell at her feet and kissed her feet and her legs. She began to talk softly and comfort me, loving the way I was making love to her legs. All the while feeling the burning of my bottom and backs of my thighs.

She took me to the bed and laid on top of me. The feeling of my sore bottom was ecstasy with her on top of me. She began kissing me all over my body. She took my penis in her mouth and slowly and sensually began sucking and licking. I exploded in her mouth and she took it all. She got under me and she put her legs around my neck and I began passionately licking her inner thighs, then her vagina and she came quickly, moaning in hot desire. We made incredible love for most of that night and woke up in each others arms the next morning....I was severely spanked and made love with a GODDESS that night.....My Mistress, My Goddess, My Queen....CINDY!!
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