My Buddy Fucked My Wife
By: justin
My wife Janice and I are in our early forties.She is 5'4',115lbs,38d tits and keeps her pussy shaved.About 2 years ago we decided to open our marriage to explore other sexual encounters.We did some MFM's,FMF's and alot of solo fucking.We would share our fuck stories in bed which enhanced our sex life.It was great and exciting except for one thing.

She wanted to be fucked by fishing buddy Charlie.He was married and kind of shy when he was sober. One night while I was fucking Janice she mentioned how bad she wanted Charlie' cock.I told her don't worry i have a plan.

I told Charlie to stop by friday after work for a few beers. Charlie came by about 6pm and we stood in the kitchen drinking beer and talking shit. Janice knew my plan. She come walking throug the kitchen carrying a load of dirty clothes to the laundry room off the kitchen, Charlie was standing across from me and I had a view of the laundry room. I watched her load the the machine, take off her clothes, put them in. She turned around completely naked winked at me and by reading her lips she was ready. She walked into the kitchen and Charlie's eyes were as big as melons."damn women, what happen to your clothes".

"I had to wash them Charlie".

Janice walked over to frig grabbed a beer a stood next to me. She looked at Charlie and said "anything wrong?"

"uh-no, I see you like to shave" as he stared at her hot cunt.

"I have to keep my pussy shaved because Bobby and my other male friends don't like hair in thier mouth when they eat me"

Charlie thought for a minute and said "Janice, did you say male friends?"

"I sure did". he took a big swallow of beer and said "uh, you mean,uh that uh,you uh" and she spoke up " yes Charlie I get fucked by alot of men and Bobby fucks alot of women and we have an open marriage". Charlie didn't know what to think. Janice walked over to him put arms around his neck, kissed him and said "do you want to fuck me?" "uh yea". My wife grabbed his hand and said "come on, I want to feel your cock and cum inside me" and they headed to the bedroom. I sat there drinking my beer with a hard cock knowing my wife was getting fucked. After about 10 minutes I had to peek and saw Charlie laying on the bed, my wife on top of him with his cock slowly moving in and out of her pussy and she was kissing him. I went back to the kitchen and they came back about 15 minutes later. She got a beer stood next to Charlie and told him he could come and fuck her anytime he wanted. Charlie drank his beer and left.Janice walked over to me, kissed me and said "thanks, he was a good fuck, your the man with the plan" and I said "speaking of plans how about setting me up with your boss Sharon, I'd love to fuck her" "no problem honey and I want to watch.
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