girl next door
By: tsire
The lady next door to me is around 30 - 15 years younger than me. I have seen her going on her walks every day, she would wave and say hello but that was it. I got a puppy 7 weeks ago and I have had her outside to train her to go there and not inside the house.

The lady, I will call Amy since we are both married, came over to see the pup. She was wearing a sports bra and very small shorts and I was looking in a way where my wife would not see me. She went to work the 3rd shift and left us talking, we said our good bys and that was it.

Three days later once the wife left for work I heard a knock at the door, it was Amy. She came by with some Bud Lights and to talk. After we drank them, she came over and sat by me and said that she hates it when men do not want to fuck their wives all the time. I said I know, since my wife had gotten cancer my sex life was pretty much over.

We talked about what we like to do during sex and we started kissing and feeling around a bet. Her husband calls and ask when she was coming home she said, "I am on my way back." I went to bed with a rock hard cock.

I didn't see her again for a month or so. I was out mowing the yard and she was walking by, damn she looked great. She winked and said her husband is out of town and wanted to know if my wife was working tonight? I said of course.

I waited up on her until 10 pm and then I went to bed. At midnight the door bell rang, it was Amy, She gave me a hug and kiss and we never made it out of the kitchen. She took my boxers off and put my cock into her mouth and sucked me until I was cumming. She never let a drop hit the floor.

I placed her on the table took her shorts off and was licking the sweetest pussy. She was going crazy and it wasn't long until she was telling me to fuck her and I did.

She was wet and tight and we fucked for I do not know how long. I was cumming deep inside of her, after Amy sucked my cock to hardness. She bent over and backed up to put my cock in her ass. I'd never done that before but she loves it. She loves the feel of hot cum in her ass.

We then took a shower together and began to do it all again. Upon her leaving at 6am the next morning our next door lady who knows me and my wife well saw us. That day she came over and was asking about it, so I told her, more to cum..................
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